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Military Academy

Heart to Heart, Remix Heart, Variable Heart, Spiral Shift, The BLUE

One week after meeting Noel and Makoto, Tsubaki met Mai Natsume and they became good friends very quickly. She went to the Ars Magus aptitude test which was presided over by Estella McKenzie; she was noted to be great at all subjects and areas, but not excelling in any particular one. Like Makoto, Tsubaki warned Mai to not eat Noel's cooking that evening, but watched as she did, startling her. It was at this point that Tsubaki learnt of Mai's super taste ability and helped to look after her after she fainted in the girl's changing rooms. It was also at this point that she met Kajun Faycott. [1] The Torifune Festival soon followed, and Tsubaki applied to be a part of the student council. She was also introduced to Taro Sasaga'e and Akane Teruhiko, the latter of whom noted her to be attractive. She participated in the main tournament of the festival, having used a strategy created by Kajun and Mai. She made it to the finals but Kajun interrupted and won, telling Tsubaki that she would spend less time with Jin if she became the 'Izanami'. [2]

The girls travelled down to the lower levels of Torifune to find watermelons for Mai. They found themselves in a thick cloud of seithr and sought refuge in a nearby mansion where they were attacked by a mutated watermelon - Mai saved them, and they all found the Evolution Grimoire. The girls decided to name themselves Team Remix Heart. [3] They were soon ordered to clean Estella's room as a part of spring cleaning, and when they did so, they found a secret room and the Ammit Cryas - they gave the Grimoire back to her, but were ordered the maximum penalty for having gone through her belongings. [4] As the sports festival came, Remix Heart competed, with Tsubaki using Ars Magus to protect Makoto as she bruised her way past the competition; they discovered that they would have to find the Conversion Grimoire. [5] They made their way to the lower levels of Torifune, arriving in a desert area. While there, they found the Guardian after Makoto fell into a lion ant pit and was saved by Mai. Under Tsubaki's brief advice, they passed his second trial and were awarded the Conversion Grimoire, although they discovered that they came last place in the festival. [6]

Due to Taro, Remix Heart and Jin were thrown to a beach near Torifune when its weather system had broken down. There, Tsubaki used Golden Angel supplied by Kajun, and they discovered the Regulation Grimoire. Together they fixed it, and the weather system returned to Torifune. [7] She would soon find Mai sleeping, having a dream created by the Hypnagogia Grimoire, and attempted to wake her by drawing Hakumen and various Pakumen, but Tsubaki, Makoto, Noel, and Kajun had to fight them off. In her dream, Mai saw a vision of Tsubaki becoming Izayoi, but did not say anything when she finally awoke. [8] When Mai lost her memories, the tears of her friends were the only way to bring them back, so Tsubaki cried for her by not blinking, being relieved when her memories returned. [9] Eventually, the girls decided to go to the lower levels of Torifune in the pursuit of the Azure Grimoire, even against Tsubaki's initial protests. There, using various Grimoires that Noel had stolen, they managed to get past a challenge for cooking, but were soon separated from Mai. [10] After completing a challenge that involved laundry with Noel, Makoto, and Kajun, they soon found Mai next to the Aedsqui Grimoire, and returned to the higher levels, disappointed that the Azure Grimoire wasn't there. [11] Tsubaki also learnt that Mai had become the Intermediary Grimoire, and that she had kissed Taro - she only came to realise that Mai had passed on Noel's cooking to Taro when she was bathing with the other girls, realising that Jin would be in danger; her advances were stopped by Shiori Kirihito and Chachakaka. [12] She fell for Shiori's lies that she was frail, and went to help Jin recover from his consumption of "death dinner". [13]

Tsubaki watched as Shiori and Noel worked together to create porridge for Akane, Jin, and Taro to eat in the hopes of them recovering. [14] She watched as Jin went berserk with Yukianesa, and as he begun to swing for Mai, being relieved when he was finally stopped by Cypher Albar. This would be the only time she ever saw him act like this. [15] As she was somewhat involved in the incident, she had to watch over the icebergs created, but was attacked by a Torifune panda that Kajun removed from her, being embarrassed that Jin saw her squirming while it was under her swimsuit. [16] She soon helped Mai dress up for her date with Taro, helping wash her hair. [17] Tsubaki, along with all of Team Remix Heart, berated Taro for being late. [18] When survival training came for the first years, Tsubaki was paired with Noel and Makoto, and managed to find the body of the mountain jellyfish. They defeated it when they reunited with Shiori, Kajun, and Mai, and arrived in first place for their achievement. [19]

Mai fell into an alchemy-induced coma, and Tsubaki helped round up the strongest Ars Magus users in the Academy to cure her of her condition under Cypher's orders, but was trapped into having their Ars Magus aptitude drained from them, only to be saved by Chachakaka, who also revealed that Mai was the male heir of the Hazuki family using the Ammit Cryas. [20] Mai awoke from her coma, and saved Team Remix Heart from being crushed by Cypher. Tsubaki hugged Mai, recognizing how difficult it was for her to hide her secret. [21] After seeing Shiori and Mai teleported away by the professor, Tsubaki helped round up the strongest Ars users in the Academy to foil Cypher's plan of creating a Burning Red Grimoire. They succeeded, and Tsubaki was forced to deal with a lot of paperwork surrounding the incident. [22]

