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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Just where on earth...? ...Oh, I see... Well, it doesn't seem boring here. I'll follow your orders for a bit. Ah, I'm Akane Teruhiko. Nice to meet you.
New Unit ここは一体……?……へえ、成程……ま、退屈はしなさそうだね。しばらくは君の指示に従ってあげるよ。ああ、僕はアカネ=テルヒコ。適当によろしく。
Ascension (SS+) Oh, so this is from your ability?
Ascension (SS+) へえ、これが君の力ってわけか
Ascension (SS++) Like this, I can probably move about some more
Ascension (SS++) これなら僕も、もうちょっとは働けそうかな
Ascension (SS+++) You know, thank you for this.
Ascension (SS+++) 一応、お礼は言わせてもらうよ
Home Screen
Talk Compared to my friends from the Military Academy, I'm not as good at fighting; I'm more for tactics. Battles aren't all about brute strength. If you use me well, you'll be able to move at just the right pace.
Talk 士官学校での友達に比べたら、戦うのはそれほど得意じゃないけど、頭脳戦はそれなりに得意なんだよ。戦いに必要なのは、単純な腕力だけじゃないし。うまく僕を使ってよ、ちょうどいい具合に働くと思うよ。
Likes I really like sweets. I use my brain a lot, and there's nothing better for the brain than sugar. And it's relaxing. ...Well, I say that, but I'm not as crazy about it as that idiot Taro.
Likes 結構甘いもの好きなんだよ。よく頭を使うし、頭脳労働には甘い物が一番。リラックスもできるしね。……といっても、どこかの馬鹿タロほどじゃないけど。
Dislikes Sigh... Can't something interesting happen around here.... Peace is great and all, but it's so boring I'm getting sleepy.
Dislikes はーぁ、何か面白いことが転がってないかな~。平和なのはいいことだけど、こうも退屈だと眠くなっちゃうね。
Hobby You know, there's lot of cuties gathered here. You've got some good taste, mmhm. And when there's cuties around, I really gotta put in some effort and show them my good side.
Hobby ここってさ、結構かわいい子が揃ってるよね。君、中々いい趣味してるよ、うんうん。やっぱりかわいい子が近くにいると、いいとこ見せようって気合入るもんね〜。
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