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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit It's nice to meet you. My name is Narmaya. If there's anything troubling you, just let this big sister take care of it.
New Unit はじめまして、私の名前はナルメア。困ったことがあったら、お姉さんに任せてね~。
Ascension (SS+) Let's go with the butterflies.
Ascension (SS+) 胡蝶と共に、踊りましょう
Ascension (SS++) Onwards, to even greater, unseen heights...
Ascension (SS++) 往きましょう。いまだ見えぬ、高みへ……
Ascension (SS+++) To awake suddenly from a dream is to become aware all at once.
Ascension (SS+++) 俄然として夢から覚むれば、則ち遽遽然として周なり
Home Screen
Talk Say, aren't you hungry? I'll feed you. Here, say "Ah..."
Talk ねぇ、そろそろお腹すいてない? お姉さんが果物食べさせてあげるね?はいどうぞ、あ~ん。
Likes Children really are cute. When I see them, I feel obligated to do something for them!
Likes 子供って本当に可愛いよね。見てると、ついお姉さんが何かしてあげなきゃ!って気持ちになっちゃうんだ~。
Talk 2 When basking in the sunlight, the sun feels so warm...and comfortable...I like it very much because it's so nice, but it gradually puts me to sleep.
Talk 2 日向ぼっこって、お日様の光がぽかぽかで……あったかくて……気持ちいいから好きなんだけど、ついつい眠くなっちゃうのよね……。
Talk 3 Thank you. Everything that everyone has taught me, the shape of the that I can aim ever higher, I won't put any of it to waste.
Talk 3 ありがとう。みんなが教えてくれた、心の形……更なる高みを目指すためにも、無駄にはしないから。
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