In her second year, Tsubaki went to Jin's medal ceremony in the 2nd Hierarchical City of Iwatsuchi with Mai, Noel, and Makoto. She saw Kagura, but Makoto knocked him out, and instead met Hibiki. He put the girls to work, but they soon lost Mai. [23] Thanks to Akane, she was reunited with Mai, Shiori, Taro, and Jin for a brief while. [24] In her third year, Tsubaki helped teach Noel and Makoto more on the Nox Nyctores, and was not initially happy with Noel graduating six months early. [25] Eventually, this dislike festered more and more, but she hid this away from her friends.

Continuum Shift

A soldier of the Novus Orbis Librarium's "Zero Squadron" that fills in the role of the military police. Her rank is first lieutenant. She received an imperial decree to eliminate her missing childhood friend Jin and her best friend Noel, and while tormented with doubts, takes in hand the heirloom of the prestigious Yayoi family, the "Sealed Weapon Izayoi," and chases after them.[26]

Chrono Phantasma

Tsubaki Yayoi, who had been filled with false light by the Imperator, was praised and promoted to Major for her confrontation with Ragna the Bloodedge. Tsubaki, as part of the Wings of Justice under the direct command of the Imperator, travels to the region of Ikaruga to subjugate those traitors who resent the NOL. However, her wings have been dyed black.[27]

Having been promoted to a Major, Tsubaki was given her own office. In the February of 2200AD, Hazama came into her office, offering his congratulations to her. She was not happy, aware that she had been made a paragon of virtue for the NOL's troops since Jin had disappeared. Tsubaki knew she was in Hazama's machinations but Mind Eater still made her fiercely loyal to Izanami. As Hazama gave orders to Tsubaki to head to the Ikaruga Region to capture Ragna, she dismissed him, calling out Jin's name as she struggled against the spell that made her so obedient. [28]

When she arrived in the 6th Hierarchical City of Yabiko, she was greeted by Kagura. She asked him to address her formally in public and he told her that they had something important to talk about later. They were soon interrupted by Hazama, who was outwardly rude towards the Colonel; Tsubaki reminded Hazama as his place as their subordinate before making her way back to her Ars Magus vessel.[29]

In the remains of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, Ragna found Tsubaki. The two battled, but she was at a major disadvantage since Ragna was experienced with fighting against wielders of the Lux Sanctus: Murakumo, and Izayoi was its prototype. She expressed her desire to kill him, but before Ragna could destroy Izayoi, Hakumen jumped in front of her and protected her from the blow. She retreated on his orders. A large-scale Phenomenon Intervention happened, resetting this event so Ragna and Tsubaki never met each other in Ibukido.[30] When she arrived in Ibukido in this different phase, she found Makoto instead thanks to information that Hibiki had given her. Tsubaki won as Makoto held back, yet her mind was being more corrupted through Mind Eater. Before she could complete the arrest, Kagura intterupted her, showing her an imperial decree and taking Makoto into custody himself.[31]

Having heard that Ragna had been captured by Kagura, Tsubaki made her way to the Colosseum, seeing Ragna bound and being introduced to Kagura's new secretary, Ayatsuki. She chose to not stay to watch the Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge, instead waiting outside of the arena since she detests those kinds of spectacles.[32] After the battle, she came back and reprimanded Kagura for being so reckless, chastising him for allowing Azrael to appear. Regardless, she headed towards the Colosseum to pick up Ragna and to take him back to NOL headquarters.

However, an Eclipse Field was erected directly over the area. Tsubaki concluded that the rumors that Kagura was leading a rebellion were true, and was met by Makoto, Noel, and Jin. Struggling to fight back against Mind Eater, Tsubaki battled Makoto and lost, being pushed at her limits. Makoto then retreated, allowing Noel to Observe her, enraging Tsubaki, who, pushed at the limits and questioning her place in the world, was finally able to activate the Zero-Type Izayoi, donning the mantle Izayoi. She battled Jin, and in her struggle to overcome Mind Eater, used the Immortal Breaker on him. Tsubaki believed she killed the man she loved and the curse was lifted – thankfully Jin was immune from it thanks to Order. She stood back and then hugged him, apologizing for everything she had done under Izanami's influence before going over to Noel and Makoto – the three girls started crying together, the beginning of the nightmare was over. Kagura then approached them and told them of his plan to discreetly change the government and rebel against Izanami, something Tsubaki was initially reluctant to participate in. She was then introduced to Homura Amanohokosaka, the true heir to the NOL.[33]

