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A Prime Field Device and member of Babel who works under Hearn.

Alternative: Dark War

Babel created a Phantom Field and somehow managed to place Ex Machina: Minerva as its Observer. The time period was six years into the Dark War. With the Phantom Field created, Oliver was placed within its cauldron to smelt for reasons unknown. Some time later, Oliver was fully smelted and came out of the cauldron. When he exited, he interrupted a fight between Semia, Minerva, Celica A. Mercury, Bang Shishigami, Platinum the Trinity, Ciel Sulfur, Rei, and Raabe. Rei subconsciously began to Observe Oliver as he emerged from the cauldron.

Upon entering the Phantom Field, Oliver immediately greeted Semia, remarking on how long it had been since they last saw one another. He began to shoot a barrage of questions at her, but she told him to save them for Hearn. Oliver noticed that Ciel and Platinum were both Prime Field Devices and asked Semia if they would be joining them, but she told him that they were not friends, just tools. He began to feel some sympathy for Minerva and the way she had been treated, but once Semia began to speed up the time within the Field to hasten the arrival of the "calamity", both Semia and Oliver left the field.[1][2]


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