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A powerful criminal who has a burning hatred for the world government the Novus Orbis Librarium. Due to this hatred, Ragna uses his knowledge of combat, the weapon Aramasa, and the powerful Azure Grimoire to destroy military branches around the world, possibly killing hundreds every time. The Novus Orbis Librarium labelled him an SS-class criminal and issued him the largest bounty in recorded history, P$90,000,000, which, according to Jin, is enough to buy a small country.

Early Life

Evergreen Eyes, Scarlet Rose, Endless Waltz

The church is destroyed

Ragna and his siblings were first found by Jubei in Relius Clover's workshop, where they were experimented on. Their "mother" was the 5th Prime Field Device. Jubei decided to save the three, gaining several wounds in the process, and left the three with Celica A. Mercury. Ragna grew up in her church along with his younger brother Jin Kisaragi and his younger sister, Saya.

Ten days after arriving at Celica's church and sometime before Relius and Terumi destroyed his young life, Ragna was forced, along with Saya and Jin, to go foraging for strawberries with Celica to make jam. Unfortunately, they ended up lost thanks to Celica's navigation. Despite this, they soldiered on, with Ragna carrying Saya and Jin complaining about the distance. Ragna noticed something wrong with Saya as she detected the presence of someone, but he dismissed her worry and claimed it was likely a rabbit; eventually, the smell of strawberries lead the search to a close. Sunset loomed and Ragna stood back in the kitchen as Saya and Celica made strawberry jam. He laid the table with Jin when asked, but was offered up Saya's jam to eat. Even though the jam itself looked akin to black sludge, Ragna still consumed it once prompted. He was knocked unconscious as a result. [1]

Jin was dependent on his older brother, and frequently demanded a high level of affection and play time from Ragna. However, Saya became very ill and Ragna decided to care for her. Jin became jealous of this and began bullying Saya, causing Ragna to spend even less time with him. Jin was driven mad by the Nox Nyctores Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa, and learned of his future. Yuuki Terumi used this to convince the boy to burn down the church, while Ragna was out gathering water. He rushed home to check on his family within the burning home, but was instead confronted by Jin, who was possessed by Terumi. The two cut off his right arm and Terumi proceeded to mock Ragna, killed Celica and then kidnapped Saya to use as a vessel. He soon blacked out from the pain and shock of losing his arm. Ragna woke up as the rain put out the fire and heard Saya's music box in the wreckage. He cried out until he fell unconscious again.

Ragna tried to crawl out from the wreckage and find help some time after, but couldn't manage to prop himself up to stand. Rachel Alucard appeared before him, looked into his eyes and saw that he wanted to live. She offered Ragna the Azure Grimoire which, once he touched, saved him. [2] The new Grimoire took the shape of a human arm and replaced the arm that had been severed. Rachel then took Ragna to Jubei, who agreed to care for him. Jubei became both his caretaker and his trainer, teaching him proper sword fighting and how to control and use the Azure Grimoire. Out of respect for him, he started calling Jubei "Master." At some point with Jubei, Ragna was introduced to both Taokaka and Torakaka.

Remix Heart

Ragna was sent by Jubei to look for the Aedsqui Grimoire, which was located beneath the Librarium's Military Academy in Torifune. While he searched for the Grimoire, Mai Natsume dropped in front of him from the levels above. Ragna was initially worried when Mai revealed that she was searching for the Azure, but was relieved when she said that she was looking for it to help her friends. He agreed to help her look for it, since she didn't know he possessed it, and he couldn't "leave a woman alone in a place like this without losing sleep." After a short while looking for each respective Grimoire, the two ran into the Aedsqui Grimoire. A defense system was activated that summoned minions to stop Ragna and Mai from getting the Grimoire. Ragna managed to dispatch a few of them, but was taken by surprise when he tried to activate his Azure Grimoire. He was grabbed and thrown down a garbage shoot, where he was found by his master, Jubei, who was annoyed with Ragna for not searching for the Grimoire on his own.

Variable Heart

Alongside Jubei, Ragna went to the outskirts of Kagutsuchi to search for a Prime Field Device. He was separated from his master, but managed to find the unit, known as Bell, alongside Mai, whom he did not recognize after their brief meeting in Torifune. [3] Even though Bell was a child, Ragna was still determined to kill her; he disarmed Mai and held her by her throat, but let her go when Bell reminded him of Saya. Kajun Faycott, Shiori Kirihito and Taro Sasaga'e immediately tried to stop Ragna from doing anymore harm, but he shrugged off Taro's attacks with relative ease, shocking everyone. [4] Before Ragna could continue in his attempts to get Bell, he was stopped by Fuzzy who had been patiently watching the events unfold. The two of them began fighting as Fuzzy summoned ghouls for the others to fight instead. [5]

Wounding Fuzzy seemed to do nothing as he would heal the wounds inflicted - something that Ragna hates about fighting vampires. Annoyed that Ragna would not activate his Azure Grimoire, Fuzzy summoned a Bone Dragon, a being which has no soul, and thus cannot be affected by Ragna's Soul Eater, in order to provoke him. By this time, the other group had defeated the ghouls and they rendezvoused to tackle the dragon and vampire. [6]

Mai's spear, the Legacy Weapon - Gallia Sphyras: Outseal had landed a nasty wound on Fuzzy, so Ragna congratulated Mai by calling her "big tits" which made Bell uppercut him and Shiori kick him. As Fuzzy was launching an unavoidable attack towards Mai, Ragna grabbed it and held onto it to stop it from tearing through the rest of the group and they began fighting one-on-one. Ragna was losing the fight, so he began to activate the Azure Grimoire before being interrupted by the group. He caught Bell as she was blown away by Fuzzy's attacks. [7]

The fight finally ended as Meifang Lapislazuli and the Zeroth Squadron arrived to apprehend the group. Ragna expressed glee with being able to take Meifang on, but Rachel mass-teleported the group away from the situation. Because of his angry behaviour towards Rachel and Jubei for failing the mission and stopping him from fighting, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing teleported him away to an unknown location. [8]

Memory of BLUE

Ragna arrived at the 9th Hierarchical City of Akitsu-Kou in the dead of night, he noted how dull and unremarkable the city was until the looming figure of the NOL headquarters stood overhead. Coming close to the building, he was met with several NOL officers issuing warnings for him to turn back; Ragna came too close and a trap designed for feral beasts was raised, however, he easily dispelled it. Ragna was met with dozens of armed Praetorian Guards, but they were easily defeated as he blasted them and the gate down.

Leisurely walking down the interior of the branch, Ragna was eventually met with an army of 300 plus armed officers, awaiting him on the staircase connected to the central hall. He launched himself recklessly into the crowd, effortlessly massacring each and every soldier without much of a struggle from the opposition. Afterwards, Ragna descended into the area that contained the cauldron and effortlessly destroyed it. The weather control in the city was destroyed alongside the cauldron.

Becoming slightly lost in the labyrinth that was the lower levels of the City, Ragna encountered Rachel, who teleported in front of him and gestured towards the northwest, whispering that he should go to the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. Rachel then abruptly left as Ragna managed to find his way out of the City. Shortly afterwards, Ragna earned his moniker - the "Grim Reaper".

Calamity Trigger

An SS-class traitor to the NOL, known on the streets as the "Grim Reaper," in possession of the most powerful grimoire, with the highest-ever bounty in history on his head. He harbors a deep hatred of the Novus Orbis Librarium and aims to annihilate the organization. The Grim Reaper appears in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, and that is the moment when everything begins.[9]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Iron Tager

Ragna: You need something?

Tager: Are you Ragna the Bloodedge?

Ragna: ...No. You have the wrong person.

Tager: I am from Sector Seven. Ragna the Bloodedge, I have orders to restrain you. I'd prefer it if you came quietly. If you don't resist, I won't have to hurt you.

Ragna: You didn't hear a word I said, did you?

Tager: You've got the Azure Grimoire with you. You must have known you'd show up on our EADAP. I do hope you're not mistaking Sector Seven for that subpar Librarium.

Ragna: *sigh* So, what're you gonna do, Mr. Red Devil?

Tager: So you know of me, then? I suppose I can dispense with the formalities. I'd hoped I wouldn't have to force you, but you've given me no choice.

<Ragna Victory>

Tager: Guh...I should've expected this...from the man who carries the Azure Grimoire. A fatal...miscalculation

Ragna: ...Goddammit. That was like hitting a rock. The hell are you made of? Ugh, I'm not gonna waste any more time on you, asshole.

Stage VIII: Jin Kisaragi

Jin: Come on, is that any way to greet someone? Hahaha, looks like you're as reckless as ever. You haven't changed at all, although I have to admit I'm a little relieved.

Ragna: What the hell are you doing here!? No, never mind that. I've got a whole bunch of other questions that you need to answer. Make it easy on yourself and just stand there while I cut you up!

Jin: Whoa...you're askin' for quite a bit. I have to say though... there's enough money on your head to buy a small country. A whole lot of people are looking for "Ragna the Bloodedge."

Ragna: That's got nothin' to do with you!

Jin: Aaah, but don't worry. I won't let anyone else touch you... You're all mine.

Ragna: You son of a bitch!

Jin: Ahaha! Yes, that's it... I'd almost forgotten this feeling... To think that we'd meet like this again... that I'd have the chance to "kill" you again. Hehehe... Enough nostalgia... Let's kill each other... Ragna!

<Ragna Victory>

Jin: Hurgh...gah...

Ragna: I'm not gonna finish you off this time, asshole. I still got a lotta questions, and I think you've got the answers. But, I got bigger fish to fry than you right now, so how 'bout we continue this chat later?

Stage IX: Hakumen

Hakumen: At last, fiend. You finally show yourself.

Ragna: At last? The hell are you talking about? Who are you?

Hakumen: I'm not talking to you.

Ragna: Then who the hell are you talking to? Yourself? Whatever. I don't have time for you or your shit. Now get outta my way, or I'm gonna rip that stupid mask off and make you eat it.

Hakumen: Then why don't you draw your sword?

Ragna: Shut up.

Hakumen: Aaahh, yes, now that is fear, Ragna the Bloodedge. The creature that sleeps within you...it can sense my power, and it is afraid.

Ragna: What did you say!?

Hakumen: It is the center of darkness and the source of all evil. Your very existence is the world's worst nightmare. Only your death can put an end to this nightmare. It is time for the eternal wanderer to meet his demise.

Ragna: Hah! So now I'm a nightmare? I'm gettin' tired of listening to your nonsense. Why don't you drop the hero crap, so we can get this over with!?

Hakumen: I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!

<Ragna Victory>

Hakumen: Gah! How dare you interrupt me, Grimalkin!

Ragna: I thought he was just some freak that wouldn't shut up... but he was pretty tough... Damn it...what the hell is he...?

Stage X: Nu-13

Ragna: Tch. You gotta be kidding me... I guess I was too late.

Nu-13: Loading...loading...loading...loading... Complete... Ahh! It's Ragna! I haven't seen you in sooooo long! What is this...the fourth time?

Ragna: Third.

Nu-13: Awwww...looks like somebody's in a bad mood. Are you mad 'cause we couldn't talk the last few times? I've got a body that can talk now, see? You... you remember how you hurt me before? It really hurt a lot. I bled a whole bunch. Really! But, you know...

Ragna: Shut up.

Nu-13: Ah! Ragna, you're injured! Why don't you heal yourself? Are you OK? Who did that to you?

Ragna: Shut up! That face! That voice! Don't you dare talk to me! ...I'm here to destroy you. Understand?

Nu-13: Whaa! Ragna! Don't do that! That's so mean! I finally... I finally have a body. We can finally be together, but you... you... You're so mean...

Ragna: It's too late for me to ask for your forgiveness....

Nu-13: Don't wanna talk, hmm? Perhaps you'll open up after something a bit more...physical?

<Ragna Victory>

Ragna: Dammit! Why...!?

Nu-13: It's impossible, you know. No one can change what happened. This is destiny! You and are I supposed to be together. It's a story that can't be rewritten.

-the end of time-


Ragna: The hell are you talking about!?I don't need anyone telling me what to do!

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 01.png

Ragna: Guhah!

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 02.png

Nu-13: ...And we fall into each other's arms... Oh, this is so romantic.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 03.png

Ragna: Let go of me...you bastard...! Guagh!

Nu-13: Your life and my life are the same. If I'm still alive, you definitely won't die. The same goes for me too. You can't fight your feelings, Ragna. We're going to be together...forever and always.

Ragna: Stop...it... I'm...not...

Nu-13: All right, let's go destroy everything now. Destroy this whole terrible, awful excuse for a world. OK? Ragna?

Story Mode

While walking through the forest on the way to the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, Ragna used an Ars Magus that concealed his presence, thinking that someone was following him from the shadows. This person turned out to be Jubei, who wanted to check up on his pupil. He warned Ragna that "he" was here, but did not clarify who "he" was, to Ragna's annoyance. Before leaving, he cautioned Ragna not to mistake the Azure's power as his own, which Ragna brushed off. Ragna then continued toward the city.

Ragna arrived at Kagutsuchi a few days before New Year's Eve, hoping to destroy the cauldron at the NOL base before the year ended. He ended up taking a nap in the Junkyard and dreamed about the fire that caused him to be maimed. He was awoken by Rachel, who taunted him until he agreed to battle her. Once the battle ends, her butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, escorted her back to the castle.

