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Ciel Sulfur

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Ciel Sulfur

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Rina Honnizumi

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Mitsurugi Agency


BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War


BlazBlue Walker

Ciel Sulfur (シエル=サルファー) is the main character of BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War.[1] She is a member of the Mitsurugi Agency who is shrouded in mystery. Ciel assists the player in battle.[2]


Ciel is a young girl with short, platinum blonde hair, a singular ahoge, amber eyes, and a pale complexion. She is seen dressed in an unknown uniform which is black and tight fitting around her chest. Around the torso of this uniform are golden buttons and two white lines. Around her white collar, Ciel wears a simple red necktie, and on her left shoulder, a metallic pauldron with a red caplet flowing from it. Ciel's uniform is completed with white gloves, a pleated white skirt with black hemming, white thigh-high socks, and simple black shoes.

Official Profiles

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Official Site Profile

A young girl of the Mitsurugi Agency. She aids the player and provides support during battle.[2]


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