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Lord Stroheim was born into the Stroheim family, a family tasked with the protection of the Legacy Weapon - Sword of Destruction: Kusanagi. Stroheim's wife died during childbirth, and shortly afterwards, his newborn son died as well. Overcome with grief, he created an artificial human, fashioning him in the image of his dead son without telling anyone. He later remarried and had a daughter, Kuon Glamred Stroheim.

Lost: Memories

Concept of power

When his son grew up, Stroheim revealed the truth to him. Unable to cope with the information, his son left the Stroheim family and climbed the ranks of the Mage's Guild, becoming Sechs of the Ten Sages.

In time, Sechs asked to become the new protector of Kusanagi, his right as a former Stroheim that was granted due to his exceptional talents within the Sages. It was granted, and Lord Stroheim took his son towards the chamber where the weapon lay. In the elevator, he expressed his regret towards Sechs, and his pride for his son's achievements. The conversation was about the concept of power; Stroheim only wished for more power so that he did not have so many regrets from the past. As they entered the chamber, Sechs struck, using his Drive to turn Stroheim into a Drive-Union. Unfortunately, it failed, and Stroheim was killed instantly.[1]

With Lord Stroheim's death, Sechs and fellow Ten Sages Drei and Acht, ran to Shin Yokozaki City with the Kusanagi in tow. Kuon was sent by the guild with the Sealed Spear: Izayoi to retrieve the blade and kill the renegade Sages.


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