Ragna spares Arakune

Ragna entered the sewers to try and reach the rest of the town and then moved on to Orient Town. There he encountered Taokaka, who pestered him for food, eventually forcing him into a lose-lose match where, regardless of if he won, he still had to pay for her meal. He took her to a restaurant, where she revealed her mission to capture him and showed his inaccurate wanted poster, causing him to spit out his food in shock and disgust. Tao ordered so much food that Ragna scolded her, saying he couldn't possibly pay for this, which got the two in trouble. They ran to the Kaka Village, with Tao guiding him. There he met the kittens as well as the elder, Totokaka, who recognized him as Jubei's pupil and offered to help him escape and continue on his mission. She ordered Tao to take him to their secret tunnel to Orient Town, which she happily agreed to. Ragna was warned by Taokaka about Arakune and later he felt his presence following him as he attempted to leave. The creature attacked him and Ragna was disgusted to learn it was once human. He defeated Arakune and attempted to mercy kill him, but was stopped by Litchi Faye-Ling. She fought Ragna to buy Arakune time to escape. After the fight, she asked about Ragna's Grimoire, saying she wanted it to grant her wish to save Arakune. Ragna said that it takes the souls of those around the wearer if they stay near anyone for too long, and that Arakune was too far gone to be saved. He complained about her tapping into the Boundary for power, but agreed not to harm Arakune any longer. She said he was far nicer than the stories make him out to be. He found the comment amusing, but left still troubled by her story.

Ragna was then interrupted by Valkenhayn on his way to the NOL base as he complained that he might not make it to the top by nightfall. Valkenhayn insisted on fighting Ragna to see if he was worthy of Rachel's interest, eventually goading him into a battle. Rachel interrupted the fight and scolded Ragna before sending Valkenhayn away. She attempted to give advice, but was too cryptic for Ragna to understand. Annoyed, she took him to her castle to punish him and fought him. After his victory, Rachel insulted Ragna many times before saying he was marginally better than "last time" and showed some trust in him. She told him to never give up and teleported him in front of the NOL base.

New possibilities are made

At the NOL Base, he was initially unsettled by the lack of people there and proceeded with caution. As he entered a room within, he saw Jin and immediately attacked. The two fought, with Ragna defeating the man. However, Ragna spared him, insisting that he has questions to ask Jin. His brother insisted that he's too soft, telling him that this was why he cannot protect anyone. Ragna attacked him again and left, angered with how soft he had been with his brother.

As he descended into the NOL base, he was suddenly frozen with fear as Hakumen arrived. Hakumen referred to Ragna as the "Dark One" and insisted that he would destroy Ragna. During the time loop that occurs within the story, Hakumen severely weakened Ragna, but was suddenly Kokonoe attempted to transport him away. However, Hakumen willed himself to remain where he was, causing Ragna to activate the Azure Grimoire so that they could finish their fight. Meanwhile, Noel Vermillion confronted Nu-13, but regained her sense of self mid-battle, and was nearly killed. Ragna intervened just in time to save her, but could not defeat Nu, and was once again stabbed and thrown into the cauldron. Noel had a flashback to memories of Saya's and decided to save Ragna from the cauldron by grabbing him and pulling him up. She then punched him in the chest and scolded him for being stupid before crying herself to sleep in his lap. Rachel arrived and explained that something had greatly changed and told Ragna that his Grimoire was artificial, but did not elaborate on that point.

Terumi called to Noel to look at him as she woke up, and despite Rachel's warning, she did just that, bringing Terumi back to life. Ragna immediately attacked him, but missed and was mocked by Terumi for his attempts. Rachel warned him that he could not possibly defeat Terumi, which Terumi agreed with, saying that Rachel was the only one that could possibly keep up with him. Terumi left and Noel cried out in confusion before calling Terumi "The Dark Susano'o." Rachel asked Kokonoe if she had seen what just happened and Kokonoe replied that she had been waiting her whole life for this. The story ended on her declaration that she would erase Terumi from the world.

Since Rachel left both Ragna and Noel inside the collapsed interior of the NOL branch, the Grim Reaper was forced to burrow himself out of the rubble, being slowed progressively by Noel's repeated clumsiness. Finally, they made it outside of the building, despite Noel's slow movements.

Continuum Shift

An SS-class traitor to the NOL, known on the streets as the "Grim Reaper," with the highest-ever bounty in history on his head. Knowing of the appearance of "Terumi," the one responsible for Ragna's abominable past and also the one who holds the key to the mysteries of the world, Ragna suppresses his quivering right hand and quietly bides his time in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi.[10]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Lambda-11

Ragna: ! Why the hell are -you- here?!

Lambda: ...

Kokonoe: ...Are you...Ragna the Bloodedge?

Ragna: Oh man, not this shit again! Get out of my head, lady! Wh-What the hell are you?!

Kokonoe: ...I'm Kokonoe. Just a normal old scientist from Sector Seven.

Ragna: Sector Seven...? Yeah, I've heard you guys saying you're gonna destroy the Armagus. Looks like you don't have a problem usin' it to bend space'n time...wait. Who's that?!

Kokonoe: What, you think I've got time to waste explaining this to an idiot like you? I wish. I'm just here to have a little look at that Armagus of yours... Give you a little warm-up.

Ragna: What!?

<Ragna Victory>

Kokonoe: Hmph... Didn't think you'd give me this trouble... Needs a few adjustments, I suppose. Whatever. I got some data on the Grimoire to play with. Lambda! C'mon!

Lambda: ...Affirmative.

Ragna: Temporal displacement!? Aw, shit, you're a witch! Hey, Kokonoe! What the hell are you thinking!? Hey! I'm not done talking— Goddammit...

Stage VIII: Rachel Alucard

Rachel: Why hello, Ragna. As ever, your face is a reminder of nature's cruel sense of humor.

Ragna: ...Hey, rabbit. What's the deal with that Kokonoe chick? And what the hell is she planning to do with the Murakumo Unit?

Rachel: I imagine your guess is as good as mine. I do my best to remain uninvolved in that woman's affairs.

Ragna: Tch. Well, what about that asshole, Terumi!? ...What's that prick calling himself now? Hazama?

Rachel: My, but you are full of questions today, Ragna. Have your nightmares returned?

Ragna: ...Why'd you give me back the Azure Grimoire?

Rachel: ...Because you were so pathetic I could scarcely bring myself to look at you.

Ragna: Stop changing the subject!

Rachel: Ragna...I am going to give you a rare piece of advice. You must not fight Terumi. You will not win. There is a...reason the Azure will fail you if you try.

Ragna: A "reason"!? Don't gimme that shit! He cut off my goddamn arm! And Jin and Saya— I'm not gonna waste any more time talking to you! Get outta my way!

Rachel: ...Or you will force me aside, I assume? Very well. Let us see if you can.

<Ragna Victory>

Rachel: Slightly better than I expected... Is it possible you have defied expectations and matured?

Ragna: You bitch!

Rachel: A final warning, Ragna, before I bid you farewell. You would do well to find Noel. Terumi is doubtless after her, the rightful successor of the Azure.

Ragna: Noel... Then...she really...?

Rachel: Whatever you are thinking is likely not far from the truth. Amaterasu lies dormant, somewhere within the Boundary. Only she knows where to find it...

Stage IX: Jin Kisaragi

Ragna: Jin! Son of a bitch! You're the last thing I need!

Jin: Brother...!

Ragna: Get outta my way!

Jin: The Dark One...the Beast... It is about to be born again... I know it. I can feel it! Yukianesa feels it too, but...something...something is different...!

Ragna: Ah shit! So that's what the bastard's after! Hey, where's Noel... Noel Vermillion!?

Jin: ...Noel Vermillion? That woman...? No brother, you can't! I have to kill her! Me! Not you!

Ragna: Kill!? What the hell are you two doing!?

Jin: Ah, it seems you misunderstand, brother... He and I... We're not allies. Not now, not ever. I'm here of my own free will. His presence is a coincidence.

Ragna: Coincidence my ass! How the hell did he get here if you didn't call him with Yukianesa?!

Jin: I will destroy the Dark One... Please brother, stand aside. You could never defeat it. That is why this is my task. Haha... Hahaha! You needn't worry. I can kill you later!

<Ragna Victory>

Jin: Ugh...Brother, no! It can't be you!

Ragna: I dunno what the hell is going on in that mind of yours, Jin, but I decide my own fate. I don't need you freakin' out over everything I do...

Jin: ...Guh, Brother...

Ragna: I won't run or hide. You wanna settle the score, you just come and find me. Don't worry. I'll be waiting.

Stage X: Hazama

Hazama: Decided to show up, eh...?

Ragna: You son of a bitch... Where's Noel?

Hazama: "Where"? Oh, I think you already know. I gotta say...the Azure Grimoire is quite a thing... Smelting without a Cauldron! And I've got YOU to thank, Ragna the Bloodedge!

Ragna: Don't tell me...that's...? No! Stop that right now!

Hazama: Oh for heaven's sake. Can't you just shut up? Hmm? You better watch that attitude of yours, mister. It's liable to earn you a knife in the gut from yours truly!

Ragna: I don't think so, asshole! You're the one who's gonna eat it! Restriction 666 released! Dimensional interface forcefield deployed!

Hazama: Ahahahaha! BlazBlue? That's quite a toy you got there, kiddo! How'd you do that...? Sounded like... Restriction 666 released! Deploying dimensional interface forcefield!

Ragna: Wh-What!? H-How did you... No way!

Hazama: Ehehehehe! Time for a taste of REAL power, boy! Code S.O.L. 'Azure Grimoire,' activate!

Ragna: Wha— What the hell is going on!?

Hazama: Hyahahah! What's this? You don't get it? Oh, this is rich! Come on, give it a shot! Work those brain cells! Nothing? Ahahahaha! This is why you can't beat me, Rags! Write this down, 'cause there's gonna be a test later. I'M the one who created the 'Azure Grimoire'!



BlazBlue Continuum Shift Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 01.png

Terumi: Well, thanks for the entertainment... Pretty good warm-up there.

Ragna: Ugh...you son of a bitch... Are you trying to resurrect the Black Beast?

Terumi: The Black Beast? What the hell would I want with that failed experiment?

Ragna: Failed!?

Terumi: Yeah, a huge failure. Real pain in the ass to keep the Cauldron under control. But hey, we learned all sorts of shit in the process, so, you know...

Ragna: ...The...Cauldron?

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 02.png

Terumi: Yeah, the Cauldron. What, did I rumble? The Cauldron's the Grimoire's original form. It gathers souls to smelt the sword inside it's body. That was our little pet—the Beast.

Ragna: Wha—!?

Terumi: C'mon, you gonna pay attention or not? The Murakumo Unit is incomplete. It needs the power of the Grimoire. The 13th sample wouldn't shut up about it, remember? But this one...this one's different. This thing embodies the -true- Azure!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 03.png

Terumi: Now... Murakumo...activate! This world is nothing but lies! LIES!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 04.png

Terumi: Lemme show you what I like to call the truth! The truth called "despair"! In the name of Susanno'o, I command you! Murakumo, AWAKEN!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 05(A).png

Terumi: Behold the sword of the god-slayer, KUSANAGI!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 05(B).png

Terumi: Let all that lies fall before your divine blade!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 02.png

Terumi: Gaahahahaha! Finally, I've got the true successor to the Azure! Try and stop me NOW, Master Unit

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 06.png

Terumi: Amaterasu!

Story Mode

Once the two were outside, Noel stayed by Ragna's side for longer than he expected her to, and he was quickly annoyed with her nervous personality. Ragna abashed the girl with his usual rude nature, which caused her to eventually leave, stating that they'll be enemies next time they meet. Ragna, now annoyed, began to reflect on his life, suspecting the Azure Grimoire to be the cause of his many problems. Just like when he was a child, he could not do nothing but watch as Terumi mocked him once again. As he was contemplating things, he noticed the presence of Carl Clover, calling him out immediately. The boy answered Ragna's call, emerging from the shadows of the ruins. Along with his sister, Deus Machina: Nirvana, Carl engages in a battle with the Bloodedge, skipping past formalities. With relative ease, Ragna defeats the boy, Carl quickly retreating into his sister's care. Then, Ragna begins to hallucinate and see images of Jin, most likely due to the cause of the two siblings in front of him. As Ragna attention was diverted from his adversaries, Nirvana wounded Ragna with one of her blades, rendering him unconscious.

Ragna treats the child to a meal

Ragna then woke up in the Kaka village near Tao, who asked if he was napping before he fell unconscious. He spent the next few days resting and recovering. While there, he befriended the residents and grew closer with Taokaka. While eating lunch with her, he remembered that the two had met before when they were children, but did not tell Tao. Tao offered to spar with him to aid in his recovery and he agreed. He left shortly after and soon met Platinum the Trinity, who swindled him into feeding them by loudly shaming him and declaring that they would haunt him until he died. While eating with the child, Ragna asked Sena who the other spirit in their body was, to Sena's surprise, and said that the staff wrapped in cloth was a Nox Nyctores. Sena introduced himself and forced Luna to do the same. Luna however, repeatedly insulted Ragna and called him a pedophile. Luna stormed off angrily, and while Ragna was attempting to pay the bill for their food, Lambda-11 appeared after a sudden power outage. Ragna assumed that she was after the Grimoire, but Kokonoe denied this, once again reminding Ragna that his Grimoire was nothing but an imitation. She decided to have Lambda spar with Ragna for battle data. After giving Kokonoe some "useful data", she told Ragna that he shouldn't fight Terumi, but didn't elaborate on why before suddenly being interrupted and leaving. She mentioned Noel Vermillion, which Ragna noticed, and thus called out for Rachel, demanding answers from her. She would only give him information if he proved determined enough, so they ended up fighting. When Ragna won, she told him not to fight Terumi because there was a reason he couldn't win, but did not say why. She explained that he was the destroyer of the Order of the world and that Jin Kisaragi was an antibody that was attempting to destroy him for that.

