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Continuum Shift

The Successor of the Azure and the 12th Prime Field Device, as well as the true form of Noel Vermillion. The sublimation of the Murakumo Unit, the "Sword of the Godslayer Kusanagi" shown itself for the sake of destroying the "Master Unit Amaterasu"...[1]

Arcade Mode

Stage IX: Jin Kisaragi

Mu-12: Detecting Nox-Nyctores-class armament... "Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa."

Jin: Noel...Vermillion?

Mu-12: ...

Jin: Answer me, damn you! Are you Noel Vermillion?!

Mu-12: ...Target's combat abilities estimated to be SS-tier.

Jin: A Contingency Medium... So in the end, you were nothing but a mindless doll! You useless piece of subhuman garbage!

Mu-12: Detecting rising hostility levels from target... Target's threat level now at maximum. Now switching to Battle Mode.

Jin: Come on! It's time to put an end to your pathetic existence.

Mu-12: The bringer of balance...The power of!

<Mu-12 Victory>

Jin: Gah... To be!

Hazama: Incredible! Nothing less from Kusanagi, I suppose... Or did our friendly neighborhood major just suck too much ass? So much for the power of order, I guess.

Mu-12: Target still showing signs of life. Redeploying petals.

Hazama: Whoa there Bessy, let's calm down, okay? No need to get yourself all bloody. I might need this dashing fellow for, ah, something else. Besides...

Terumi: You're supposed to be kicking the crap out of Amaterasu right now, so what the hell are you doing here?!

Mu-12: Understood. Resuming search for Amaterasu.

Stage X: Hakumen

Mu-12: ...Threat levels now at maximum...

Hakumen: You have come, then.

Mu-12: Analyzing target... Target identified as Sankishin: Susano'o Unit.

Hakumen: Child of the Azure. If you can hear my voice, then heed my words... Do you hate this world?

Mu-12: Petals deployed... Now switching to Battle Mode.

Hakumen: Answer me, Child of the Azure!

Mu-12: ...Hate...hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE! Annihilate...everything! Everything in this world! Then, I too...will disappear...

Hakumen: Hmm. Then you do. Unfortunate. I had hoped you might quell the Azure, but it seems my hopes were misplaced... No matter. It falls to me to see that you are banished from this world.

Mu-12: I am Kusanagi...the blade that will bring destruction to all!

Hakumen: I am the white void. I shall cleanse this world and return all to nothing. I am Hakumen! The end has come!

<Mu-12 Victory>

Mu-12: Damage levels...negligible. Resuming attack.

Hakumen: Hngh. Impressive, but...what is this power I sense...!?

Terumi: Ahahahahahahaha! Oh, Hakumen sweetheart, it looks like you're just having a grand old time!

Hakumen: Terumi!?

Terumi: Aaaaand scene! Now be a dear, and move along, OK? I've got this stage booked for another act right away. ...No? All right. My good Phantom, if you would...

Hakumen: Intervention...?! Magic?!

Terumi: Toodles! Oh, just FYI, I took a look-see at all your possiblities, so you can struggle as much as you like, but it's not going to do you any good, I'm afraid...

Hakumen: Terumi, you fiend!

Terumi: It's a damn shame, dear Hakumen, but it appears you just didn't have the chutzpah to stop the storm that's coming.

Wrath Blade


BlazBlue Continuum Shift Mu-12 Arcade 01.png

Terumi: ...Still, if Hakumen was here, then this one's a dud... ...Ah well, life's what you make of it, right? It's time to tie up a few loose ends and move on. Now... Let's get this party started, Ragna the Bloodedge! Show me the power that's gonna change this old world - your continuum shift!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Mu-12 Arcade 02.png

Terumi: Ahahahahahahahahahah!

Chrono Phantasma

The Successor of the true Azure and the awakened form of Noel. The ultimate Boundary Interface Prime Field Device. She was the "Sword of the Godslayer Kusanagi," the only one able to destroy the Master Unit that exists in the Boundary, but with the help of Ragna, Noel was able to retain her self-identity. So, to save her best friend, she asks Rachel to teach her how to control this power.[2]

When Noel created the Realm, an imaginary space out of her own subconscious, Rachel helped the girl try to accept herself. This led to Noel coming face-to-face with a reflection of her soul that she did not want to initially accept or even acknowledge – Mu. Noel won her battle and, with Rachel's encouragement, accepted her power, gaining access to Mu's form. This was tested against Nu-13 shortly afterwards, leading to the first known clash between two wielders of the Lux Sanctus: Murakumo. The Realm collapsed shortly afterwards, but Mu's power was now accessible by Noel.[3]

Noel activated Murakumo again, relying on Mu's power to help her battle against Ragna as he was sent berserk by Izanami. She failed to stop him and he disappeared after gravely injuring Jin.[4]

Central Fiction

The Successor of the Azure and the 12th Prime Field Device, as well as the true form of Noel Vermillion. She awoke in Kagutsuchi as the "enemy of the world," and was attacked by her friends one after the other. In order to discover the true meaning behind this phenomenon, she begins to act.[5]

During the confrontation with Ragna, Mu was split from Noel's soul and became her own separate entity, but maintained Noel's memories and personality. Mu-12 was also absorbed into the Embryo, but was sent to a different world from the others. In this reality, she had murdered many people, including her friends. She discovered Makoto while still unaware of her circumstances and was attacked by her. She fought back and knocked her former friend down. [6]

Inside the NOL branch of Kagutsuchi, she found Tsubaki, who turned her blade against the Godslayer and asked if it was fun to kill so many people and take their futures away from them. Tsubaki transformed into Izayoi, and the pair fought until a phenomenon intervention took Izayoi away. Mu began to despair over her circumstances[7], but resolved to find the Cauldron. Kagura blocked her way, his words making her lose control. She fell into a depression and stopped acting like Noel and more like the original Mu-12. Once she killed the illusion of Kagura, the cauldron opened itself up. [8]

Inside the cauldron, Mu discovered Es guarding the Forbidden Gate -Altar-. The two fought briefly before Mu lost to Es, and was sent back to the original, real world. [9] There, the real Hazama found her and managed to manipulate her into a robotic trance, whereupon he ordered her to kill the real Ragna. She complied, but Ragna freed her from her trance, and she was able to direct him out of the phenomenon event and back to his original reality. Mu attempted to follow but couldn't, and asked Ragna to bring Noel to a cauldron so she could fuse with her again. [10] Ragna fulfilled his promise and brought Noel to a cauldron, but Noel rejected Mu, forcing Mu to wait until her other half was able to accept her. [11]

Fusing together with Izanami to regain all of Saya's soul

Mu was finally accepted by Noel later when the latter used the Azure Grimoire as a cauldron. With this, Mu finally reunited with the other half of her soul. [12] Noel would later use Mu's power to fully absorb Izanami and Saya into herself, and become the complete whole of Saya. [13]


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