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At an unknown time, Three became a member of the Ten Sages, rising up to take the position because of her exceptional prowess in Magic, Sorcery, and Alchemy. She became their longest serving member and, after the sudden disappearance of The One in 2100, she became the de facto leader of the Mage's Guild on the Magister's City of Ishana.

Dark War

Phase Shift 1, Phase Shift 4

In 2106, Three was present at the Canonization Ceremony for the newest member of the Ten Sages - Nine. Some time later, Three and the other Sages were gathered to discuss a tear in Ishana's barrier that was allowing seithr to spread within. Three tried to make sense of why so much seithr was seeping through, but was not given an answer. She and the other Sages went to both fix the barrier and clean Ishana's air of the seithr.[1] Three made herself keenly aware of the goings on in the Dark War, making herself familiar with information about Nine, Celica A. Mercury, Jubei, and Valkenhayn R. Hellsing.

A few years passed since then, and Three was present at a meeting where she listened to Seven, Eight, and Nine talk about the catastrophe that had befallen Ishana. Because of Seven and Eight, the Nox Nyctores - Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi and a head of the Black Beast had been teleported above the island and crashed into its center, killing innocent civilians and making the Beast aware of Ishana's location. When the meeting ended, Three, Four, Seven, and Eight went outside, where Nine was talking to Celica, Jubei, and Valkenhayn. When Nine and Seven began to argue, Three interrupted and told them to remember their position within Ishanan society.

Three then informed the group that she and Four would be joining them in the war efforts, although Celica was confused, asking why they would send a "grandma to war". Although Four was flabbergasted by Celica's brazenness, Three cackled and remarked that she was interested in the group that comprised the Six Heroes. She then noticed something different about Celica, but before Three could inquire further, Nine stopped her; the group then left.[2]

Nine made the rest of the Nox Nyctores weapons. The third weapon, the Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk, was made with Three in mind. The pair of guns were gifted to Three to assist her style of combat in the coming battle against the Black Beast. She was then present at a meeting where Nine made it clear that the Ten Sages, including Three, would have to assist Nine in teleporting the Black Beast once it entered a teleportation circle near a cauldron where it was expected to appear. If the Black Beast was not stopped in this coming battle, it would enter Ishana and wipe out the majority of the magical population, dooming the planet.

The day arrived to confront the Black Beast. Three and the other Sages prepared the teleportation circle when the Beast arrived. As the Beast attacked the military might before it, Three was among the Sages who fought back. She shot back at the coming seithr with Bolverk, helping to keep the Beast at bay as the Sages and accompanying mages completed the teleportation, sending the Black Beast to a field close to the Kaka Village, above a natural deposit of seithr-nullifying crystals created by Order. Here, the Beast was finally slain, leading to the end of the Dark War.[3] After the war ended, Three was reported missing, her whereabouts, and Bolverk's, unknown.[4]


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