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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Hoi hoi hoi? Didja call for Chacha? To have your eye on Chacha, you're not bad, meow. So? If you've got orders, I'll listen suuuuper closely.
New Unit ほいほいほい? チャチャを呼んだニャス? このチャチャに目をつけるとは、オマエ中々見どころあるじゃんニャス。そんで? 命令とかある系なら、超テキト〜に聞いてやってもいいニャスよ。
Ascension (SS+) Meowbe I've gotten stronger?
Ascension (SS+) なんか強くなっちゃったかもニャス?
Ascension (SS++) Aren't you super fired up!?
Ascension (SS++) 超イケてる感じニャス!
Ascension (SS+++) So this is Chacha's final-final form?
Ascension (SS+++) これがチャチャの最終形態ってやつニャス?
Home Screen
Talk Chacha actually uses Chacha-style assassination techniques, you know. Meow, it's suuuch a pain to fight stronger opponents so don't pick a fight, okay?
Talk こう見えてチャチャはチャチャ流暗殺術の使い手なのニャス。まぁ、強い相手は超メンドーだから相手しないニャスけど~。
Likes Chacha loves afternoon naps. Anyone that gets in the way will get blown away, meow. Neow, good night~.
Likes チャチャは昼寝が大好きニャス。昼寝の邪魔するやつをぶっとばすから、よろ〜ニャス。んじゃ、おやすみニャス〜。
Dislikes Miaohoho, duties and justice and stuff are seriously overrated. Chacha will follow orders suuuuper well, so that's up to you, meow.
Dislikes ニャハハ、使命とか正義とかマジめんどいし〜ニャス。チャチャは命令でも超テキト〜にやるんで、そこんとこよろしくニャスよ。
Hobby What does Chacha usually do? Mm, meowbe looking for high places. Are there any around here?
Hobby チャチャが普段どこにいるかニャス? ん〜、なんとなーく高いところ探したら、いるんじゃないニャスかね?
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