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Now hang on just a minute!
Ah, this looks interesting. Mind if I join the fight?[1]
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Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose

Voice Actors

Saori Hayami (Japanese)
Lindsay Jones (English)[1]

Character Titles

Red Like Roses[2]

Character Themes

Ruby Mix (BBTAG Special)

RWBY's protagonist. She has a genius battle sense and jumped grades to enter the Huntsman Academy Beacon Academy. The weapon she wields can change forms between a large scythe and a gun and is called Crescent Rose.

With her quick movement, she is a character that excels in hit-and-run tactics. Using the rapid transportation provided by the skill Gun Blast, rush about the battlefield![3]

Command Lists

Name Command
Smart Combo
Smart Combo 1 A · A · A · A
Smart Combo 2 B · B · B
Smart Combo 3 Midair A · A
Smart Combo 4 Midair B · B
Rifle Shot
Raifuru Shotto
↓↘→ + A
Scypod Shot
Saipoddo Shotto
↓↘→ + B
Gun Blast
Gan Burasuto
←↙↓ + A or B or C (midair also)
Gunblast's hit box occurs on the opposite direction of its movment direction. During its motion it can be followed into up to 2 different Gunblasts.
→ Additional Attack A or B or C during Gun Blast (up to 2 times)
Buzzsaw Blast
Bazusō Burasuto
Midair ↓↘→ + A or B
Reversal Action
Corkscrew Slice
Kōkusukuryū Suraisu
A · D simultaneously
You become invulnerable at the start of the action. The attack cannot be blocked in the air.
Extra Skill (Takes 1 skill gauge)
↓↘→ + C
EX Buzzsaw Blast
EX バズソーブラスト
EX Bazusō Burasuto
Midair ←↙↓ + C
Distortion Skill (Takes 2 skill gauge)
Petal Burst
Petaru Bāsuto
↓↘→ + B · C simultaneously
You become invulnerable at the start of the action.
Petal Dance
Petaru Dansu
←↙↓ + B · C simultaneously
You become invulnerable at the start of the action.
Distortion Skill · Duo (takes 2 skill gauge)
Petal Burst
Petaru Bāsuto
P during the main character's Distortion Skill
You become invulnerable at the start of the action.
Astral Heat
Red Reaper
Reddo Rīpā
↓↓↓ + B · C simultaneously (during Lv4 Resonance Blaze)
You become invulnerable at the start of the action.
[Requirements] In order to activate, you must have Resonance Blaze active (Lv 4), have 9 Skill Guages at the time of activation, and the opponent must be down to one character.


Name Command
Smart Combo
Smart Combo 1 ◻ · ◻ · ◻ · ◻
Smart Combo 2 △ · △ · △
Smart Combo 3 Midair ◻ · ◻
Smart Combo 4 Midair △ · △
Command Normal
Rifle Shot
Raifuru Shotto
↓↘→ + ◻
Scypod Shot
Saipoddo Shotto
↓↘→ + △
Gun Blast
Gan Burasuto
←↙↓ + ◻ or △ or ⭕ (midair also)
Buzzsaw Blast
Bazusō Burasuto
Midair ↓↘→ + ◻ or △
Reversal Action
Corkscrew Slice
Kōkusukuryū Suraisu
◻ · ✕ simultaneously
EX (Takes 1 skill gauge)
↓↘→ + ⭕
EX Buzzsaw Blast
EX バズソーブラスト
EX Bazusō Burasuto
Midair ←↙↓ + ⭕
Distortion Special (Takes 2 skill gauge)
Petal Burst
Petaru Bāsuto
↓↘→ + △ · ⭕ simultaneously
←↙↓ + △ · ⭕ simultaneously
Petal Dance
Petaru Dansu
Cannot be used in the current version.




Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
Smart Combo 1
Take that!
Too slow!
Smart Combo 2
Take that!
Smart Combo 3
This'll do it!
Ohhh, please hit!
Clash (Connect)
Eat this! Finish!
Synchronize! Hiya!
Corkscrew Slice
Corkscrew Slice!
Give up!
Rifle Shot
Rifle Shot!
I'll shoot you down!
Don't you move!
Sy-pod Shot
Sy-pod! Hiya!
Firing! I'm not done!
Can you take this!? Fire!
Gunblast (A Ground Ver.)
I'm right here!
Gunblast (A Aerial Ver.)
Give up yet?
I've got range!
Gunblast (B Ground Ver.)
Don't blink!
Gunblast (B Aerial Ver.)
Straight shot!
Gunblast (C Ground Ver.)
Gunblast forward!
It's over!
Here I am!
Gunblast (C Aerial Ver.)
Try to keep up!
Buzzsaw Blast (Start)
EX Buzzsaw Blast (Start)
Eat this!
Buzzsaw Blast (Finish)
For good measure.
EX Guillotine
Guillotine... Slash!
You're mine! Hiya!
How 'bout this!?
Petal Burst
Yaaaaaaaa~! Petal Burst!
Hope you're prepared~! Hiyaaaaaa!
Ready~! Goooooo!
Petal Dance
For the honor of my team! Petal... Dance!
Let me show you... My Power! Go down!
Crescent Rose! Give me strength... Checkmate!
Red Reaper
Things are about to get good! The hunt is on...! Red Reaper!
Let's go! My Ultimate move! Yaaaaa...! You're finished!
I'm giving this all I've got! Time to end it! Ya!
System Mechanics
Resonance Blaze
I won't lose to anyone! Ever!
I'm giving it all I've got!
It's over!
Take that!
Throw Whiff
Throw Break
Throw Escape
Too bad!
Saw that coming!
Guard Fail (Low)
Guard Fail (Overhead)
Hold on!
Reject Guard
Get off me!
Taking Damage
Ground Ukemi (Neutral)
Up we go!
Ground Ukemi (Forward or Backward)
Pretty good!
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
I'm not done!
Aerial Ukemi (Forward) My turn now!
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) Whoa!
Stagger Recovery I'm-I'm okay!
Idle Heh heh, this is fun.
Combo (6k Damage) Wow, that was awesome!
Combo (8k Damage) Awww yeah!
Combo (10k Damage) I'm not done yet!
Let's go and have some fun!
Alright, leave this one to me!
If it's a fight, I won't lose
You're gonna be my opponent?
This girl's incredible... Wanna see?
Uh, hi, are you ok?
Let's do that again!
Buh bye, friend!
Huh... You're tough!
Time Out Outro
I guess that's a wrap.
Eh, shouldn't have panicked.
I can still... Fight...!
Time Out Defeat
Oh no!
Guh, c'mon!