Ragna did not listen to her warning however, and went to the NOL headquarters to locate Noel Vermillion, running into Jin. Jin demanded a fight, but Ragna defeated him once more and said that if Jin was to kill him, Ragna wanted Jin to kill him as himself, not while acting as the world's antibody. He also said that if he had to be killed, he would want Jin to be the one to do it. Jin claimed that his actions were entirely his own and insisted that he would kill his brother. Ragna left after feeling a heart beat from a Murakumo the Azure Grimoire didn't seem to recognize.

Ragna arrived to the top of the Kagutsuchi branch and met the man calling himself Hazama. Hazama inquired if Ragna agreed that the power of the Azure Grimoire was "wonderful", to which a scornful Ragna replied he had nothing to say to him. Ragna demanded to know where Noel Vermillion was and Hazama mentioned that Ragna already knew before he pointed out the cauldron behind the Monolith on the floor. Hazama taunted him about how divine it was to see Ragna's despair as he angrily—almost desperately—asked him to stop smelting. Eventually Hazama led Ragna into releasing the Azure Grimoire to fight him, just before Hazama shifted to Terumi and unveiled himself as the creator of the BlazBlue. He unleashed his own Azure Grimoire and locked Ragna's, preventing the use of Soul Eater or his Azure. Ragna lost some control in shock over this while Terumi relished in his reaction, he mentioned it's why Ragna couldn't beat him. Despite the disadvantage, Ragna fought on.

Hazama easily defeats Ragna

Ragna scarcely managed to hold off Hazama without his power, deflecting a shot from the Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros. Hazama then commented he was doing better then he thought he would. The cauldron hit a crescendo in its pulse and Ragna asked if he was planning on reviving the Black Beast. Hazama said he had no use for the Black Beast as it was a failure--merely an experiment with a cauldron gone haywire while he was trying to make the sword. While gathering souls and "foundational Azure energy" from the Boundary, it went insane and became the Black Beast. He explained to Ragna what the cauldron was also considered: The Gate to the Boundary, the entrance to the Origin, and Ragna himself. He further explained the cauldron was used to make a sword as it gathered souls to smelt itself in its body and that this was the purpose of Ragna's own BlazBlue, which was said by Hazama to be a sort of prototype. Hazama mentioned that Noel Vermillion was different from other Units (citing Nu as an example) and didn't need the Grimoire-- instead, she contained the True Power of the Azure all on her own. He then summoned the Sword of the Godslayer: Kusanagi, Mu-12, from the cauldron and Ragna looked on in anger.

After Kusanagi was summoned, Terumi mentioned how he wanted to make Kusanagi in the appearance of Ragna's little sister, Saya, which infuriated Ragna. When Terumi asked Kusanagi to go kill Amaterasu, Ragna tried to tell Noel not to go, to which Terumi responded by injuring him further, countering that Noel was only a puppet and was just like Ragna in that aspect. Since Ragna didn't respond how Terumi evidently expected (presumably with despair), and he gathered Jubei already told Ragna the truth which annoyed him. Ragna mentioned he made a promise to fight until the very end as a human being and challenged Terumi with renewed vigor, telling him it was 'Time to Play.' He took several injuries from an angered Terumi as a result as the man brutally attacked him for having the nerve to think he could talk like that to him. Just before Terumi delivered what appears to be a final blow to Ragna, Lambda-11 came in and was struck from behind by Ouroboros instead and Ragna recognized her now to be part of Nu. Terumi struck her again, telling them to die together. The dying Lambda fell into a surprised Ragna's arms, her last words being that she always dreamed of Ragna while she was alone in the Boundary and this was why she wasn't lonely. She told him that she would always be by his side. Ragna broke down, asking her why she would even die for him. As Ragna cried out in anger for her choice to die for him, Kokonoe managed to get in contact with who she thought was Lambda, and instead reached Ragna, getting inside his head. In surprise, she said that Ragna absorbed Lambda's Idea Engine.

Ragna furiously exclaimed he would never forgive Terumi and began to release his Grimoire. Terumi mentioned it to be useless, but Ragna engaged the Idea Engine and somehow bypassed Terumi's restriction over his Grimoire's power to tap into the Azure. Through the Idea Engine, Ragna's BlazBlue accessed the True Azure and he used it to beat Terumi severely, very nearly killing him. Terumi, after freaking out over it, calmed down and laughed, mentioning that it was what he'd been looking for all along, and demanded Ragna continue. However, Ragna couldn't kill him because of his life link with Noel and simply left him there to suffer, stating that he had questions for him still.

Ragna hurried down and rescued Rachel Alucard from the seal put on her by Phantom before explaining that he beat Terumi, which Rachel commended him on. After Rachel told him to be cautious and subtly complimented him on his perseverance and efforts so far, Ragna went down to the level of the Sheol Gate once more, where Mu-12 was facing off with Jin. Ragna caught his little brother and asked him to stay back while he fought Mu-12 with the True Azure's power in an effort to save her. Mu read Ragna's data, identifying him as the Azure Grimoire, but most of his data was restricted, forbidden, or unknown. Ragna then faced off with her--adamantly saying she's still Noel Vermillion.


When Mu was defeated, she explained she couldn't understand and repeated that she's a doll. She continued stating her hatred. Ragna responded that he's the same way, but he still fought as a human being to his last. Rachel asked him to use his BlazBlue to shatter Mu's soul from within, but Ragna ended up refusing that request. Instead, he counter-currented the tempering with his own power and destroyed his left arm to restore her control as Noel Vermillion. Rachel and Noel both called him an idiot for it continuously, and a heavily wounded Ragna laid at Noel's lap. Hazama ended up reappearing completely unharmed as he commended Ragna's work and growth and mentions he took away Takamagahara's power thanks to Ragna's efforts. Hazama then commented on how he could kill all of them at once, but was stopped by Relius, who shared that the Imperator had arrived, who Ragna saw and recognized as Saya.

After the Imperator departed, Ragna cursed the situation, saying that he knew that this was the case. Jin came over and told his brother that Saya was the one to give him Yukianesa. Ragna was later seen with Kokonoe, who built him a new right arm from Lambda's regeneration tank's spare parts and asked him to take care of it. Ragna then headed off to Ikaruga, but not before being spotted by Tao, who exclaimed she was going with him at Jubei's request. When Tao asked why he was going there, Ragna mentioned there was something he needed to 'do' there. The two then ventured off together toward Ikaruga.

Chrono Phantasma

An SS-class traitor to the NOL, known on the streets as the "Grim Reaper," in possession of the most powerful grimoire, the "BlazBlue," with the highest-ever bounty in history on his head. Ragna, having saved Noel from Hazama's clutches, heads towards a new location — the Ikaruga Federation — to face his destiny and settle everything once and for all.[11]

Chrono Phantasma, Phase 0, Phase Shift 1, Phase Shift 4

Arcade Mode

Stage 3: Iron Tager

Ragna: Tao?! Taoo! Yeah right, so much for "Leave people-searching up to meow!" Where the hell are YOU supposed to be?! ... ...Heh, then again, somehow I'm not too worried about her.

Tager: Hm. I was wondering what would cause readings this high... Ragna the Bloodedge.

Ragna: Damn, Red Devil...again? What the hell brings you to Ikaruga?!

Tager: Does that really matter? Where I choose to be is none of your concern.

Ragna: Tch, whatever. Actually, since you're here... Do you happen to have any intel on Noel Vermillion?

Tager: Noel... Vermillion?

Ragna: ...I'll take that as a "yes".

Tager: Even if I did, what makes you think I'd tell you?

Ragna: Figures...

<Ragna Victory>

Tager: That...that power...!

Ragna: Goddamn, it's like...I'm hitting metal. ...Hey! Kokonoe!! I know you're listening. Why don't you show yourself!?

Kokonoe: What took you so long, Ragna? I was expecting you sooner.

Tager: Kokonoe...I'm sorry.

Ragna: I'll spare this guy's life. I owe you for my left arm, at least. So tell me, where is Noel right now? I've tracked her down to Ikaruga.

Kokonoe: Well, we know she's in Ikaruga, too... Unfortunately the reason I've dispatched Tager is to find out exactly WHERE. I hate to tell you, but we know little more than you do.

Ragna: What?!

Kokonoe: She was right next to me a few days ago, but the moment she heard the news about Tsubaki or whatever her name is, she ran away with Makoto. Idiots...

Ragna: Tsubaki... You mean Tsubaki Yayoi?

Kokonoe: Oh, so you know her?

Ragna: The Izayoi...a sealed armament. Tch, this is gonna be a pain in the ass. I guess I'll take care of her first.

Stage 6: Tsubaki Yayoi

Ragna: So that's the "Sealed Armament -- Izayoi" I've been hearing about?

Tsubaki: Ragna the Bloodedge...

Ragna: Which means you must be Tsubaki... Sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for Noel Vermillion. Know where I can find her?

Tsubaki: ...Ragna the Bloodedge, there is a warrant for your arrest from the Imperator herself. I suggest you surrender your weapon and turn yourself in at once!

Ragna: Order for my arrest? Surrender my weapon and turn myself in? What are you, nuts? Like there's a chance in hell I'd do that. You see, what I AM doing, is asking you about Noel's whereabouts.

Tsubaki: Ragna, it's all your fault that Noel, Makoto, and even Jin is...!

Ragna: Huh?!

Tsubaki: Ragna the Bloodedge. My orders are to bring you in, dead or alive. If you do not obey, you will leave me no choice but to...

Ragna: I don't mean to rain on your parade, but you don't stand a chance against me with that.

<Ragna Victory>

Tsubaki: Kuh...uh...

Ragna: I hate to say it, but I told ya so.

Tsubaki: Ragna the Bloodedge...

Ragna: A Murakumo Unit Prototype... Sorry, but I've been fighting those for a really long time. Kinda know how to deal with 'em.

Tsubaki: ...What are you waiting for? Finish me!

Ragna: I'm not going to kill you -- don't rush to your death, you idiot. You're Noel's friend, right? I have no idea what you're trying to pull, but bringing a Sealed Armament to the battlefield was a bad idea.

Tsubaki: Sh-Shut up! ...Whose fault do you think this...ah...

Ragna: *Sigh* Never mind. Forgive me, but I'm going to have to destroy that weapon you're carrying.

Tsubaki: Huh!?

Stage 7: Hakumen

Ragna: ...What are you trying to pull, you masked freak!

Hakumen: Tsubaki. Stand down.

Tsubaki: L-Lord Hakumen...! Thank you very much...

Hakumen: Hmph. YOU trying to save someone? Sure you jest.

Ragna: Shut the hell up. Like you should be talking.

Hakumen: But you see, with the Sealed Armament -- Izayoi, Tsubaki herself must be the one to lift its curse.

Ragna: Herself...!? What the hell are you smoking? She's completely under the "Mind Eater" curse. How the hell is she supposed to break free on her own?!

Hakumen: ...Regardless, it is what must be done.

Ragna: Yeah, yeah, whatever... Now would you kindly get the hell out of my way?! I've got business to take care of.

Hakumen: The Gates will not open in the absence of the Successor to the Azure.

Ragna: Bastard...

Hakumen: So it is "Kushinada's Lynchpin", which you are after... No matter what your intent may be, I cannot grant you passage.

Ragna: Heh, didn't see that one coming...

<Ragna Victory>

Ragna: Damn, you're tough...

Hakumen: Heh heh heh... I see you've improved, Dark One.

Hazama: All right now boys, How about we leave the cock fight at that, hm?

Hakumen: Huh?!

Ragna: Terumi!

Hazama: Phantom, would you kindly escort our unwanted guest off the stage?

Hakumen: You son of a--!

Stage 8: Nu-13

Ragna: What the hell are you tryin' to pull?! Where are you?!

Hazama: Well, you just happened to show up at the right moment little Raggy; now you can help me out with my preparations. It's just a teensy bit, I swear.

Ragna: Like hell I will!

Hazama: Whoa, calm down there, little buddy. I'm not the one you'll be fighting today. Can I get a drum roll for this much belated, heart-warming reunion?!

Ragna: Wha-?! Is that you, Nu...?

Nu: Rag...na...

Hazama: Aww, isn't that just WONDERFUL! Now, that all the preparations are complete, let's begin our little test now, shall we? You see that "Sword of Izanami" right there...? I'm just gonna need you to... Fight to the death...?!

Ragna: The...Sword of Izanami...?

Nu: Hahahahaha! Let's kill each other, Ragna!

Ragna: Tch!

<Ragna Victory>

Nu: More, Ragna...! Give me MORE!

Ragna: Kuh, guess I have no choice... Restriction #666 released... Dimensional interface field deployed... IDEA Engine linked...BlazBlue...!! Goddammit, what now?!



BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 01(A).png

Hazama: Alright little Raggy, I think that should do it! Thank you for your generous contribution to the cause! HAHAHAHAHA!

Ragna: Don't tell me this is an...?! How can an intervention this big be possible!?

