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Lotte Carmine/Biography

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Roy grew up in an remote orphanage, having been taken in on October 1st, a day which he would later celebrate as his birthday. Nothing is known of his parentage. As he grew up, Roy exhibited a brilliant intelligence, but this led to the other children ostracizing him, keeping their distance. Eventually, a staff member from Sector Seven noticed him, and the organization took him in, giving him lessons in science and alchemy. Roy eventually became interested in researching seithr, and he was soon taken under the wing of professor Kokonoe, the brains of Sector Seven.[1]

Ikaruga Civil War

that which is inherited, Collisions, Borderline, The Diary

In The Diary, Roy writes in his diary over a period of 51 days.

On the first day, he writes about how he's started a brand new journal and comments on how Litchi had laughed at something he had said. He didn't see why it was funny but since he needed to, he laughed along anyway. On day two, he writes about how Litchi had dragged him out to a lab in the early morning and sorrowfully told him about a child who had died in the lab that morning. He did his best to comfort her but added that he thinks he prefers working.

The diary skips to day 5 where he writes about his frustration with Kokonoe. He writes that while he does feel indebted to her and he can understand her point of view he also thinks that she has too much common sense for her own good and at the end parts of the journal entry had been erased. On day 6, he notes that he feels tired and anxious and that he sometimes forgets what he's doing. The diary skips to day 13 where he writes about another frustration with Kokonoe, and when he writes how unhappy he's been he starts to question why Litchi is being so friendly to him and suspects she's only doing it because she also works under Kokonoe and is doing better off than him. On day 14, he says he caught a cold and that Litchi helped him out with various tasks.

The diary skips to day 32. The entries start to become messier, harder to read, or just don't make sense. He writes about a discovery of seithr he has made and the entry cuts off awkwardly. His entry for day 35 is mostly nonsense but there are themes of frustration with Kokonoe and even with Sector Seven as a whole. On day 42, he writes about how Litchi read over his paper but didn't give it any acknowledgement. He begins to question his own sanity. The entry continues for another 10 pages, but what it's trying to point out is unknown. The next entry does not have a complete number, and is mostly nonsense. On day 51, he writes that he has composed his thoughts and he begins to describe his discovery in coherent sentences, but he doesn't get much out before it goes back to nonsense. The entry ends and he never writes in it again.[2]

In Borderline the story of Litchi first joining Sector Seven to when she defects from Sector Seven to save Arakune is told.

When Litchi goes to formally meet Kokonoe for the first time she meets Roy instead, as Kokonoe was out at the time. After that incident they became close friends, Roy teaching Litchi alchemy and Litchi in turn teaching him about traditional Chinese herbology. Because of their willingness to share knowledge with each other as well as them both being around the same age their friendship quickly deepened. Later on as Roy and Kokonoe are arguing over the subject of Roy's research and their argument gets more heated Litchi steps in. Roy becomes upset with what Litchi told him and he starts rambling about his research, claiming that he "will absolutely open the fountain of all knowledge without fail for you to see." After that incident he and Litchi drifted apart, and soon afterward because of the nature of his research and the ill effects on his health he began showing up for work less and less, and eventually turned into Arakune.[3]


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