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Shinnosuke Fukuda/Biography

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Naoto and Shinnosuke first met one another in middle school and became good friends. Eventually, the two attended Shin Kawahama First High School together, where they became classmates. Shinnosuke is a member of the school's Beautification Council, helping with various projects to keep the school's gardens maintained. He also works as an assistant for the school library.

Bloodedge Experience - Part 1

In October, Shinnosuke lent some of his visual novels to Naoto as "learning materials" for dating, and complained about how lucky Naoto was to have a beautiful cousin, a nice apartment, and a gorgeous aunt. Naoto unsuccessfully tried to stop him from talking by covering his mouth with his hand. Later that same day, Shinnosuke had a geography lesson with Haruka and Naoto that was taught by Tadayuki Isa.[1]

Later that week, he saw Naoto with Raquel Alucard and attempted to chatise Naoto for moving from one girl to the next, referencing Haruka. Shinnosuke offered to give Naoto another visual novel, but was refused before being called by Kana Kirishima for his council duties.[2]

Bloodedge Experience - Part 2

In the same week, Shinnosuke found Naoto and Raquel in the school's courtyard, and jokingly told the young man to "not miss an event flag." He then moved on to bring Kana papers on past cultural festivals held at their school. Both Kana and Shinnosuke returned to the Student Council room to work on the festival.[3]


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