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Rin is first hinted at in BlazBlue: Remix Heart but it is unknown if she is aware of her husband, Houichirou, sending assassins after their daughter during her tenure in the Military Academy. Rin regularly sent letters to Mai, but did not get any responses. She met Taro Sasaga'e and Meifang Lapislazuli at some point, and copied their techniques using Vision.

Variable Heart

Mai finally came back to the Hazuki family home with Bell, Kajun Faycott, Shiori Kirihito, and Taro. Rin threw herself at her daughter, exclaiming how worried she was about her. She quickly got down to Bell's level, and asked if she was her granddaughter before being corrected by everyone else. She begged them to have some tea after their long journey, but the group was called over to Houichirou. After hearing that her husband had confiscated Mai's weapon, the Gallia Sphyras: Outseal, and that he had challenged their daughter to single combat, she decided to train Mai.[1]

The following day, Rin took Mai to some training grounds, and on top of a particular apparatus which used a giant log above a stream of water. She chose this location specifically because it would kill either of them if they fell off, but Houichirou would probably kill Mai anyway if she couldn't show that she was still strong in his eyes. The two began brawling, and Rin began using Vision to show Mai what she could learn using the No-Name Grimoire. She showed off some of her accumulated abilities during the session. After the battle, Rin took Bell and bathed her, and said that Mai could probably beat Houichirou if she really wanted to. [2]

She soon saw the group leave with Kokonoe, being left in the mansion with her husband. Julian ran to them, warning them that Relius Clover had come to visit. They were both incapacitated by him, even though Rin attempted to mimic his technique, she was unable to since he was using sorcery. [3] Relius eventually let them be, leaving the Hazuki estate; Rin stopped her husband from pursuing him. [4]


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