Hazama: Sorry, but I guess it just is! I'm awesome. With the Imperator's power, Takamagahara's capacity to intervene is even greater than the Successor's. Hey, 13... Looks like we have a teensy more time than I thought. How about you two just...go at it for a while longer, yeah?

Ragna: TERUMI!

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 02.png

Ragna: Guaah!

Nu: Don't look away now, Ragna. You should only have eyes for me... Hahahaha... AHAHAHAHAHA!

Ragna: ...Nu, you bitch.

Hazama: Heh heh heh heh... Let the party begin!

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 01(B).png

Terumi: Now, suffer... Struggle, and kill each other to your heart's content! Let me see you dance to that wretched shriek!

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 04.png

Terumi: The "Nemesis Horizon" is about to open...

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 03.png

Terumi: K'hahahaha HAHAHAHAHA!

Story Mode

Chrono Phantasma

While Tao and Ragna were traveling to Ikaruga, Ragna brought an unknowing Taokaka to the church where he had grown up. Upon arrival, Ragna asked Tao to give him some alone time at the site and Tao agreed, although a bit reluctantly as she thought something "fishy" was going on. After her departure, Ragna turned and headed to the location of the grave of his dead foster mother. There Ragna talked to the grave as though he were talking to his caretaker in person - telling her that he met his siblings and how Jin has grown a little, yet was basically the same, and how he wouldn't be able to keep a promise he made to her about Saya. Ragna was then confronted by Rachel and Ragna asked Rachel how he would go about acquiring Kushinada's Lynchpin. Rachel revealed that while the original technique to activate the Lynchpin had been lost, there may be a secondary activation method. She explained that Kushinada's Lynchpin's was capable of halting the flow of seithr if it came into contact with a cauldron. Rachel said that with the lynchpin, it would be possible to defeat both Saya and Terumi in one shot. She also told Ragna that the only person capable of obtaining it was Noel Vermillion, as Tenjo Amanohokosaka, the previous owner of the Lynchpin, sealed it in a room that can only be accessed by the Successor of the Azure. Ragna said that he would use the Lynchpin against Saya and Rachel questioned whether or not he was capable of killing his own sister. Ragna brushed her question aside and said he would kill her, but Rachel laughed at his claim, saying that there is no possible way to "kill" Saya. Elaborating, Rachel said that Saya was the host of Izanami and that there was no way to kill the goddess of death. Going even further, Rachel added that it would be nearly impossible to even defeat Saya, claiming that the Imperator was more powerful than the Black Beast.

The Imperator Librarius, Izanami, and Nine the Phantom appeared before the duo and Rachel was subdued by a powerful Gravity Seed before she could do anything. Izanami then turned to Ragna to make an outlandish request, that Ragna swear fealty and eternal loyalty to only her. A confused Ragna angrily declined the offer, but Izanami said that in return for him being at her side, Izanami would allow Ragna to kill Terumi. Ragna still refused and attacked Izanami, but she easily injured him with a single attack. Izanami said she was disappointed because having him around would have put her vassal at ease, but left when she realized that Ragna would not accept any offer. After a little while, Ragna and Rachel were able to stand again. Tao arrived shortly after their recovery. Rachel gave Ragna a grim warning: If the Azure Grimoire continued to corrode at this rate, it would "remember" his wounds, transcending even Phenomenon Intervention. Basically, if he continued to use the Azure, any injury he sustained would not heal, even if the event that caused his injury had been voided. She instructed Tao to take Ragna away so he could heal and Tao followed her instructions. [12]

Later when Ragna and Tao arrived in Ikaruga, Ragna treated Tao to some food where they ran into Bullet. Bullet recognized Ragna as the Grim Reaper, but decided against a public confrontation, at least until Tao called Bullet "naughty" for her clothing and Ragna insulted her wardrobe by calling her shorts "butt floss." Bullet then said that she would take down Ragna when next they met. Ragna then told Tao that he was looking for Noel so Tao said that she would find her and ran out of the restaurant before Ragna could tell her how foolish it was to look for one person in such a huge, densely populated as the four Hierarchical Cities that make up Ikaruga. Ragna left the restaurant and ran into Iron Tager and Ragna inquired about the whereabouts of Noel from him. However, Tager refused to answer and the two engaged in a short battle where Ragna emerged victorious. Kokonoe then called Ragna and Ragna also asked her where Noel was. Kokonoe said that not even she knew her location. Ragna left Tager behind and soon encountered Amane Nishiki. Amane challenged him to a battle and an angered Ragna complied. Afterward, Amane said that Ragna "dances wonderfully" and that he was always welcome in his troupe.

Ragna soon caught sight of Tsubaki Yayoi, who then confronted the rebel. Tsubaki said that she had orders to arrest Ragna so she confronted him in another fight. Ragna easily beat Tsubaki, claiming that he had "a lot of experience" fighting weapons like the Sealed Weapon Izayoi. Tsubaki blamed Ragna for Makoto Nanaya, Jin, and Noel deserting the NOL. Ragna sensed the Mind Eater spell and decided that it would be best to destroy the Izayoi, while not harming Tsubaki, there and now. Before he could deliver the final blow, Hakumen arrived and stopped Ragna, purposefully allowing Tsubaki to escape. Ragna angrily snapped at his rival, telling him that the spell that had been cast on Tsubaki wasn't something she could break on her own, but Hakumen told Ragna that the only one that could break the spell was Tsubaki herself. Hakumen questioned Ragna's attempt to acquire Kushinada's Lynchpin and said that he would stop him, no matter what his goal was. The two battled each other yet again and for the first time, Ragna was able to duel Hakumen to a standstill without using the Azure Grimoire.

Hazama appeared before the two and threw his usual insults at the pair. Hazama then requested that Phantom remove the two of them from his sight; Hakumen was teleported to an unknown location and Ragna was teleported to a separate location that Ragna didn't recognize. Confused, he looked around as Hazama's voice appeared in his head and told him that Ragna was to help him in his "preparations." Calling her "The Sword of Izanami," Hazama instructed Nu to attack Ragna, and the two engaged in combat. After a while of fighting her, Ragna decided to activate his Azure Grimoire, but before he could, Izanami used the Takamagahara system to initiate a Phenomena Intervention. However, before it could take full effect, Nu managed to injure Ragna greatly. Time rewound and set the clock all the way back to when Ragna and Tao were at the restaurant. [13]

Celica heals Ragna's wounds

Rachel's warning rang true, as Ragna's wounds from the fight with Nu just before suddenly opened up. Ragna fell to the ground and passed out just as Tao began to panic over his sudden injury. Bullet rushed to the commotion and much to his surprise, Ragna found that he could vaguely recall who she was, despite never actually meeting her in that timeline. A confused Ragna ran from the restaurant and remembered that he was fighting Nu and remembered Rachel's warning about the Azure Grimoire remembering wounds across timelines. Ragna fell onto the street and passed out yet again. Ragna recalled his time talking to his foster mother and remembered the warmth of her hands. Upon awakening, Ragna found that he was being helped by Celica A. Mercury, who was using sorcery to heal him. He asked her for her identity, but she said that didn't matter right then. Celica even called Ragna by his name. Ragna then stood up and found out that he lost the use of both his right arm and right eye. He asked Celica again for her name and how she was using sorcery, but was interrupted by Taokaka. Feeling better, Ragna left the two girls and headed out in search of Noel Vermillion once again.

After he searched for a while, Ragna regained the use of his arm and eye. Ragna became enraged when he didn't make any progress in finding either Noel or the Lynchpin and started to pick a fight with a local man. Rachel teleported him away from his would-be victim and began to scold him as if he were a child. Ragna genuinely insulted her and Rachel turned her back and began to leave. He tried to stop her, but Rachel left without saying another word, which only served to frustrate him even further. He soon ran into Noel and he told her that he needed her for something. Now too worked up, Ragna accidentally hurt Noel and an angry Kagura Mutsuki intervened to help Ragna calm down. The two battled, ending with Kagura's easy victory where he actually called Ragna "disappointing." Ragna attempted to activate the Azure Grimoire, but he lost control of his arm and eye yet again when Celica stepped onto the scene. Kagura knocked Ragna out and brought him to the NOL branch at the top of the Hierarchical City. [14]

Ragna awoke within a jail cell and saw none other than Kokonoe, Kagura, Celica, and Noel staring at him from outside the cell. Kagura asked Ragna why he shouldn't execute him then and Celica readily jumped to his aide, vouching for his character. After a little banter, Kagura told Ragna that there was a favor he needed him to do, but Ragna declined the offer. However, Kagura offered Kushinada's Lynchpin as an incentive for Ragna's cooperation. Ragna reluctantly agreed to help Kagura, but he wasn't let out of his cell. Kagura left Celica in charge of guarding Ragna and took the others with him to his office. [15]

Kokonoe returned to the cell, telling Ragna to get out and follow her. After some discourse, Kokonoe threatened Ragna by stating she had attached a bomb to his left arm that was set to explode and kill him should he venture too far from Celica. Reluctantly, Ragna followed Kokonoe to Kagura's office for a mission briefing. Kokonoe and Kagura explained that they need Ragna as bait for Azrael to subdue him for a certain time. Hibiki Kohaku told Ragna that news of his arrest had spread throughout Ikaruga and that a tournament had been organized at the Colosseum with his bounty as the prize. The tournament was set to have Ragna battle against the participants, giving Azrael an even bigger incentive to join. Kagura further bribed Ragna with the promise of the Kushinada's Lynchpin. When Ragna asked if he actually had the Lynchpin, Kagura said that they already had the key to activating it: Celica. Kokonoe confirmed this. Ragna then agreed to the mission, but asked what the big plan was. Kagura answered that he wanted to take over the Novus Orbis Librarium and take down the Imperator.

A sibling reunion

Kagura invited Jin in to devise a plan to release Tsubaki from the Imperator's control. After the discussion, Jin quickly turned his attention to Ragna, and Kagura told everyone else to leave the room. After Ragna and Jin exchanged threats and began to fight, Kagura forced the both of them outside as well. Jin told Ragna that he'd be waiting outside for him just as Noel entered the room. On his way out, Ragna found Celica, and she asked if he wanted to go to the cafeteria with her. Despite fearing that Celica would get lost, Ragna declined her offer and told her not to go anywhere to avoid setting the bomb off. Ragna proceeded to go outside himself and meet Jin, starting their battle quickly. Since Ragna was not able to use his right arm and eye, Jin defeated him with ease. While Jin was preoccupied with his disappointment at the results, Celica interrupted the fight and threw Jin off balance with a powerful kick. She scolded the two of them for fighting and treated their wounds. However, Ragna and Jin agreed that they would always fight, so Celica compromised by telling them to fight only around her so she could heal them. [16] Ragna was part of the many people who ate the large meal that Hibiki had prepared, althougn Celica insisted on feeding it to him herself.[17]

When Noel was gaining control of her abilities as Mu-12, a dimensional barrier prevented Ragna, Celica, Kagura, Kokonoe, and Makoto from entering her subconscious state. However, after Arakune began absorbing her, Noel was unable to escape, so she subconsciously called out to Ragna, calling him "Brother." Ragna sensed this and was able to pass through the barrier, attempting to attack Arakune, but Kagura managed to drive Arakune off first. Kokonoe claimed the breach was caused by her own frailty and past relationship with Arakune. She warned them that this frailty might cause the death of an ally in the future. Jin showed up to investigate the disturbance, but left shortly after. Celica said that Jin wasn't being honest, but Ragna lamented that he'd always been like that. [18]

The next day, Ragna presented himself at the tournament. Tsubaki arrived to briefly congratulate Kagura on capturing Ragna. Kagura stated that it wasn't an easy task, having lost fifteen of his men in the process. Tsubaki took a moment to tell Ragna that she would interrogate him before his execution, so he should not expect an easy death. Ragna retaliated by stating she's just the Imperator's dog, and he wanted nothing to do with her. Kagura punched him twice, and threatened him with his life before continuing his conversation with Tsubaki. He explained to her that Ragna had a Binding Array with a code that changed every ten seconds. Furthermore, if he traveled for a hundred meters away from the arena, his entire body would be petrified. After this, Tsubaki left.

