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Help:Manual of Style

Help page


In general:

  • American English over British English.
  • Italicize names and shortened names of titles (but not acronyms).
(BlazBlue: Central Fiction and Central Fiction, but CF)
  • When describing characters, use present tense for consistency.
    • The biography sections use past tense.
    • The appearance/personality/powers sections use present tense.


  • Use the Oxford comma: in a list with more than three items in it, put a comma before the "and."
("Apples, oranges, and peaches," NOT "Apples, oranges and peaches.")
  • No apostrophes after family names unless it's in the possessive.
(So, you would have "The Hazukis invited Mai home." and "Izayoi is the Yayoi's treasured heirloom.")
  • Commas, periods, and other punctuation inside quotes, but colons and dashes outside.
("Here is a quote." Here is "a list": apples, oranges, and peaches.)
  • No punctuation marks after an incomplete sentence on a list
  • Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Jin Kisaragi
  • Noel Vermillion


Japanese names that are not the names of characters should be written as LASTNAME First.
For example 近藤 佳奈子 should be transcribed as KONDO Kanako, however 黒鉄ナオト and ナオト=クロガネ should both be transcribed as Naoto Kurogane.

Stage names, aliases, and usernames (in the case of guest art) should match their creator's preferred renderings and how it is credited in game.
For example YŪKI Aoi will be used and not YABUSAKI Aoi.

Within articles, the first introduction and any credits should be as so: MORI Toshimichi, but further uses of the name can be written as "Mori said...." / "Mori Toshimichi did..."