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Nothing of "Mothers" early life is known, but it is presumed that she was born to the Mercury family. At some point she fell in love with Shuichiro Ayatsuki and fell pregnant with their first daughter.

Lost: Memories

Mother's death.

The first time "Mother" is seen, she is pregnant with Nine the Phantom. She reveals to Shuichiro that she went to a physician and discovered that their unborn child has a condition that absorbs seithr towards her. In response to this potentially fatal condition, Shuichiro fashioned a replica of the Origin of the Grimoire and had their unborn child absorb it. The pregnancy was a success.

Two years later, "Mother" fell pregnant again. Towards the end of the pregnancy, she learned that her body was too weak to survive the birth. Shortly afterwards, she went into labour, giving birth to Celica A. Mercury. She tragically died shortly afterwards. In his grief, Shuichiro attempted to revive "Mother" using the Boundary, but he was unsuccessful.

"Mothers" death led to a breakdown of the relationship between Shuichiro and Konoe. Konoe began to believe that Shuichiro was somehow culpable in her mother's death, and it wasn't until years later that she discovered the truth by watching a Memory Fragment inside the Phantom Field with Nobody.[1]


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