Tsubaki and Jin were ordered to guard Homura, although she clashed with Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, who's sharp tongue towards Jin earned Tsubaki's scorn.[34] During their time guarding him, the group at Kushinada's Lynchpin were attacked by Relius, so Tsubaki and Makoto made their way there to help them. When she arrived, she challenged Relius, buying time for Ragna, Noel, and Celica to escape; with just Bang and Makoto by her side, Tsubaki challenged and defeated Carl.[35] Unfortunately, their opponents managed to escape when the flow of seithr had stopped, as Bang was successful in nailing the Lynchpin with Rettenjo.[36]

Tsubaki visited Jin after he was mortally wounded by Ragna, who had been sent berserk by Izanami and had disappeared. Celica was working hard to heal him, and Tsubaki wished her the best of luck. As she left the infirmary, she punched the nearest wall, earning a comment from Rachel about an act being out of character. She told the vampire that she was going to find Ragna and bring him to justice – Rachel told Tsubaki that if Ragna died before she or Jin could kill him, then she would need to use the Zero-Type Izayoi to kill her instead, eradicating the evil from the world.[37]

Central Fiction

A soldier of the Novus Orbis Librarium belonging to the "Fourth Thaumaturgist Squadron" spearheaded by Kagura Mutsuki. Her rank is first lieutenant. With the heirloom of the prestigious Yayoi family, the "Sealed Weapon Izayoi," in hand, she chases after the missing Jin Kisaragi.[38]

After having talked with Rachel, Tsubaki went off on her own to investigate on what she had meant. Before she left, she went to check on Jin, running into Celica who had just tended to his wounds after his battle with Ragna. She listened to Jin's explanation of his relationship with Ragna, and his earliest memories, including the attack on the church, but they were eventually interrupted by Noel, and Tsubaki left to continue her investigation. She was soon sucked into the Embryo. [39]

In the Embryo's version of Kagutsuchi, Tsubaki was paired with Hibiki to find Jin, who had gone missing. Her memories were altered to believe that Kagura was now the Hero of Ikaruga, and that Jin had gone AWOL. [40] She later found Noel knocked out by Litchi's side, and started angrily asking questions before being calmed down by Litchi's manners and answers. Bang nearly assaulted her but Litchi stopped him, and allowed Tsubaki to take Noel out of the sewers and above ground. [41] She heard rumours that Noel had actually fought the Grim Reaper. [42]

Kagura and Hibiki left the branch, and it came under attack by Hakumen. Tsubaki took over as head of command, taking control of the soldiers and ordered them across the branch with tactical precision during the attack. [43] She was later transported by Nine the Phantom to Ikaruga and told to defeat Izanami to claim her piece of the Azure [44] She found Makoto and began to fight her against her friend's wishes, only just being repelled – her memories of being controlled before confusing who is friend and foe. [45] Alone, and scared of her own memories, Tsubaki wandered around Ikaruga beating herself up over what she had done. Taokaka saw her, and decided to cheer her up, although she got carried away and felt her breasts, deciding afterwards to call her “average” person – she told Tsubaki that she fights for her friends and justice before leaving to find the “bad guys”. This left the soldier wondering what she is really fighting for. [46]

Tsubaki was later ordered by Kokonoe to detain Ragna. She found him in a distorted version of Wadatsumi and battled him after explaining her dream for a world which Jin can help build. Her dream was rejected and taken by Ragna's Soul Eater. [47] She and Hakumen later responded to Kokonoe's call, meeting with her and then being taken above the Embryo, and being deployed within it – there, she was split up from the others in her group (namely Ragna, Kagura, Ex Machina: Minerva, Noel, Rachel, and Jin), finding herself in Yabiko with Hakumen. [48] They were met by an illusion of Izanami inviting them to find her and the Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem – if they did not, the world would be atomized. [49] Hakumen reminded her much of Jin during her school days, and they headed out to Kagutsuchi's Altar to find Requiem, finding data of Relius and Ignis Clover. She watched Hakumen battle the data until it disappeared. She felt Makoto dissolve into seithr, crying out for her afterwards. [50]

In due time, Tsubaki and Hakumen found the Amaterasu Unit being warred over by both Jubei and Nu, assisting the beastkin in the fight, using the Izayoi form to do so. Ragna, Jin, and Noel came to assist them, and Tsubaki watched as Ragna defeated both Nu and Hakumen, and then was ordered to look after the Murakumo Unit. Terumi forced Nu to go insane, and she lashed out at Tsubaki, but the fatal blow was blocked by Hakumen, who defeated her soon afterwards. Tsubaki was forced to watch as Hakumen's soul was shattered by Terumi and his body was taken over – the Yayoi heir became one of the few people to watch the resurrection of Susano'o, a true God. She attempted to fight him, but was easily defeated. Tsubaki stayed behind to watch over Jubei and Nu while Ragna, Jin, and Trinity embarked outside the Embryo to rescue Noel and stop Susano'o. Her dream was properly taken by Ragna, however, even though she did resist. [51]

In the new world created by Ragna, Tsubaki returned as a member of the NOL's infantry squad. She visited Noel and Lambda at a church with Makoto, having dinner with them and telling Noel that she has an open invitation to return back to the NOL at any time. [52]


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