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A series of artificially created "vampires" under the servitude of Meifang. They are versed with how to fight against Legacy Weapons and data can be transferred between units. They show a particular affection to her, treating her with fondness.

Variable Heart

After coming to find about an information leak, Meifang Lapislazuli immediately asked for the 16th Fuzzy to be woke from his slumber. [1] He later found Meifang on a train near the outskirts of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi where she was interrogating several Novus Orbis Librarium soldiers. She gave him the mission debriefing via an Ars Magus since Fuzzy hadn't read it himself; the mission was to bring back Mai Natsume, Kajun Faycott, and Bell, although Fuzzy had initial worries about the former's Legacy Weapon - the Gallia Sphyras: Outseal, Meifang reassured him, and gave him permission to do whatever he pleased with the soldiers she had branded traitors. Fuzzy complied by sucking their blood and killing them. [2]

A brief while later, Fuzzy found his two targets, but saw them engage Ragna the Bloodedge, so he chose to watch how the events unfolded before delving into the fray. It was only when Taro Sasaga'e, Shiori Kirihito, and Kajun came to Mai's rescue from Ragna, that Fuzzy made himself known, interested in the Azure Grimoire that Ragna possesses. He began fighting Ragna and summoning ghouls for the others to fight. [3]

Aware that Ragna would unleash the Azure Grimoire, Fuzzy summoned a Bone Dragon to fight alongside him, and began to battle both Ragna and Taro. [4] He became entangled in Taro's strings and dodged Outseal being thrown at him before it activated its ability and slashed a deep cut into his face - one that wouldn't heal thanks to Outseal's properties. Thoroughly angry, Fuzzy began maniacally laughing, and asked the "death" in the land to come to him, sprouting large wings and muttering that he might fail his mission by killing them all. He launched an attack towards Mai which Ragna blocked. He managed to get Ragna desperate enough to begin chanting the activation for the Azure Grimoire, but he was stopped by the group, causing considerable anger in Fuzzy for not being able to witness it. Kajun tried assaulting Fuzzy with several explosions, but he dodged them and struck Bell with considerable force. [5] Still fighting, Kajun threw a bottle at Fuzzy's face, which exploded into a cloud of smoke. Blinded, he was struck by Mai's Outseal and was vulnerable to another blow until Meifang arrived and stopped it with the palm of her hand. Fuzzy began apologising over his defeat, but Meifang reassured him that he was still of use to the Imperator. [6]

Meifang carried Fuzzy in an unknown facility. He began to apologise, but she told him to rest. She put him into a coffin with the writing -NO. 16- on the front. Meifang ordered the disposal of this Fuzzy and for his information to be used to override the data of the 17th and 18th Units. [7]

Sometime later in the 11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu, most of the Fuzzy had been awakened and deployed to its cauldron. One in particular kidnapped Bell and took her to the cauldron, being followed by Mai. Kokonoe, Litchi Faye-Ling, Taro, Shiori, and Kajun attempted to follow, but were stopped by more Fuzzy. Kokonoe teleported Iron Tager to their location to help stave them off, while the rest of the Fuzzy army stayed with Meifang. [8] The remaining Fuzzies taunted Mai, although one of them ended up injured. Their fight was interrupted as one Fuzzy was frozen solid by the Nox Nyctores - Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa, wielded by Jin Kisaragi. [9] The Fuzzies were ordered to detain both Bell and Mai, but were unsuccessful as the former had undergone a contract with Trinity Glassfille, meaning that the vampires were now fighting against one of the Six Heroes who wielded the Arma Reboare: Muchourin. Under Meifang's orders, the Fuzzies crumbled into dust, aiding Meifang in her goal to become a Nox Nyctores. However, the plan failed, and all Fuzzies died alongside their mistress. [10]


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