Cypher Albar

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"Not understanding the value of the Burning Red... You truly are all nothing but scum"
Cypher Albar

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Cypher Albar



Hair Color

Black (previously)
Light brown

Eye Color

Black (previously)


Sector Seven (defected)
Military Academy (defected)


BlazBlue: Remix Heart

Cypher Albar [1] (サイファー=アルバール) is a former Sector Seven scientist and lecturer at the Novus Orbis Librarium's Military Academy. He was obsessed with the pursuit of the Burning Red Grimoire and was a master of alchemy.

Cypher serves as the main antagonist of BlazBlue: Remix Heart.


While in Sector Seven, Cypher had short black hair in a bob, black eyes, and short black eyebrows. He also wore very small glasses, also being of an average height with a more rounded face.

Cypher's more known appearance is with light blue eyes and messy light brown hair. During this time in the NOL, he was tall, pale, and slim. He wore thick-rimmed, golden glasses with a single feather coming off of the left spectacle. Cypher also wore a white suit jacket, and over it, a black NOL coat and black scarf. He also wore dark trousers and lightly colored shoes.


To most people, Cypher appears as reliable staff at the Academy, willing to help students who are in need. In reality, he is cold, aloof, and apathetic to those around him, only caring about the Burning Red. For the sake of his goals, he is willing to murder everyone in a Hierarchical City, and he has shown little remorse over his actions.

His original intentions were more pure. Cypher wished to use the Grimoire to allow all of humanity access to sorcery, so they would not be shackled with Ars Magus alone. These beliefs soon became twisted after constant mockery.

Powers & Techniques

A genius alchemist, Cypher is one of the few people who are capable of using the Art since it is a lost relic. He was extremely smart, being a passionate scientist dedicated to his life's work. In battle, he would use alchemy to manipulate the environment around him, not needing to even move to create massive pillars of earth for defensive purposes; he would also use nearby railings to make a myriad of spears that had enough force to penetrate the ground. As well as this, he could create multiple kunai, using them to create a shower of blades for an unavoidable attack.

When he briefly used the Burning Red, Cypher demonstrated a quick knack for it, unleashing a torrent of lightning that created a large area of impact against a nearby wall. Cypher also knew a telepathy Ars and an Ars that could knock people unconscious.

Official Profiles

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

A lecturer at the Military Academy and a gifted alchemist. Bearing a devious face, he opposed Mai and her friends.[2]