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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Don't tell me this place is... I've been summoned across the Boundary? ...And, you're the one who called me here. Geez, just what are you asking of some curry restaurant's part-timer. ...Alright, then. For now, I'm Akagi Ringo. You can call me Miss Ringo.
New Unit ここはまさか……境界を越えて召喚されたというのか?……それで、君が私を呼んだと。やれやれ、ただのカレー屋さんのアルバイトに何をさせるつもりなんだか……。まあいい。とりあえず、赤城林檎だ。林檎さんでいいぞ。
Ascension (SS+) This is some pretty good spice.
Ascension (SS+) こいつはいい塩梅のスパイスだ
Ascension (SS++) That's a good spirit of challenge!
Ascension (SS++) いいチャレンジ精神だ
Ascension (SS+++) I have acknowledged the trust you put in me.
Ascension (SS+++) 君からの信頼、確かに受け取った
Home Screen
Talk You know, you've also got it really rough. Due to a power you never asked for, you've been left to clean up this mess. If you try to shoulder too much all at once, it's not going to end pretty. Draw out your power slowly, bit by bit.
Talk しかし君も大変だな。望んで得たわけでもない力のせいで、この事態の解決を任されるとは。背負いすぎてもろくな結果にならんぞ。ほどほどに力を抜いていけ。
Likes What do I like? Curry, of course. There's many reasons for it, but there's a faster way for me to show you what I mean. Let's start with eating curry three meals a day.
Likes 好きなもの?カレーに決まっているだろう。まあ理由は色々とあるが、語るよりも簡単に理解する方法がある。とりあえず、一週間三食カレーから始めよう。
Dislikes I don't like icky matters. Especially the more rough-and-tumble ones. For now, just don't put me anywhere near a battle...
Dislikes 面倒事は嫌いなんだ。特に荒っぽいことは勘弁だ。とりあえずできるだけ、戦うとかはナシの方向で……。
Hobby My life's work is making curry. Mixing spices, getting perfectly-cooked rice.... there's a lot to research. Even if I spend a lifetime on it, who knows if I'll be able to perfect it...
Hobby ライフワークはカレー作りだ。スパイスの配合、ライスの炊き方……研究すべきことは多い。私の生涯をかけても、極められるかどうか……。
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