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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit My, where is this? Hmm, I see. If your goal is to preserve the continuation of the human world, then I have a reason to help you. I am Hikagami Kiiro. Part of somewhere else's Mitsurugi Agency. I'll be sure to enjoy myself with you.
New Unit あら、ここは……?ふうん、なるほどね。貴方たちの目的が人の世界の存続ならば、私にもそれを手伝う理由があるわ。私は緋鏡キイロ。こことは別の、御剣機関の者よ。貴方をたっぷり楽しませてあげる。
Ascension (SS+) So you'll lend me some power. Fufu, how cute.
Ascension (SS+) 私に力を貸してくれるのね。ふふ、かわいい
Ascension (SS++) With this, I can fight more
Ascension (SS++) これでもっと、戦えるわ
Ascension (SS+++) I don't care if you come to regret this. *chuckles*
Ascension (SS+++) 後悔しても、知らないんだから。んふっ
Home Screen
Talk What a passionate gaze. What's got you staring at me so? Ah. You're interested in my body, aren't you? That's no good. I can't bare myself to anyone except my fated one. And... it's not really something pleasant to look at.
Talk 情熱的な視線。私のことそんなに見つめてどうしたの?あ。私の体が気になるのね。んもう。でもダーメ。私の体は、運命の人にしか見せられないわ。それに……そんなにいいものでもないしね。
Likes My fated one is somewhere out there in the world. Connected to me, melting together with me... Just thinking about that person makes my heart pound.
Likes 世界のどこかに、運命の人がいるの。私と繋がって、溶け合う運命の人が……。その人のことを考えるだけで、胸がどきどきしちゃう。
Dislikes There's creatures in this world that are beyond human imagination. Things that will definitely become threats to humanity. And threats must be eliminated, don't you think?
Dislikes 世の中には、人間の常識を超えた化け物たちが存在するわ。それらは必ず人類の脅威になる。脅威は排除するものよね。そう思わない?
Hobby My hobbies? Let's see...something a little rougher really fires me up. Light restraints are permissible, too. And I prefer slightly stronger wording, as long as it ends gently. ..."What hobby is that?" *Chuckles* Well, what did you it was?
Hobby 私の趣味?そうねぇ……ちょっと荒っぽいほうが燃えるかな。軽い拘束くらいなら許容範囲よ。あと言葉は強めのほうが好き。でも最後には優しくしてね。……なんの趣味って?んふ、なんのだと思った?
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