The tournament began, and to Ragna's surprise, he didn't have to fight all the participants, but only the ones that make it through the qualifiers. Rachel arrived to watch the participants battle alongside Ragna, Kagura, and Celica. Bullet entered the stage, but just as she was about to face her opponent, Bob, Azrael arrived instead, boasting that he had rendered Bob, as well as many other competitors, unable to fight. Then, Azrael fought Bullet and defeated her quickly. He was about to take her life when Ragna jumped in from the sidelines and took Bullet's place to fight Azrael. After Azrael defeated Ragna, Ragna refused to fight him using the Azure Grimoire, enraging Azrael. Celica called out to Ragna, causing Azrael to see that Celica was someone that drove Ragna to fight, leading him to attempt to take her life while making Ragna's motivation to fight stronger. Rachel interfered to protect Celica by throwing Gii in the way of Azrael's attack. Angered, Ragna decided to use the Azure Grimoire, but he began to see visions of himself fighting Azrael in another timeline, and questioned his decision. He accepted the power as his own, and declared he wanted to use it to protect what was important to him, rather than using it for destruction. Just as he was about to engage with Azrael again, Kagura stepped in, to Ragna's discomfort. While Kagura fought Azrael, Ragna went to make sure that Bullet and Celica were doing alright. Kagura, with the help of Kokonoe, was able to defeat Azrael, locking him in a dimensional prison. [19]

Ragna and Celica went to an infirmary room, scolding each other for their rash decisions as Celica healed Ragna's wounds. Just as Ragna thanked Celica for her treatment, Rachel entered the room and congratulated the two for their effort. Ragna asked to speak with her, to Rachel's displeasure. Ragna told her that he wouldn't use the Azure Grimoire any longer, since he doesn't want to hurt or destroy anymore. Rachel questioned Ragna's new behavior, telling him he was running away from the Azure Grimoire's true purpose, and that he could not simplify it so easily. Regna responded by saying that it was only a counterfeit created by Terumi. To Ragna's confusion, Rachel said that Terumi's was also an imitation. Rachel then told Ragna that if he was seeking answers, then he must go to the ruins of Ibukido the day after along with Celica and Noel. After the end of the conversation, Ragna left the room.[20]

Later, alone, Ragna regained control of his right arm and eye. Just as he contemplated Rachel's words, Hazama appeared on the scene. Hazama, becoming Terumi, mocked Ragna as they engaged in battle and defeated Ragna with ease. As Terumi teased and beat Ragna senseless, Kokonoe, Celica, and Tager arrived to Ragna's rescue. Kokonoe stated that Celica was the weakness to the Azure Grimoire. Due to Celica's presence, Terumi's vessel, Hazama, began to weaken and crumble, as he was an Azure Grimoire himself, and Ragna found his right arm and eye paralyzed again. The now weakened Terumi panicked as Phantom arrived and used teleportation magic to escort him away, while Kokonoe sent Celica to bed.

Ragna, however, pestered Kagura and Kokonoe about their motives and methods for defeating the Imperator. Kokonoe explained to Ragna that she was keeping Celica around mainly because she was the key to activating Kushinada's Lynchpin. Doing so would stop all seithr activity, thus making it easier to defeat the Imperator. Furthermore, as Celica's existence was "invisible" to the Master Unit and Takamagahara, they had no data on Celica in this timeline, and therefore she and all those who "interacted" with her could not be affected by Phenomenon Interventions, hence why Ragna hadn't been affected by any Phenomenon Interventions lately, as he had always been close to Celica. Understanding the explanation, Ragna left the room.

Ragna walked through the hallway, exhausted, and encountered Noel. He congratulated her on winning Tsubaki over. When Noel asked Ragna about the tower in the ruins of Ibukido, Ragna recalled Rachel's words and asked if Noel would come with him to those ruins along with Celica and Rachel. Ragna said he should have discussed it with her earlier, but Noel didn't mind and said she would willingly follow him anywhere. The two's conversation lead to comfort and laughter until Ragna noticed an eavesdropping Jin. Jin disrupted the conversation, threatening Noel for speaking to Ragna. This quickly agitated Ragna and he began to argue with Jin, but just as they were about to fight, Noel broke them apart. She worried about the two as Jin walked away, but Ragna reassured her by stating that they're always like this, and parted with her to sleep.

The next day, Ragna arrived at the ruins of Ibukido with Noel and Celica, where Rachel scolded Ragna for being late. After a short discourse, Rachel told Ragna that she would send him to a dangerous place familiar to Celica. Rachel told Noel to remember Ragna's shape and his existence itself, as they would have to bring Ragna back when the time came. Rachel said that using the Cauldron, Ragna would cross the Boundary and time itself, and be sent into the past. Using the Tsukuyomi Unit, Rachel provides Ragna with a protection spell to ensure that he will make it through the boundary safely, as Ragna then leaps into the cauldron, and gets sent back into the past.[21]


When Ragna awoke, he had been sent back in time to 2106, although his trip through the Boundary had stripped him of most of his memories. He was found in a forest by Celica, and she helped carry him to a nearby shack.[22] There the young mage used her healing sorcery on him to save the man from his wounds. She formally introduced herself as Celica A. Mercury, and explained that she had used healing sorcery on him - to her shock, he was not surprised, having remembered it in his education under Jubei. He explained his amnesia to her, and the two decided to go towards the nearest port town; for Celica, this was to find her father, Shuichiro Ayatsuki, and for Ragna, it was to find some clues to his memories. On their way out of the winding path, the duo were attacked by dogs mutated by seithr; Ragna dispatched of them and watched as Celica healed them after the fight, remarking that she was too nice. He later grew frustrated with Celica's lack of direction, and attempted to snatch a map from her before a beastkin attacked him.

The beastkin was under the impression that Ragna was attempting to assault Celica. Upon his first impression, Ragna through the beastkin was Jubei, but he introduced himself as Mitsuyoshi and had no idea who Jubei was. Ragna was still not aware of the date, and found it ridiculous that anyone, especially a cat-type beastkin, would not know who Jubei was. The two traded blows until Celica stopped the fight. The men sheathed their blades and Mitsuyoshi decided to listen to their story as Celica healed their wounds. The three of them decided that travelling together to Japan would be the best decision as Mitsuyoshi told them of his mission - to capture Celica's father. Ragna also learned that he was currently in the period of the Dark War, and that the Six Heroes had yet to be formed.[23]

Star gazing

The trio made it to the port town later in the evening, procuring beds and dinner. Ragna stared out of the window towards the sea from his room, spotting Celica in the distance. Deciding it was dangerous for her to be out so late with her sense of direction, he ran after her, finding her staring at the stars and sea. Celica talked about her sister, boasting about her being a member of the Ten Sages, and her father, boasting about him being a famous scientist. She healed a headache he was having and the two decided to return to the inn for the night. As they made their way back, Ragna caught sight of someone familiar to him - Rachel. Leaving Celica behind, he chased after the vampire, but couldn't find her. It was at that moment that he knew it was really Rachel, as she was the only teleportation user he knew. He returned back the inn later that evening.

The following day, Ragna, Celica, and Mitsuyoshi managed to get to Japan. There, the wry beastkin secured them transportation from the United Nations, and the group entered the back of a pickup truck. Their journey took them across the desolate wasteland that was once Japan, and both Celica and Mitsuyoshi explained nuclear weapons to Ragna as they were largely forgotten in his time. The three of them put on masks to help protect against the damaged atmosphere and eventually arrived at the Seioudai Sampling Laboratory where Shuichiro had once worked. They entered, searching for the scientist but were unsuccessful. Entering a courtyard in the middle of the area, they were attacked by a Remnant of the Black Beast. Mitsuyoshi's reckless nature against the creature caused him to sustain a serious injury, and he nearly died as Ragna was also beaten. Rachel appeared once more and offered the chance to save him as the creature disappeared. It was only as Ragna begged that the three of them were teleported into the Alucard Castle.[24]

As they came into the Castle, Rachel ordered them to wait in the parlor as a servant carried Mitsuyoshi into the inner sanctum for treatment. Ragna had noticed that Rachel was significantly younger than he remembered. The doors opened revealing Rachel, a much younger Valkenhayn, and an elderly vampire. The vampire introduced himself as Clavis Alucard, the father of Rachel and Valkenhayn's master. Ragna and Celica listened intently to the vampire's explanation of who he was and why he had sent Mitsuyoshi after Shuichiro. Ragna himself was particularly shocked by Valkenhayn's appearance and the fact that Clavis was not only bound to a wheelchair, but grew tired, behaviour he had never witnessed from Rachel. His sharp tongue earned the lycanthrope's scorn, but Clavis' calm demeanor kept the talk peaceful. As the meeting ended, Ragna went into the castle's rose garden to think, and was offered a place to stay for the night.

Vampire's advice

In the garden, Ragna saw Rachel and went up to speak to her. She was not impressed with his behavior towards her as it was the first time for her that she had met him. Ragna demanded answers from her about the world, but Rachel was only left confused and struck him with a bolt of lightning. The conflict was ended by Ragna when Clavis interrupted and asked for time with the man. Clavis inquired about the Grim Reaper's memories and asked him what year it was. Ragna learned that the current date was 2106AD, not 2200AD. He told Clavis about Rachel in the future and confessed his memories had yet to return. Their conversation continued as Ragna marvelled at Clavis' attitude and fondness of humanity until the old vampire grew tired and retired to his quarters. Ragna walked to a hallway in the large Castle, finding Celica. Despite the difficult conversation she had earlier with Clavis over Shuichiro, she demonstrated her resolve to still find her father. Together, they went to Kantō, Japan in the following morning, with Clavis giving them a map to the First District where Shuichiro was last seen; Mitsuyoshi did not accompany them, being forced to stay behind and heal his wounds. As they made their way across a broken mountain trail, Ragna again became frustrated with Celica's direction, but before he could snatch the map, a bolt of lightning was forced his way.[25]

Ragna was pinned to the ground with a woman standing on his head. Getting out from her heel, he attempted to fight against the stranger's sorcery, Ragna was forced to bat away the numerous spells launched at him. His legs were soon frozen and she again put him under her heel. Celica wailed at the witch, calling her sister and begging her to stop. Eventually the barrage of assaulting spells ended, and Ragna was helped to his feet by the witch's companion. The companion introduced herself as Trinity Glassfille and the witch as Nine. The two watched the sisters argue over Ragna, quickly hearing the argument change to why Celica had left the Magister's City of Ishana to pursue their father. Eventually, Celica's will overcame Nine's, and the four of them agreed to travel to the First District together. Ragna found a kindred spirit in Trinity as they both watched the sisters head in the wrong direction.

When they arrived at the District, Ragna traced the area and listened to Nine talk about fusing science and magic. To Ragna, it is impossible to differentiate the two, and earned some rare praise from the witch for his open mind. They came to an elevator that Celica knew how to activate. As they descended, the wires snapped. Ragna quickly helped throw Celica up to safety alongside Nine and Trinity but fell into the abyss. As he awoke, he saw a cauldron close by but froze in place. He saw someone he had not hoped to see, someone who looked no different in the past than in the future - Hakumen. He recognized that the Hakumen in the Dark War was far superior to the one he knew in the future. He hid until the knight left, and was quickly found by the women who helped him to his feet. They continued to search in the building, discovering a hidden door that Ragna knocked down.[26]

The group continued into the laboratory, seeing a giant lynchpin hanging in the back of the lab. He watched Nine and Trinity scan the research papers and as the former stomped them into the ground. Together they learned that the device, called the Kushinada's Lynchpin, had the ability to halt the activity of the Black Beast. It was at that moment that a man, Shuichiro himself, walked towards the group and revealed his creation to them. No one took their eyes off him, although his attitude towards Celica prompted Nine to violently attack her father, sending him hurtling towards a nearby wall. Mere moments later, Shuichiro died, and Ragna held Celica as she cried into his arms.

"Watch out for the guy named Yuuki Terumi"

Ragna continued to hold Celica as Nine attacked the Lynchpin. Mitsuyoshi appeared and deflected the blow, having listened to Shuichiro's ranting. The only way for the Lynchpin to activate was with the soul of someone like Celica activating it. The fight between Nine and Mitsuyoshi was fierce and harsh; Celica broke free from Ragna and stopped the two of them, running between the battle. Knowing her attempt was futile, Ragna threw Aramasa between the combatants, stopping their fight and quickly silencing the battle. As they settled, Ragna heard a voice and left the group to talk out their differences.[27]

As he walked out of the lab and near the cauldron, Ragna caught the familiar smell of roses. Rachel was there, and addressed him with condescending tone he was so used to. The Boundary had given this young Rachel the memories of her older self, and she gave advice to Ragna over what he could do to in the situation. She explained that Kushinada's Lynchpin has never been used, even in their time, and that he knew the way to stop the Black Beast. She then disappeared as quickly as she had appeared. Ragna walked back into the lab, telling Celica that she did not need to sacrifice herself and that he knew a way to stop the Beast. The group stayed late in the lab, knowing that they had no light until morning. Ragna declined Trinity's offer of tea and walked out to the cauldron again. Nine followed him and thanked him for changing Celica's mind. Ragna gave her three hints on the future now that his memories were flooding back to him: first was that the Beast would be halted for a year; second that she needed to gather humanity and their strengths; third - beware the man called Yuuki Terumi.


Their conversation was cut off by the arrival of something that they had not expected - the Black Beast itself. Everyone rallied together, and Ragna ordered that Nine teleport everyone, bar him, out of the facility. Celica grabbed his arm begging him to not leave, but he insisted. It was only Mitsuyoshi who stayed alongside the Grim Reaper as Nine began initiating the spell. Ragna gave Celica his jacket, saying that he will come back for it and her. Just as Nine's spell nearly activated, Celica quickly kissed Ragna on the cheek, healing a small scratch he had picked up earlier. He watched as she furiously waved goodbye. Now side-by-side with Mitsuyoshi, Ragna told him his full name, and the two battled against the Beast with all their might - Mitsuyoshi sustained serious wounds, but Ragna was swallowed whole, his sword left behind.[28]

Inside the Black Beast, Ragna fought against a version of Nu-13. This Nu was from a Possibility where she merged with Ragna to become the Black Beast and now functioned as its heart. Time was distorted inside the Beast, and then, at one instance, Ragna saw Celica. He reached out his hand to her and asked her “when” she is, but she did not understand. The usually murky black scenes transformed into a similar area to the forest where they met. Nightmarish wolves then appeared rapidly and struck at them both. Ragna fought back until Nirvana appeared, cutting through the darkness and clearing a path for Celica's escape. Ragna told Celica that this was his fight, and promised that they would meet again. As Celica left, Ragna turned his attention to Nu. [29]

Meet again

Almost immediately after Celica had left, she reappeared, calling out Ragna's name. He was confused, not knowing why she was still in the Beast. Celica explained that it had been months since they last saw each other, but it was again the way that time flowed within the Black Beast that it made it seem like she had returned. She explained to Ragna that Hakumen had created a plan: both Ragna and Celica would have to fight against the heart of the Beast while on the outside it would be teleported above a cave filled with crystals of Order. Those crystals neutralize seithr, meaning that the Beast would be severely weakened and allow for the body to be killed at the same time as the heart. Ragna didn't like the idea of taking orders from Hakumen, but accepted it anyway while calling Celica an idiot for agreeing to something so reckless. Next to Celica was Nirvana, something that made Ragna uneasy even though he knew that this version of Nirvana was not one he had crossed blades with before.

