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Houichirou hired Chacha to assassinate Mai as an attempt to test his daughter when she was inside the Military Academy. She infiltrated the facility with Shiori, passing off as first year students, and passed the entrance exams. She was unaware of who Mai was.

Remix Heart

Chacha and Shiori both ventured into the Military Academy's baths, finding Mai, Kajun Faycott, Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi. [1] She groped Kajun, and later hid in the attic of the dorms listening to the conversation between the girls and hearing information pertaining to Mai's super taste ability. She helped the assassin with information on her target - Jin Kisaragi. Chacha stole a register with information pertaining to every student, using it as a reference on Team Remix Heart. They were found by a Novus Orbis Librarium guard, but Shiori dispatched him effortlessly. [2]

She later cornered Mai in a forest with Shiori, holding a blade to the girl's throat. She asked that Shiori would behave when she was intimidating Mai with talks of murdering her friends. Mai broke free of Chacha's grip and injured Shiori, and the Kaka watched on as her friend broke down in Mai's arms, crying. [3] Chacha watched on as Shiori joined Team Remix Heart, calling it a funny thing to watch, and sensed the presence of Relius Clover when he entered the city. [4] She later watched over the group having lunch with Carl Clover and by this point, Chacha had deduced that Mai was the Hazuki heiress, her target. [5] Soon enough, the Kaka cornered Mai in a secluded location - the two fought but Chacha recognized that she was outclassed and quit her assignment, saying that the job was not worth risking her job over. She revealed to Mai about Shiori being hired by someone in the Kisaragi family before returning back to the attic to nap. [6]

Now by herself, Chacha found an odd tentacle and decided to eat it, deciding it tasted "suspicious", also recognizing it as an alchemy based product. [7] She smelled the device around Mai when she fell unconscious, telling Shiori that it was similar to Cypher Albar's scent. By the time they arrived to stop his plans from coming to fruition, they encountered an alchemy barrier with Team Remix Heart and Estella McKenzie inside - willingly, they jumped into it, and Chacha cut at the alchemy that was draining the young girl's ability to use Ars Magus. She was disappointed in the group, taking the Ammit Cryas Grimoire and revealing that Mai is not only the Hazuki heiress, but also formerly a young man. [8] Mai soon woke up and Chacha watched as she battled Cypher and as she was taken down to the lower levels - Shiori followed despite the Kaka's protests. With the others present, Chacha helped gather the strongest Ars Magus users in the Academy to thwart Cypher's plans to sacrifice everyone and they succeeded. [9]

Soon after stopping Cypher, Chacha descended to the cauldron where she found both Mai and Shiori unconscious, and brought them above ground to the higher levels, watching over the latter while she received treatment for her wounds. She was found by Mai after the girl recovered, and told the Kaka that Jin wished to see her to learn more about what happened down below, but she yawned and said she would pass since it would be too much effort. Chacha comforted the heiress, calling her weird when she said that she didn't hate Cypher for what he had done. She commented that Houichirou never rationalizes, and that if he really thought Mai was useless, he would have killed her when she first turned into a woman. The young Kaka told Mai that she guessed that by ordering her assassination, she would be presented with an ordeal - become strong enough to survive the world as an NOL member, or die; they finished the conversation as Chacha reassured Mai that her father loves her in his own clumsy way. [10]


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