Azure Shrine Maiden

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Azure Shrine Maiden

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Azure Shrine Maiden



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Amanohokosaka Clan


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The Azure Shrine Maiden (蒼の巫女) is the first shrine maiden of the Amanohokosaka Clan. She was spoken about in XBlaze Code: Embryo.


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The shrine maiden had fair skin, purple eyes, and small purple eyebrows. Her hair was long and the same purple that is found in all Amanohokosaka women. She wore a light purple dress, and over it a white kimono with a dark purple interior. On top of this was an obsidian-colored robe with short sleeves that had a triangular pattern on the rims. This robe reached to the floor, trailing behind the maiden.

She wore an elaborate golden headdress that covered most of her forehead and was kept in place by a white headband.


Azure Shrine Maiden
Lived pre-history
Amanohokosaka Clan
Head family
Branch family
Branch family
Branch family
Branch family
Yuki HayamiNaoto's motherNaoto's fatherSui AmanohokosakaMei's father
Killed during the Wadatsumi Incident
Haruka Hayami
Unknown father
Naoto Kurogane
Took his mother's maiden name
Saya TerumiMei Amanohokosaka
Tenjo Amanohokosaka
Mei's descendent
Former Imperator of the NOL
Killed in the Ikaruga Civil War
Homura Amanohokosaka
Unknown father
Current Imperator of the NOL

Official Profiles

XBlaze Code: Embryo Character Report

Azure Shrine Maiden

The original shrine maiden of the Amanohokosaka clan. It is believed that she somehow stopped the manifestation of absolute destruction that emerged from the depths of Hades and threatened the existence of the world. It was only through the knowledge she obtained by making contact with the Azure that she was able to stop the Black Beast from rising. [1]


  • The Azure Shrine Maiden greatly resembles Mei Amanohokosaka and Tenjo Amanohokosaka, her descendants.
  • She is the first known person to make contact with the Azure and the first known person to have seen a Black Beast.
    • The Azure Shrine Maiden is also the first known person to have bested a Black Beast.


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