Ragna went on guard almost immediately afterwards, as Nu descended behind Celica. She told him to murder Celica or she would. Ragna and Nu fought until, finally, Ragna was victorious. Nu crumbled into dust and the heart of the Black Beast was finally dead. Ragna had to return to his own time, and Celica had to escape the Black Beast. Rachel appeared and explained that the Beast was like a cauldron, and so she could teleport Ragna back to his own time. She did so, and as Ragna was leaving, he waved goodbye to Celica, telling her to tell Nine that he said ‘hi'. [30]

When Ragna returned to the ruins of Ibukido in 2200AD, his memories were twisted, but Noel calmed him down. He knew now why Kokonoe duplicated Celica in this time and made his way to Yabiko to give her a piece of his mind. Before he left, he thanked Rachel for what she had done, but did not realize that she had lost most of her power to do the act. When he arrived in the branch, he revealed to Kagura, Noel, and Hibiki that to activate the Lynchpin, Celica had to die first. This lead to conflict in the room, but Ragna made it clear to Kokonoe that he would not sacrifice Celica no matter what, and that Nine's choice in the Dark War to not sacrifice her was the correct one. When Kokonoe revealed that Celica only had roughly 6 months to live anyway, he held her by the collar and told her firmly that Celica was still not going to be sacrificed.

Rachel appeared and reminded the group that there was another way to activate the Lynchpin and they deduced that it was through the Phoenix: Rettenjo. Ragna then left with Celica and Noel with Hibiki guiding them to the 8th Hierarchical City of Wadatsumi. There, Noel managed to open the gate with Observation, revealing Bang was guarding it. Ragna's resolve was tested by the ninja, and they battled, only stopping when Bang realized that Ragna had come to understand power. They were soon interrupted by the arrival of Nu, Relius, Ignis Clover, and Litchi.[31]

Ragna attempted to fight, but the group was constantly overwhelmed. The Ex Machina: Minerva arrived, sent by Kokonoe, and it help alleviate the burden that the group was facing. It was still not enough, worsened by the arrival of Carl. Thankfully, Tsubaki and Makoto arrived to make their burden easier, giving Ragna, Celica, and Noel enough time to get out of the Castle and on to higher ground. Both Ragna and Noel were reunited with Jin, and the three siblings watched as Take-Mikazuchi crashed into the planet. They ran to Celica and listened to Kokonoe transmit them information about having to disarm Celica's limiter if they could not activate the Lynchpin in 10 minutes. Hakumen approached them and followed Ragna's orders to destroy the base of the Monolith, Ragna was then connected to Bang and told him about the time limit.

Ragna, Noel, and Jin then approached Take-Mikazuchi, determined to fight it in order to stop it from destroying everything.[32] He watched as Bang nailed the Lynchpin into the Monolith and thus the cauldron below, halting the flow of seithr across the world. Because of the Noise Canceller installed by Kokonoe, Ragna could still use the Azure Grimoire and he battled against the weakened Take-Mikazuchi. He opened a weakening in the Nox and jumped in with Minerva and Celica.

Inside Take-Mikazuchi, they found Nu and the flow of time was distorted. She told him about the creation of Black Beasts and how Noel and Hazama before promising to kill him. They battled and Ragna won, knocking her out and taking her out of Take-Mikazuchi with Minerva's assistance. As he exited, he saw Izanami and attacked her, but was repelled. Nu woke and stabbed him, but the worst had yet to come – Izanami sent the Azure Grimoire spiralling out of control, and Ragna was sent berserk, mortally wounding Jin and damaging Noel.[33] When he awoke, he was in the Embryo with no recollection of his identity.[34]

Sector Seven

Ragna and Rachel were attempting to teleport together to an unknown location, but they ended up at the charred remains of Celica's church instead. Neither understood the reason why they were there, but Ragna grew impatient and Rachel teleported them off again.[35]

Central Fiction

An SS-class traitor to the NOL, known on the streets as the "Grim Reaper," in possession of the most powerful grimoire, with the highest-ever bounty in history on his head. He awoke having lost all of his memories, and not even knowing his own name. And then, as if having been led towards something, the Grim Reaper appears once again in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi....[36]

Arcade Mode

Act 1: Phantom of Labyrinth

Stage 3: Iron Tager

Ragna: Who the hell are you? You want somethin' with me?

Tager: ...So you're the one they call the Grim Reaper.

Ragna: Grim Reaper? You got the wrong guy. Now get out of my way.

Tager: A pitiful joke at best...Grim Reaper. I'm from Sector Seven, and I'm here to detain you.

Ragna: Did you...hear a word I said?

Tager: The moment you equipped that Azure Grimoire, you showed up on our radar. Don't mistake us for those obsolete folks at the NOL.

Ragna: Azure Grimoire? What the hell does that have to do with Sector Seven?

Tager: Feigning ignorance till the end...? Very well, have it your way. It won't change what I must do.

Ragna: Heh, didn't see this one comin'.

<Ragna Victory>

Tager: Grr... I should've expected as much from the one with the Azure Grimoire.

Ragna: God damn you're tough...what the hell are you made of? And what the hell do you mean by the "Azure Grimoire?"

Tager: ...You can't be serious. ...What? H-Hey, what's going on, Kokonoe!? ...Roger that. Returning to base. Looks like we'll have to take a rain check on settling this.

Ragna: H-Hey! The hell was that? "Azure"...? Does this have anything to do with my amnesia? Oh well... Not like I have any more leads. Guess I'll head to NOL's basement...

Stage 6: Hakumen

Hakumen: You've come... Dark One.

Ragna: Dark One? First guy calls me blue, now you call me dark... Heh, you with this "Sector Seven" bunch, too?

Hakumen: I am Hakumen.

Ragna: Hakumen? Why do I know that name...? Dammit, I can't remember... Hey, you Masked Freak. How do you know me...?

Hakumen: It would appear you're trembling, Grim Reaper.

Ragna: Tremb...? What the hell are you going on about!? That line, though...it sounds oddly familiar.

Hakumen: What you are feeling right now. That is fear. The beast that sleeps within you is afraid of me.

Ragna: Goddammit, why doesn't anyone listen to anyone else around here!?

Hakumen: His memory is returning...? Or is it harmonizing with other established events? Mmm... Dark One, I challenge you to overcome the fear that stands before you!

Ragna: Wha...!? Who the hell are you?

Hakumen: ...Something the matter. Dark One? Prepare yourself...

Ragna: Wh-Whooa, what's your problem!? What's going on here!?

Hakumen: I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!

<Ragna Victory>

Ragna: Shit...! You masked freak. What kind of monster are you!?

Hakumen: Hmph... Phenomena intervention. Stay out of my way, Grimalkin!

Ragna: Disa...ppeared...? What the hell is going on?

Stage 7: Nu-13

Ragna: This looks... familiar. Where am I--!? When...and where have I seen this before...?

Nu: Activating...activating... Recognized. Awwww, Ragna! It's been so long since we saw each other. What is this, the 4th time?

Ragna: 4th...? No, it's the 3rd... No, wait... Last time it was... What the hell am I talking about? How do I know this exchange? Why? Where? Wait, Ragna? My name's Ragna? H-Hey, you...

Nu: Ragna, what's the matter? C'mon, let's kill each other like before... And then become one. Hehehe.

Ragna: Wait, just shut up! I'm trying to remember right now...! Dammit, why the hell is everything so hazy?

Nu: ...Ragna, you came to kill Nu, right? That's why you're here right--

Ragna: Shut the hell up! That face... I... ...That's right. I came here to "save" you.

Nu: ...What?

Ragna: I don't have a clue what's going on, either. But I do know one thing. I'm not here to kill you, or destroy you.

Nu: ...Who, are you?

Ragna: Does it really matter? Give me your hand. I'm here to save you.

<Ragna Victory>

Nu: Y-You're so strong...I don't believe it. How... How can this be Ragna?

Ragna: You damn stubborn kid.

Nu: How could you do this to me, Ragna...? We were supposed to be together. To become one...

Ragna: One, two, honestly I really don't care. Just don't cry on me.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 01.png

Nu: Rag...na?

Ragna: The way you kicked and screamed about killing... ...Sounded like a cry of help to me. Heh, that's probably why I... ...Felt like I had to save you.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 02.png

Nu: ...I don't get it.

Ragna: To be honest, I really don't, either. But first, we need to get the hell out of here.

Nu: Why? Why are you helping me? ...Ragna. What do you want?

Ragna: What do I want...? I--

Nu/Nine: What could you want in this worthless world!? Ragna the Bloodedge!?

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 03.png

Ragna: ...Wha--!? What the hell...!? Are these my memories...? Who... Who the hell are you guys!?

Nine: This is it? This is what you wanted? Truly, pathetic.

Ragna: ...!?

Stage 8: Nine the Phantom

Ragna: This is...! Dammit, what the hell's going on!?

Nine: It's been a while... Ragna the Bloodedge.

Ragna: Been a while? Who're you supposed to be?

Nine: That makes little difference... At least right now.

Ragna: Tch, I should've seen that one coming. So, is all of this your doing?

Nine: *Shrug* I wonder... I'm just here to see your will through.

Ragna: My will...?

Nine: That's right. Your worthless pathetic excuse for a dream.

Ragna: Dammit, I think I get the whole "worthless" thing.

Nine: I'll say it as many times as I must. It's worthless. Pathetic. And it'll never come true. And you even got that poor child involved. Truly truly pathetic.

Ragna: That child...?

Nine: ...That's enough chit-chat.

Ragna: You gotta be kidding me...!

<Ragna Victory>

Ragna: This isn't Ars Magus... It's like...real magic! Don't tell me you're...! The so-called Great Sage... Nine?

Nine: Thank goodness. Looks like there's still something left in there. But don't address me so nonchalantly, you peasant.

Ragna: What the hell are you doing HERE? You didn't...! But this is just like... Argh, everything is so foggy.

Nine: Still incomplete, I see. I hope the next time we meet, everything has come back to you. ...So I can crush you like a grape.

Ragna: The next? Don't expect me to welcome you with open arms. We're done here!

Nine: No, we will fight again. I can promise you that. As long as you continue to wield the Azure. We will. And that is when your will...will come to an end. Hehe... You think you can defeat me? Man of the Azure, Ragna the Bloodedge.

Ragna: *Scoff* Even if you really were "Nine," I've got no intention of just backing away.

Nine: Yes, better. This is who you are. You simply have no idea when to give up. Which is why I'll show you a nightmare I like to call, "Hope." The only way to see that your will becomes a reality.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 00(A).png

Nine: Before the Day of Reckoning, the Imperator... No-- Izanami must be defeated. By your hands.

Ragna Act 1 END

Nine: Ragna the Bloodedge, you see, I... I simply want to see the day Izanami dies.

to be continued

Act 2: Nightmare Memory

Stage 3: Relius Clover

Ragna: Hm... feels like I've been here before. Why did I come here again ? Grah, I can't remember. But I'm sure something happened here... Of course, it did. I destroyed the cauldron here. That explains why the climate management system is out of whack.

Relius: Ah, what a bizarre little situation we have here.

Ragna: You're. . . ! Relius Clover!?

Relius: You recognized me instantly...? Is there some prerequisite? It is all quite fascinating, but... most importantly, why are you here?

Ragna: Yeah, I'd like to know the answer to that, myself!

Relius: ... I see this is Izanami's doing... or perhaps the Master Unit's will.

Ragna: Hey, quit mumbling to yourself.

Relius: I feared this would be another imitation, but... If this Azure Grimoire is real, then... Heh heh heh.

Ragna: Heh, alright then... Bring it on!

<Ragna Victory>

Relius: You are the man of the Azure. In that case, it would be worth my time to witness your end!

Ragna: Woah, hold up there! Real and fake... you're always going on about this nonsense...

Relius: Ragna the Bloodedge.

Ragna: ...!?

Relius: Did Phantom, or rather Nine not tell you? You must defeat Hades Izanami on your own?

Ragna: Izanami...? Saya? Well, that was always the idea, but why tell me this now!?

Relius: The answer will become obvious, once you've defeated her. If you wish to know, then head to Ibukido.

Ragna: Ibukido!? Grah, back there again? Well damn. Not like I have any other clues.

Stage 6: Rachel Alucard

Ragna: Hey, enough hiding. You want something from me?

Rachel: Such plebeian eloquence. You never change, Ragna.

Ragna: You're... Rachel Alucard? No, you're the rabbit. That's right! Heh, well it looks like I can return the compliment. Hey, wait a sec... You mean you actually have memories!?

Rachel: *sigh* Have you already forgotten how to address your master? Lowly Grim Reaper.

