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"I won't thank you for allowing outsiders into the Association, Nine."[1]

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Seven (セブン) is one of the Ten Sages in the Mage's Guild and was the head of the Kisaragi family during the Dark War. A man with the appearance and usual demeanor of a gentleman, he was an extremely passionate Sage who wanted to end the Dark War with the use of the Nox Nyctores - Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi. He was frequently seen with his fellow Sage, Eight, and was the first wielder of the Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa.

Seven first appeared in BlazBlue: Phase Shift 2.


Seven is a tall, fair-skinned, blonde young man, with blue eyes hidden beneath thinly framed glasses. His hair reaches down to his lower back.

He is usually seen in a white coat with golden buttons over a long-sleeved blue shirt; Seven also wears a light blue cravat. Over his coat is a white caplet that reaches down to his calves, and is held over his body by a thick golden thread attached to his coat. Seven's trousers are also pure white, and he wears dark shoes with pumped heels. Like all of the Ten Sages, Seven wears their characteristic wide-brimmed, purple hat, with the character for his position, seven (七), on it.


A collected member of the Ten Sages. Seven is famed for not just his prowess in the Mage's Guilds many departments, but also for his cool and calm attitude. He carried himself with an air of sophistication and intelligence, leading younger Guild members to come to admire him.[2]

Underneath his calm facade, Seven was incredibly passionate about Take-Mikazuchi and the continuation of its construction. Never known to have an emotional outburst, his passion could be glimpsed from just looking at his eyes alone, and rarely, his joy would manifest in a smile. Seven was not above using others for his own gains and was willing to murder if it meant having his own way. He was, however, one of many who feared the wrath of Nine.

Although often seen with Eight, the two did not get along, harboring ill opinions of one another. The two seemed to only work together because of their passion on the completion of Take-Mikazuchi.

Powers & Techniques

As a young member of the Ten Sages, Seven was adept in the use of sorcery, magic, and alchemy, quickly rising through the ranks of the Mage's Guild. His understanding of the machinations of Take-Mikazuchi helped lead to humanity's first victory against the Black Beast, and he was capable of using teleportation sorcery, which is known to be a complicated procedure.[3]

In combat, Seven primarily uses water sorcery in battle, manipulating its form and shape to fight. One spell Seven employs is changing the shape of the water into a serpentine dragon that wildly thrashes and uses transparent watery fangs to crush opponents. He is so adept at using water sorcery that he can drench his opponents with a wave of water before manipulating the droplets into a rope that snares targets. Seven can also make it rain in a local area, giving him more water to attack and defend with - even when being thrown from a powerful spell, Seven can quickly conjure a protective film of water around his body to lessen the impact.[4]

Seven is also an excellent swordsman, who wielded Yukianesa with immense skill.


Kisaragi's founder
Head family
Jin Kisaragi

Official Profiles

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry


The seventh of the Ten Sages that appeared in Phase Shift 2. Rather young for a member of the Sages, but excels greatly in his talents.

He carries himself with sophistication, and intelligence; key pieces are his conal hat and his thin framed glasses.[5]

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

The seventh of the Ten Sages and an outstanding magician, as well as the head of the Duodecim's "Kisaragi family" during wartime. An intellectual young man who wears glasses.[1]



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