Seioudai Sampling Laboratory

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The Seioudai Sampling Laboratory (西工大サンプリング研究所せいおうだいサンプリングけんきゅうじょ) is a laboratory that existed in Japan during, and prior to, the Dark War. It was the workplace of Shuichiro Ayatsuki before the war began; the building managed to survive nuclear attacks and an attack from the Black Beast.


As a young girl, Celica A. Mercury remembered visiting her father, Shuichiro, in this laboratory. In 2106AD, she believed that he would still be here in her pursuit to find him during the Dark War. With Ragna the Bloodedge and Jubei, the three arrived at the building's complex after being supplied transport by the United Nations. They were given masks and suits to survive the lethal radiation in the area.

Inside the building, the search was unsuccessful. The group continued into the courtyard and were attacked by a Remnant of the Black Beast, signalling that the monster had already been at the location before. Ragna and Jubei were ill equipped for the battle, and Jubei's anger for the deaths of his clansman at the Beast's jaws caused him to attack with reckless abandon. He was defeated and lost his right eye in the battle. It was only when Rachel Alucard teleported to the location that Jubei's life was able to be saved, although Ragna had to beg the young vampire for her help.[1]

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Seioudai Sampling Laboratory

The laboratory where Shuichiro Ayatsuki worked before the appearance of the Black Beast. Celica arrived her looking for clues for her father's whereabouts.[2]


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