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Eighth of the Ten Sages. A woman whose sexy uniform hugs her body. She treats Nine as a rival.[1]

Eight is one of the Ten Sages in the Mage's Guild, part of the Magister's City of Ishana. Alongside her fellow Sage, Seven, Eight works on the Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi, a weapon that was created by Nine to fight against the Black Beast. Although Nine has disavowed her connection to the weapon and ordered its destruction, both Seven and Eight continue to work on it. Through the research notes left behind by Shuichiro Ayatsuki, they learned that Celica A. Mercury could be key to controlling Take-Mikazuchi.

Dark War

Phase Shift 1, Phase Shift 2, Phase Shift 3, Phase Shift 4

Two Sages

Eight was one of the Ten Sages who were ordered to help patch the barrier in the Magister's City of Ishana in 2106.[2]She, alongside her fellow Sages, fulfilled this duty. Earlier that same month, she bore witness to the acceptance of Nine into the Sage's ranks.[3]

In August, 2107, Eight stood with Seven inside the courtyard of the Mage's Guild. She berated Nine for bringing in the likes of Hakumen, Yuuki Terumi, Jubei, and Valkenhayn R. Hellsing into their sacred halls. When the others left, alongside Trinity Glassfille, Eight mocked Nine for acting like a queen and treating the guild like her castle. Although Nine's rebuttal left her at a loss for words, Eight regained her composure and mocked her again, only this time for keeping non-humans among her ranks. Celica, Nine's sister who was also present, stood up against Eight for her words, and the sisters riled up Eight into a temper. Seven put the conversation back on track, and the two asked that Celica cooperate in their research.

Nine rejected them both, giving them a glare that instilled fear into both Sages. Eight changed her tone as she complimented Nine on the creation of Ars Magus, and begun to passionately speak about the need to complete Take-Mikazuchi. Again, she was rejected, and Nine left with her sister in tow. Eight begun pacing up and down the courtyard, biting her lip and stomping on the pavement below. Her complaints aimed towards Seven over the incident were interrupted when Kazuma Kval, pretending to be Terumi, asked for the details on their project.[4]

Both Eight and Seven found Celica in one of Ishana's shopping districts some time later. They asked for some of her time, but Eight found herself annoyed when Celica made a comment on the Sage's bust. Regardless, they continued to ask for her assistance in their project, stealing a glance at the Deus Machina: Nirvana which closely followed Celica. They were refused once more, only this time Celica told them that she knew she would die if she cooperated. Eight told the girl that their weapon could end the Dark War easily, and grew frustrated when Nirvana stood between them, having to have Seven calm her down. Celica soon cheerfully left; Eight and Seven then employed the help of the Orbis Librarius Norma to monitor the girl, and they left one another. As she left his earshot, Eight called Seven a detestable man.[5]

With Seven, Eight was part of the battalions that were sent to Eastern Europe in order to lure the Black Beast. The two Sages teleported Take-Mikazuchi onto the battlefield, right behind Celica. It drained her of her power and launched a large blast of energy against the Beast, forcing it to retreat in a single blow. Celica, however, was left unconscious.[6] Both of the Sages came back to the Ishana Cathedral shortly afterwards, with Eight exclaiming her joy at the sheer power that Take-Mikazuchi demonstrated. She attempted to make Seven celebrate with her, but her cheers were cut short as Kazuma's voice cut through the shadows of the building; Eight shuddered as he told her to trust him.

Battle of the Ten Sages.

The Six Heroes were within Ishana's Cathedral, and both Seven and Eight had been ordered to reprimand Nine, and to bring her to the Committee of Hearing. With several mages by her side, Eight commanded them to bind Nine with restrictive sorcery, and she gleefully took her self-proclaimed rival to the committee.[7]Eight watched the trial unfold with great glee and took every available opportunity to mock and taunt Nine while she was restrained. However, Nine’s fury at having Take-Mikazuchi still being used as a weapon caused her to break free from her restraints and destroy half of the assembly hall. Nine and Seven began to battle, and Eight joined the fray by creating thick tree roots to pursue Nine. These roots found their target and were about to grab her, but Nine teleported to Eight’s side. Before she could even react, Eight was kicked across the pavilion, but was able to cushion her fall by conjuring a bed of flowers, although Nine set these alight as soon as Eight rose from them.

The battle was cut short, however, as Hakumen, Trinity, Jubei, Terumi, Valkenhayn, Celica, and Nirvana arrived. Instead of fighting, they took Nine and ran as OLN soldiers and other members of the Ten Sages rushed to Seven and Eight’s side. Both Sages pursued the group but were too late as they had teleported out of Ishana and to another location. Eight’s anger got the better of her and she screamed her frustration, only to be silenced by Seven. He reminded her of all the data that was gathered from the battle against the Black Beast five days prior and suggested that they could find an alternative to Celica. He turned back to smile at her, chilling Eight’s skin. She was left behind as Seven took the OLN soldiers and devised a plan.[8] The plan included gathering tens of thousands of people into a village in Asia and using them to summon Take-Mikazuchi to battle the Black Beast.[9]

The plan to bait the Black Beast and summon Take-Mikazuchi was going smoothly. The innocents were gathered and sealed within a simple barrier that would prevent their escape. Eventually, the Beast began to appear, signalled by the piercing screams of the trapped civilians. Knowing the Beast would be there soon, Seven and Eight began the process of summoning Take-Mikazuchi.

As the Nox began to prepare its attack, the Beast suddenly disappeared and then reappeared next to it. It bit down hard on Take-Mikazuchi’s neck in an attempt to decapitate it. Seven and Eight began to panic and attempted to have the Nox return to its summoning circle. In that moment, however, Nine and Jubei flanked them both and attacked. Eight dodged Nine’s lightning strikes, but as the Beast and Take-Mikazuchi fully disappeared within the circle, a cloud of seithr billowed upwards and exploded.

When Eight awoke, she was with Nine, Jubei, Valkenhayn, Trinity, Celica, and Suzukaka on a green hill under a starless sky. She ran towards the hill and screamed as she saw the scene in front of her: the Black Beast chewing on Take-Mikazuchi’s shoulder in the middle of Ishana. The once flawless plan had now made the Beast aware of Ishana and where it existed, putting it in grave danger. [10]


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