Ragna: Yup, that's the Rabbit I know, no doubt. So, whaddaya want with me?

Rachel: ...I've come to stop you. I'm afraid I cannot allow you to pass.

Ragna: Huh? And why's that?

Rachel: Have you already forgotten? How the Imperator consumed your consciousness in the blink of an eye? I've no idea what Relius Clover put into your pitiful little brain, but as it stands, the Imperator would simply use you as her puppet.

Ragna: ...Sorry, Rabbit. But even knowing that, I have to go to Saya.

Rachel: Oh my... It seems there really isn't a cure for stupidity.

<Ragna Victory>

Rachel: If you truly believe you stand a chance against the Imperator in your current state, then... I'm at a loss for words, Ragna.

Ragna: ...

Rachel: ...? ...What is the meaning of this? Are you trying to catch me off guard?

Ragna: Rabbit... No, Rachel. Were you always this weak?

Rachel: ...! It seems you really want to be punished, Ragna. Very well, I shall no longer hold back--

Ragna: No, really... I think you should stop using your power.

Rachel: ...!

Ragna: Before you had this like... intimidating air about you. But now, I can't feel any of that. What the heck happened?

Rachel: ...

???: Ah, finally... the prey appear.

Rachel: Wha--!?

Stage 7: Azrael

Ragna: Why you... Azrael...!?

Azrael: Well, well, well, if it isn't the Grim Reaper himself. Just like that witch told me.

Ragna: Witch...? You mean Nine? Tch, what the hell's she thinking?

Azrael: I haven't had a treat stumble in here for a while... So don't disappoint me.

Ragna: Heh, didn't see that one coming... Stay back, Rabbit!

Rachel: Ragna, you...

Azrael: That's right. I'm not interested in easy prey, either. Get out of my sight.

Rachel: Hmph. How dare you address me that way? Very well--

Ragna: Rachel, just back off now, please!

Rachel: ...

Azrael: Now... Let's see how much fun "this" you turns out to be. Your other selves turned out to be pretty fun, you know! I'm looking forward to this one!

Ragna: You bloodthirsty bastard...!

<Ragna Victory>

Ragna: Damn monster...!

Azrael: F'hahahaha... Yes, now this is more like it! Or maybe... you're the one?

Ragna: Hah, whatever... I knew you were holding back.

Azrael: It is quite unfortunate, Grim Reaper. I was hoping to enjoy our little duel a little longer, but it's too soon...

Ragna: ...Huh?

Azrael: It's still too soon. Not in your current state. I need to strive higher... I need an opponet upon whom I can release EVERYTHING.

Ragna: The hell are you talking about?

Azrael: My pact...

Ragna: Pact?

Azrael: You heard me. To be able to fight the Gods themselves... not bad conditions if you ask me. So why don't you struggle and crawl your way back up to me.

Ragna: This sensation... Don't tell me--!?

Stage 8: Izanami

Izanami: Brother... Brother, you came to Saya...

Ragna: Saya...

Izanami: Ragna the Bloodedge... I'm surprised you made it this far, not being one of the chosen. Surely that girl's power has a lot to do with it.

Ragna: Girl? Power...? What do you mean?

Izanami: Nothing for you to worry about... For soon, you will be forced to realize it.

Ragna: Saya, there's nothing beyond here. I don't know what you're thinking, but I'll put an end to it right now.

Izanami: An end to it...? Hahahaha, oh how you make me laugh. Nothing will change with you. Nothing will end! NOTHING!

Ragna: ...How're we gonna know if I don't at least TRY!?

<Ragna Victory>

Izanami: What's the matter? Is that all of your strength, Brother?

Ragna: Shut up! And don't you dare talk to me with that voice!

Izanami: My oh my... What a foolish man. Do you not understand the meaning of "impossible?"


BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 04.png

Ragna: Wha... Saya, what the hell did you just do? WHY!?

Izanami: Heh heh heh... Hahaha...

Ragna: Dammit, what's...?

Izanami: Yes. Phenomena Intervention.

Ragna: That again!? Shit...

Izanami: You just said you would put an end to everything...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 05.png

Izanami: Then see with your own eyes exactly what you've ended...by killing me.

Ragna: What the hell are you thinking...?

Izanami: You should be thankful. I'm about to spell everything out, Brother. Who your true enemy is...

Ragna: My true enemy...? What are you...? Dammit...

Izanami: Hehehe, if you want to end everything... ...Then face the wrath of the Gods...and your own vanity! I shall be looking forward to that day, Ragna... Ragna the Bloodedge.

BlazBlue Central Fiction General Arcade.png

Ragna Act 2 END

to be continued

Act 3: The Replacement Blue

Stage 3: Makoto Nanaya

Ragna: Tch... what the hell's going on here. The geography is completely out of whack ! Does this have something to do with the phenomena intervention, or... ?

Makoto: Hey Ragna... found you.

Ragna: Um, you're that chick with Kagura... Um, Makoto, right ?

Makoto: Ahahaha... I was hoping I wouldn't run into you, but now that we've seen each other, I really don't have a choice. Sorry, but I'll need to detain you.

Ragna: Heh... I'm guessing these orders came from Kokonoe or Kagura. Whatever... I need to ask you something.

Makoto: You seem rather relaxed... So, what is it ?

Ragna: What's up with this whole "chosen" thing ? Do you just know when you meet another ?

Makoto: I'm not entirely sure how it works either, but... I think it's something like that ?

Ragna: Right. And... do you know where Noel is ?

Makoto: Noellers ? Sorry, I don't.

Ragna ...Has anyone died ? One of the chosen ?

Makoto: ...? As far as I know, no. Why are you asking me this ?

Ragna: It's been bothering me...

Makoto: Oh... ? Well, whatever. Time to be captured !

Ragna: Yeah, right... Give it your best shot !

<Ragna Victory>

Makoto: Dammit... You really are strong, aren't you ?

Ragna: C'mon... Gimme a challenge. I'm takin' off.

Makoto: Say Ragna... if ANYTHING happens to Noel, I will never forgive you. And remember, I report everything to Professor Kokonoe.

Ragna: ...Suit yourself.

Makoto: I don't know what you're thinking, but... I follow what I believe in. Don't forget that.

Ragna: ...Then we really might be enemies, the next time we meet.

Stage 6: Tsubaki Yayoi

Ragna: Kushinada's Lynchpin was... below here...

Tsubaki: Ragna the Bloodedge. Makoto's intel was true.

Ragna: ...Heh. Why am I not surprised ?

Tsubaki: In the name of order and justice in this world... I will take your life !

Ragna: Order... You sure this isn't for Jin ?

Tsubaki: How dare you speak his name so lightly !? Despicable...

Ragna: Ah, of course... You were one of Noel's friends too. Do you know where she...

Tsubaki: ...I cannot believe it. Is it true that you are related to THE Jin Kisaragi ?

Ragna: I'm doing the questioning here. Besides, what good will that information do you ?

Tsubaki: Answer me !

Ragna: ...Yeah. He's my kid brother.

Tsubaki: ...You may not understand this, but... He has the power to lead the people of this world and unlike me, he understands exactly what it needs... That's why I must sever the shackles that hold him back... The new order Jin is trying to create... I will support it with all that I have. But for that to happen, Jin must obtain the Azure!

Ragna: So that's what you want... Heh, guess he finally has some people that care about him. What a relief...

Tsubaki: ...Huh ?

Ragna: But I'm not sorry... I gotta turn down that request of yours, too.

<Ragna Victory>

Tsubaki: K'uh... Strong. This is the Grim Reaper, Ragna the Bloodedge... ? The source of evil Jin was trying to eliminate... ?

Ragna: Izayoi... Why didn't you use the Zero-Type...? Sorry... I get how you must feel right now, but... I need to keep going. Until then, you need to get some rest. I'll take it from here.

Stage 7: Kagura Mutsuki

Kagura: Hey, what took you so long, buddy ?

Ragna: ...You were watching this whole time, weren't you ? Why not save her ?

Kagura: Didn't want to get in the way of her feelings. But... I still need to take you in, Ragna. I'm going to create a world where everyone can smile... That's the whole reason I fight. And to honor all those who helped me get this far... I can't let you get in my way. Besides, I can't let you have Noel Vermillion, either.

Ragna: Heh... So that's what you were really after.

Kagura: The new world needs her and based on what Makoto told me, you want to use Noel for something, don't you ? And I'm guessing for something really, really bad... Knowing her, she'll do whatever it is you want. But you can't use her without first getting my approval.

Ragna: You're making no sense, buddy.

Kagura: Shut up ! You call yourself a man, and you can't even protect one girl ? Dreams, hopes, comrades, and women... Whatever it is, I have it my way. That's what makes me Kagura Mutsuki... Come with me, Ragna the Bloodedge.

Ragna: You think we're buddies now ? Haha... Wow, this really is a shocker. I wasn't expecting that from you. But I'm afraid... This is MY fight. I've got no intention of letting you take it.

<Ragna Victory>

Ragna: Tch...!

Kagura: Damn, you're a lot tougher than I remember... This is the real you ?

Ragna: Whatever... I know you're not even fazed... Tch, I'd say you're even tougher than that mad dog...

Kagura: Wha--!? Don't even compare me with that thing !

Ragna: Heh. Well, from where I'm standing... Wha--!? Dammit, no...! Another phenomena intervention !?

Kagura: No, this is different...

Stage 8: Amane Nishiki

Ragna: Magic teleportation !?

Amane: Boy, that's not as easy as it looks... I almost ended up intervening where I didn't want to. Hehe.

Ragna: What the hell do you want ?

Amane: I was going to ask you the same question, but judging by the fact that you're here... You WERE going to get something out of the Rettenjo using your Soul Eater, weren't you ?

Ragna: I don't like how you used past-tense. Besides, why do you care what I do !?

Amane: Oh, I do... Because I'm going to make you mine.

Ragna: Whaaa !? Are you high !? I know you're only interested in that little punk, Carl Clover !

Amane: Well, it'd be nice to have you, too. And I'm afraid I must resort to force...

<Ragna Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 06.png

Amane: Boy are you strong ! I think you and I could make the most beautiful dance. Yes... I want you more than ever!

Ragna: And I don't want you anywhere near me!

Amane: Oh, really... ? Then perhaps I should rephrase. I want to keep you under my Observation.

Ragna: What... ?

Amane: You're not a singular chosen... In fact, you are now outside the realm of logic. And there's no way someone in your position... Can change this world that was only born yesterday.

Ragna: Born yesterday ?

Amane: If you come under my Observation... We can slow down the progression towards becoming the Black Beast. With Rachel's powers weakening, I'm the only one who can do that for you. Can't exactly have you turn into the Black Beast... And kill this world... again.

Ragna: ...

Amane: You understand what I'm saying, surely...

Ragna: ... No way.

Amane: What ?

Ragna: Besides, I'm not gonna devour this world, either.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 07(A).png

Ragna: I do understand, but you see... Nothing's gonna change. You're just delaying the inevitable... History is going to repeat itself. When I fought Saya... or Izanami, I saw someone inside of the Master Unit. You're telling me that that was just a newborn ? No, that was a girl... a girl I know.

Ragna: Actually, a girl who knew me. And now... All these people gather around the promise of the chosen... Forcing their wishes on another. So who is this for, really ? Deny the present to satisfy whose reality ? And how do you know that's going to be better for everyone ? Aren't they just running away from the result ? You don't like the way the dice fell...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 07(B).png

Ragna: So you deny the entire world... ? ...Forget it. No one can move forward... No one will change. Nothing is "saved".

Amane: Don't tell me you've...

Ragna: ...I'm not letting anyone get their way.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 07(C).png

Ragna: I will devour every single wish of all the chosen... Even if that's coming from the gods themselves ! Remember this, Observer... I am the enemy to the entire world...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Ragna the Bloodedge Arcade 08.png

Ragna: The Grim Reaper, Ragna the Bloodedge.

