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Estella McKenzie/Biography

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Employed by the NOL, Estella is a lecturer for the Military Academy and presides over the Ars Magus assessment for students. She manages multiple festivals and events that the Academy holds, such as the sports festival and survival training. Estella is in contact with Kagura Mutsuki, giving him updates on exceptional students. Her view on the NOL isn't particularly high.

Remix Heart

As the first years in 2196 came to the Academy, Estella managed the Ars Magus aptitude assessment that the new students had to undergo. She looked at Makoto Nanaya, noting her exceptional strength; Tsubaki Yayoi and her ability to do well in everything; and Noel Vermillion and her incredible Ars Magus aptitude, which the Professor noted to be the highest ever recorded. She soon managed Mai Natsume but the assessment Grimoire broke as she accessed it, so the Professor quickly assigned her to a bridal course for her future years. [1] As spring approached, Estella assigned students to clean various rooms, having Team Remix Heart clean her own quarters. The reward for doing such was a full course meal, while the punishment for failing in any way she saw fit was "death dinner". The girls discovered her secret room of various outfits and the Ammit Cryas, giving the latter to her. She nearly forgave them for not doing much cleaning since they had discovered a lost Grimoire, but quickly dealt out the harshest punishment when she saw Noel wearing her bra padding. [2]

When the sports festival arrived, Estella helped manage it, and was shocked when Team Remix Heart came back with the Conversion Grimoire. She awarded the team MVP since they had managed to find what they were tasked with, unlike the other teams. [3] On her rounds across the school grounds, Estella found Mai unconscious and without her memory, and brought her to the infirmary, later discovering her memory loss was thanks to the Aequivalentis Grimoire. [4] She called Kagura, giving him a detailed report on Mai's contact with the Aedsqui Grimoire and Azure Grimoire, declining his offer of dinner. [5] Estella saw the aftermath of Jin Kisaragi's rampage with the Nox Nyctores - Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa, making all students involved manage the icebergs that were created (including Mai, Makoto, Noel, Tsubaki, Jin, Taro Sasaga'e, Akane Teruhiko, and Shiori Kirihito). [6]

Survival training was the next agenda for Estella, deploying her students to find and defeat the Mountain Jellyfish. Team Remix Heart succeeded, coming in first place, and she took Mai to the infirmary when she fell unconscious. [7] With Professor Cypher Albar, she determined Mai's condition was caused by alchemy, and asked Team Remix Heart to find the most gifted students in Ars Magus to help undo her condition. They reunited on the rooftop of the Academy, but they were entangled in an alchemy barrier created by Cypher as he revealed he was going to strip them of their ability to use Ars Magus and kill them all. They were saved by Shiori and Chachakaka - the latter revealed that Mai was born as the male heir to the Hazuki family, and Estella was saved by her pupil as she broke the barrier, awaking from her coma. [8] She listened to Cypher's plan to create a Burning Red Grimoire, calling him a bastard before he and Mai began to fight. [9] Jin took charge of the situation when Cypher disappeared with Mai and Shiori, ordering Estella to round-up everyone in Torifune to stop the alchemist's plans. They succeeded, and Estella looked off into the distance, believing that Kagura was right in thinking that the students are the future of the world. She soon resumed her teaching for the rest of the year. [10]


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