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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Nice to meet you, I'm Djeeta! I travel the skies as a skyfarer. Let's get along!
New Unit はじめまして、私はジータ!空を冒険する、騎空士なんだ。よろしくね!
Ascension (SS+) Feels like power's welling up!
Ascension (SS+) なんか、力が湧いてきた!
Ascension (SS++) Hehe, I think I'm starting to get excited!
Ascension (SS++) ふふ、わくわくしてきたかも!
Ascension (SS+++) To think there'd still be this much strength sleeping inside me...! I'll protect everyone with this power!
Ascension (SS+++) 私の中に、まだこんな力が眠ってたなんて……!この力でみんなを守ります!
Home Screen
Talk After I came to this world, you've helped me out so much....If you ever run into any trouble, let me know! I'll definitely help you out!
Talk この世界にきてから、いっぱい助けてもらっちゃってるな……困った事があったらいつでも言って!その時は、私が必ずあなたの助けになるから!
Likes It's almost snack time. We don't have any commissions right now, so maybe I'll go make some apple snacks for Vyrn. Do you want to come with me?
Likes そろそろおやつの時間だね。依頼もないし、ビィにリンゴのお菓子でも作ってあげようかな。あなたも一緒にどう?
Talk 2 Our airship is called the Grandcypher. Our crew's got lots of different kinds of people, and it's always very lively!
Talk 2 私達の騎空艇はグランサイファー、っていう名前なんだ。いろんな人が一緒に乗ってて、いつも賑やかなんだよ!
Talk 3 Lyria used a strange power to save my life....After that, we've always been together. Like two in one! I guess?
Talk 3 ルリアは不思議な力で私の命を助けてくれて……それからは、ずっと一緒にいるんだ。一心同体!って感じだね。
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