Ragna Act 3 END

Story Mode

Ragna fails to recognize Jubei

After having fought against Noel and Jin, the former Observed him, forcing him inside the Embryo where the majority of his memories were altered. [37] He believed the date to be 12/31/2199, but could not even remember his own name. Jubei found him on the outskirts of Kagutsuchi, but Ragna could not make sense of what he was saying, which was primarily a warning about the NOL, vigilantes, and the massive bounty on his head. He was unable to recognise his former master, and was directed over to Kagutsuchi. [38]

Now in an alternate version of Orient Town, Ragna was attacked by Tao, who showed him a wanted poster and collapsed from hunger – she begged him for food, so he relented and took her to the nearest restaurant. However, Ragna was unable to pay, and even though Tao had decided to call him “good guy” for the second time in their lives, they fled the restaurant – almost perfectly mirroring events that had happened a month ago. They both ended up in Roningai where they encountered Carl, who's memories had been altered too. Ragna was confused over Carl's proposal for him to hand over the Azure Grimoire, and was forced to fight him. He forced Carl's retreat but not before being injured by Nirvana's deadly claws. Bang found him and took him to Litchi's clinic where he was introduced to Linhua and his wounds were treated. [39] Tao appeared and took him to the Kaka Village so he would be safe from the NOL. There, he was granted shelter by Totokaka, and was allowed refuge in her own home, where Litchi continued her treatment. They talked about the Ikaruga Civil War, and upon finding that Kagura was the Hero of Ikaruga in this reality, Ragna was startled, although he was unaware why. His memories were now appearing in flashes, but Ragna was unable to make sense of them. [40]

Upon leaving Toto's house, he was attacked by the kittens who wanted to play with him. This stirred faint memories of the church and the events of Evergreen Eyes. [41] Bang eventually came back, issuing a warning that an NOL soldier, namely Noel, was surveying the entrance to the village. He asked Tao if there was an exit, and headed towards the sewer against her advice. [42] Inside there, he was assaulted by Arakune, who relented his offense upon realising that Noel, a holder of a piece of the true Azure, was nearby. He heard Noel's scream, and ran after the monster, saving her from being devoured. He fought Arakune, and nearly dealt a killing blow, but he was stopped by Litchi, who begged him to turn the monster back to normal using the Azure Grimoire. He looked at Noel, the top of her shirt ripped open by Arakune, and saw the mark on her clavicle, awakening a memory of Nu. [43]

Reaching the surface, Ragna arrived at Kagutsuchi's Monorail, but was cornered by Tager, Kagura, and multiple NOL soldiers. Kagura knocked him out after Kokonoe asked him some questions. [44] He awoke in a prison cell and had a long list of charges read against him. Rachel was in the cell next to him, but he did not recognise her. [45] Hazama came with Noel in tow, and interrogated him, revoking several of the Grim Reaper's memories, only being spared more pain when the branch came under attack. [46] Without anyone to enforce his restraints, he broke free, also opening Rachel's cell. Now free, Ragna made his way further into the NOL branch, coming across its cauldron [47] and battling the intruder. Hakumen, while Noel was lain on the floor. Hakumen disappeared [48] and he saved Noel from Nu after she opened the cauldron; more memories came flooding back as he fought the Murakumo Unit. Instead of killing her, he offered to save her, but was teleported by Nine to the Phantom Field's Purgatorium at the last second. [49]

Defeated by the Great Magister

He battled against her and most of his memories came flooding back to him – although he lost, Nine still told him to find Izanami and kill her so that his wish to save everyone could come true. He was then transported back to the Embryo via mass phenomenon intervention. [50]

Now in Ikaruga with all his memories intact, Ragna was intensely wounded by Nine, but was thankfully found by Bang, who helped treat him. [51] He listened intently to the history of the Ikaruga Civil War according to the ninja's distorted memories before asking if he could be taken to Akitsu. [52] Once there, he noticed that the effects of Kushinada's Lynchpin were not activating, separating from Bang. Once near the city's cauldron, he was met by Relius who decided to fight him in order to verify some brief thoughts. The puppeteer left after telling him to fight Izanami. [53] Some time later, he found Rachel, and Ragna asked her about the Embryo, how to defeat Izanami, and how to save the world. [54] Before receiving an answer to the final question, they were both attacked by Azrael, although Ragna was able to fend him off. He was summoned by Izanami after the battle. [55]

Ragna battled his sister next to the Amaterasu Unit. Every strike had hesitation as he was unwilling to truly hurt Izanami's vessel, but she ran herself into his blade. Izanami revealed that she is Amaterasu's Drive, that she is immortal, and he saw a vision of the woman inside the Master Unit. [56] He was thrown back to the time he spent with Bang on their way to Akitsu and began experiencing hallucinations of the chosen's desires; Ragna saw the wishes of Tao, Carl, Bullet, Tsubaki, Hibiki, and Tager. [57] His last vision was of when humanity discovered the Susano'o Unit deep in the Boundary. When he awoke, he was in an illusionary version of the Altar atop Kagutsuchi where Hazama laid in wait with Mu-12, who was severed from Noel's soul. [58]

Reunited once more

At the Altar, Hazama showed Ragna the “scar” that Trinity Glassfille had inflicted upon him and revealed his desire to feel pain. The Grim Reaper and the Godslayer fought until he was finally able to break her robotic trance, and she directed him to the cocoon above the monolith as the way to return back to the Embryo he knew. [59] He resolved to find Noel for her so the two halves could be reunited. En route to the 6th Hierarchical City of Yabiko, Celica finally found Ragna and the two headed together to find Noel, Kagura, and Kokonoe. Ragna asked about her dream, finding little surprise that her's was for everyone to live a happy life. [60] They found Kagutsuchi and Yabiko next to one another because of the Embryo's distorted geography. He asked Ex Machina: Minerva to take Celica to the NOL's Yabiko branch, waiting in case the memories of the chosen had yet to return. [61]

While waiting, Naoto Kurogane bumped into him. They began fighting as the Grim Reaper would not relent information over Celica, and the two fought, recognising one another's Drives and becoming confused over the claims of who was Saya's brother (Naoto referencing his sister, Saya Terumi, while Ragna referenced his, Saya). Naoto left after realising he could not fight much longer. [62] Ragna was later found by Makoto, who had been ordered to detain him by Kokonoe. He battled her and she became the first person who's dream Ragna had taken. After the battle, the Grim Reaper asked her if any of the chosen had died, although Makoto did not know. [63] In Wadatsumi, Ragna found Tsubaki and defeated her, being watched by Kagura the entire time. He fought the Black Knight, taking his dream; he was unable to finish the fight as Amane teleported him away to Kushinada's Lynchpin. [64] There, he realised that Amane was an Onlooker like Rachel, and was asked to join his troupe – a roundabout way of Amane offering to Observe Ragna to prevent the Azure Grimoire from further corrupting him. The Grim Reaper refused and explained that he was going to create new possibilities for the world using the chosen's dreams since there were none left. He was teleported back to Wadatsumi. [65]

After the teleportation, Ragna was found by Rachel and Valkenhayn. She warned him that it would be impossible to take the dreams of all the chosen by himself, and he left. [66]He found Bang, who explained that he would not allow anyone to harm Noel and that he was seeking to protect her, not kill her as Izanami had wished him to. [67] They battled, and Ragna took his dream, the dream to restore Ikaruga, and left, although his arm was becoming heavier and heavier with each taken desire. He found Bullet not long afterwards, and took her desire as well after a brief fight. Phenomenon Intervention occurred and he was in a possibility where he was still experiencing the events of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. He spoke to Litchi, realising that she was one of the chosen here, and took her desire, later taking Arakune's one as well. More Phenomenon Intervention occurred and he was transported back to the possibility within the Embryo that he knew. [68]

Rachel, Kagura, and Kokonoe found Ragna, having calculated where he would next appear. They offered their support to him as they knew he could not collect the desires of all the chosen by himself. He returned with the group to Yabiko, reuniting with Celica, and having maintenance performed on him by Kokonoe. She chastised his recklessness and warned him about the Azure Grimoire and Celica's lifespan. Here, he also met Noel again, realizing that her memories had yet to return. Kokonoe asked him to destroy Nine's final Nox Nyctores – Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem which was causing the Phenomenon Interventions which had moved him across possibilities. Both Jin and Jubei arrived at their location, where Ragna came to learn that Jubei is Kokonoe's father. [69]

Later that same day, Ragna took Noel to Yabiko's cauldron, where she saw Mu. Noel fainted and rejected her other self, forcing Ragan to postpone them coming together. [70] The next day, he was sent as part of the strike squadron to Nine's workshop. He watched as Jubei was effortlessly beaten by Nine and listened to her explanation of her desire, the world, the Prime Field War and why she created Requiem. Having had enough, Ragna fought her and won when she was distracted, devouring her desire and gravely wounding her. After the fight, Izanami and Nu came to hunt and kill them all, but thanks to Nine and Jubei, Ragna and the others managed to escape at the cost of Nine's life and Jubei staying behind. This bought them one week of time to find a way to kill Izanami. [71]

Ragna, with the others, was transported to the church he grew up in. Unable to comprehend that it could possibly exist within the Embryo, Ragna waited outside with Jin and talked, almost as if they were children again with no ill-will towards one another – they headed towards the river together before returning to sleep. [72] Noel woke him up when he was sleep-talking about Jin and Saya, and they both went to have breakfast, which was made by Celica, as he had to stop Noel from cooking at all. Rachel later told him that a version of the Azure Grimoire was underneath the house and could be used as a cauldron for Noel to regain Mu. He listened to Noel describe his childhood through Saya's eyes, unable to comprehend what he was hearing. Ragna then gave Noel to Rachel to help awaken her memories and accept her powers as the Godslayer. When she did, Ragna listened to her talk about accepting Izanami rather than destroying her. [73] Later that evening, Ragna watched the stars with Celica, aware that she did not have much time left before she disappeared, and they talked about Nine and her sacrifice. The following morning, she passed away – Ragna did not look back, having accepted her death, and the group teleported to Yabiko. [74]

Finally saving Saya and defeating Izanami

Ragna learnt of Kokonoe's plan to destroy the Requiem and saw her bring both Tsubaki and Hakumen along. [75] He was reunited with Lambda, and thanked her for saving him from Terumi a month prior. He learnt that Noel housed half of Saya's soul, and began treating her like his own sister. [76] He travelled to the frozen space-time within the Embryo with everyone else, and was greeted by a vision of Izanami. Ragna was with Noel and Minerva, separated from Rachel, Kagura, Jin, Tsubaki, and Hakumen. [77] He travelled with Minerva and Noel to find Requiem, and was told of Kagura and Jin's victory over Azrael. They found the Kushinada's Lynchpin, and Ragna took the dream of Tenjo Amanohokosaka, later travelling upwards, where they found Izanami and Requiem. He was going to be killed by Izanami, but Noel, using Mu's power, intervenes with their true plan of absorbing Izanami into herself, and succeeded with Ragna assisting her using the Azure Grimoire and Idea Engine. Ragna told Minerva to give his regards to Celica as she sacrificed herself to destroy Requiem. [78]

Ragna and Noel fell back down to the Embryo, and were told about Doomsday still continuing. He learnt about Es from Kokonoe. Ragna and Noel found Jin, travelling towards the Amaterasu Unit and intervening in the fight between Nu, Jubei, Hakumen and Izayoi. He realised the Murakumo Unit had absorbed Take-Mikazuchi and fought her in an attempt to save as he promised earlier. He won, knocking her unconscious and then fought Hakumen, who believed that the Grim Reaper was too strong to be ignored as potential calamity to the world's Order. Ragna won this fight as well, and turns out that it wasn't Ragna getting stronger but Hakumen getting weaker, as Ragna explains on how the Chosen are getting weaker with him and Nine as some exceptions, due to Ragna not being a Chosen and Nine not having a Drive. He later witnessed Terumi sending Nu insane, and then Terumi's retrieval of the Susano'o Unit, witnessing the rebirth of Susano'o. Ragna attempted to fight against him, but was unsuccessful, and watched as Susano'o snatched Noel and transported both himself and Amaterasu outside of the Embryo. Ragna took Tsubaki's dream before going away with Jin and Trinity to Kagutsuchi's cauldron, the only place where they could exit the Embryo to chase Susano'o. [79]

Ragna found Rachel being tortured by Hazama, and battled the vessel when he was told by Hazama himself that he tortured Saya years prior. Ragna defeated him, but was losing himself to the Azure Grimoire. Naoto stopped him from killing Hazama, and then fought until Ragna regained his composition. He thanked Naoto after watching Hazama jump into the Boundary and then leapt in himself with Jin, Rachel, and Trinity to find Susano'o. [80] Outside the Embryo with Rachel alone, he told her of his dream to end the “Dream of God”. He picked up and hugged her, thanking the vampire for everything she had done for him in his life before erasing her memories of him, passing her over to Valkenhayn. [81]

Now at the Forbidden Gate -Altar- with Jin and Trinity, he demanded that Terumi show himself. He learnt that Terumi was a true God but did not rise to his provocations, and also learned that he had absorbed Noel into himself, becoming immune to all Phenomenon Intervention. Both Ragna and Jin fought Susano'o, with Ragna activating his Grimoire and removing his Idea Engine's limiter, a move that forced himself to lose control and had a risk of destroying his physical body, after his brother perceived the God using the Power of Order. He dragged Terumi's soul out of the Unit and Jin, now using the Susano'o Unit, slashed away at Terumi and Ragna's bodies with the replica Hihiirokane. [82] Noel opened up the Gate with Ragna being taken inside with Terumi to the Azure Horizon. They battled to obtain the True Azure as they were the two beings with the strongest lust for it. Despite fighting against Terumi's incredible mastery of Ouroboros, he defeated his nemesis, finally killing the God for all eternity. [83]


He returned outside of the Azure Horizon and took Noel inside the Master Unit, where she fused fully with Saya. Now for the first time in his life, Ragna was reunited with his siblings and gave Trinity the Susano'o Unit against Jin's wishes. He then tried to end The Origin's dream, knowing that he was it, the Central Fiction, and that as long as he existed, the world would never be born again He battled Noel and Jin to ensure he could save them and everyone else. Ragna won, and hugged them both, asking them to cherish the people they loved, and to get along better. He took their dreams, entrusting them to Trinity, who's dream he did not take since it had been fulfilled. Ragna walked up the Amaterasu Unit, meeting The Origin. [84]

He walked down to the Gate, the Azure Grimoire having consumed his right half. Ragna met Amane, noticing he was the last person to return to seithr. He told the Onlooker he was going to return everyone's dreams to the Azure to create a world that Amaterasu and Takamagahara would never be able to intervene in. He walked into the Gate, leaving the Aramasa behind. [85] A grave was made for Ragna using the Aramasa in the new world despite no one remembering his existence. However the sword mysteriously disappeared after Rachel left.[86]


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