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"From this moment on, I shall be your escort."[1]
Ciel Sulfur

Ciel Sulfur


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Ciel Sulfur (シエル=サルファー) is the main character of BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War.[2] She is a member of the Mitsurugi Agency who is shrouded in mystery.[1] Ciel is Rei's bodyguard and works directly under Kagami Hajou.


Ciel is a young girl with short, platinum blonde hair, a singular ahoge, amber eyes, and a pale complexion. She is seen dressed in an unknown uniform which is black and tight fitting around her chest. Around the torso of this uniform are golden buttons and two white lines. Around her white collar, Ciel wears a simple red necktie, and on her left shoulder, a metallic pauldron with a red caplet flowing from it. Ciel's uniform is completed with white gloves, a pleated white skirt with black hemming, white thigh-high socks, and simple black shoes.


Outwardly straightforward, blunt, and professional. Ciel approaches most matters with this manner, and takes on an almost machine-like manner when dealing with subjects that are matter-of-fact. As Rei's guardian, she takes her duty seriously and is even willing to fight opponents stronger than she is in order to protect them.

Due to her lack of experience with the outside world, Ciel can be caught out on informal information. She is still learning about the world around her, and the different kinds of bonds that people have. As her adventures with Rei continues, Ciel comes to see them as more of a friend than just the person she is protecting.

Powers and Abilities

As a Prime Field Device, Ciel is afforded powers beyond that of the average humans. She is immune to the negative effects seithr, has high physical strength, and can analyze situations almost instantly. She can fight Another Dark Mai evenly, with no clear victor between the two. As the wielder of the BlazBlue Alternative, Ciel can shut down a cauldron.

One of the more unique abilities that Ciel can employ is when she works in tandem with Rei. Ciel's ability to organize and salvage data through a socket, combined with Rei's power of Observation, allows them to summon Chrono Phantasma (Those Who Should Not Exist) as Units that can fight alongside them.

Official Profiles

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Official Site Profile

A girl mobilized for combat by the organization known as the Mitsurugi Agency. Exceedingly powerful, she is efficient, rational and doesn't let her emotions get in the way. With others she is exceptionally blunt and straightforward. Because her personality is very frank, her peers normally believe her words with little doubt.[1]



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