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Partner Swap
Duo Change
Partner Skill Change
I could use some help!
Cross Burst
Not gonna happen!
Hang on a second!
Partner Defeat
How dare you!
I'll never forgive you!
Distortion Skill Duo (Petal Burst)
Sorry I'm late!
Excuse me!
Cross Combo
Let me join in!
We can do this!
Assist Calls
Back me up!
Partner with Weiss
Let's go, Weiss!
Partner with Blake
Go Blake!
Partner with Yang
Go get'em, Yang!
Partner with Ragna
I need your strength!
Partner with Yu
Partner with Hyde
It's your turn!


Situation Line Voice
Ragna the Bloodedge
Intro Ruby: Oh! Oh, your weapon looks so cool! Oh, can I take a look at it? Can I, please!?
Ragna: Do that later, just get away!
Outro Ruby: Wow, that power... I've just gotta know more about that thing!
Ragna: FYI, I ain't doin it.
Rachel Alucard
Intro Ruby: Awww, yeah! Here comes Team Rose!
Rachel: Make light of a rose and you may be pricked.
Outro Ruby: Yes! Victory for Team Rose!
Rachel: Do mind the thorns.
Intro Es: Do you also desire the Azure?
Ruby: Well... Actually, uh, I'm more interested in your sword.
Outro Ruby: Oh please, can I see your sword, just for a little bit?
Es: No.
Mai Natsume
Intro Ruby: Wow, huh, so you're a lancer. Let me take a look at that spear!
Mai: Huh? R-right now?
Outro Mai: Whew... We managed to win.
Ruby: Great! Can I see it now?
Yu Narukami
Intro Ruby: Wow, our opponents look pretty tough this time, don't they Narukami?
Yu: No worries. With my Persona and your Semblance combined, no enemy can stand against us.
Outro Yu: Victory is ours!
Ruby: Mmm~ Come back anytime and we'll beat you again!
Intro Ruby: No way! Look at all these weapons! Ah! So cool!
Aegis: Your eyes are so sparkly that I'm almost blushing.
Outro Ruby: We win! Yay!
Aegis: Ha ha... That was really easy.
Intro Labrys: I thought my weapon was huge, but yours gives it a run for its money, Ruby!
Ruby: Just wait until you see what I can do with it.
Outro Labrys: No one will ever make me hurt my friends again.
Ruby: You're so cool, Labrys.
Intro Hyde: If you're scared, you can just stand back and watch.
Ruby: Same to you, Hyde. You don't have to fight if you're scared of me showing you up.
Hyde: Roger that-wait, hold on!
Outro Ruby: Aw, it's over? It was just starting to get fun! Ah, too bad...
Hyde: Understand now? Even lady luck has given up on you.
Intro Gordeau: My Devourer will carve out your spirit.
Ruby: And my Crescent Rose will claim our victory!
Gordeau: Now let's get this party started!
Outro Ruby: Yahoo! That was so much fun!
Gordeau: Well, aren't you rowdy!
Intro Ruby: Whoa, what's up with those wings on your back?
Vatista: Battle sequence ongoing. Your query is not suited to my current status.
Outro Vatista: Beginning battle data analysis.
Ruby: Hey! Why won't you listen to me!?
Intro Ruby: I've heard of people like you... Yeah! Samurai!
Yuzuriha: Well, I'm actually a guardian and not a samurai, but... Aw, what the heck?
Outro Ruby: I'm pretty proud of my speed, heh... Not bad, right?
Yuzuriha: Well done, you! You really made things easy for me!
Weiss Schnee
Intro Weiss: It seems it's our turn, Ruby.
Ruby: Yeah, let's do this!
Outro Ruby: Don't mess with Team RWBY!
Weiss: Or at least Team RW... Heh.
Blake Belladonna
Intro Ruby: This is getting fun, Blake!
Blake: Well, it's not boring... Even if we know who'll win.
Outro Ruby: We did it! Just as planned!
Blake: Plan? I didn't hear about any plan...
Yang Xiao Long
Intro Yang: Well, Ruby? You having fun yet?
Ruby: Of course! I get to fight with you!
Outro Yang: An easy win! Whohoo!
Ruby: Yay!
Intro Ruby: Hello! How's everyone doing?
Blake: Team RWBY is back.
Yang: Alright! Let's make this a good one.
Weiss: Then I'll count us down. Three... Two... One...
All: Fight!

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
We're the most amazing partners, right? Totally in sync. I don't feel like we can lose!
Ah, I love Crescent Rose, she's amazing! What's your weapon? Can I see? Can I see?
Woohoo! Total victory! We are SUPER cool!
Oh, I'm so sorry... Did I go a little too far?
As the leader of Team RWBY... I've never known the meaning of defeat. Heh... Okay, out of character, but it was still pretty cool, huh?
Partner with Ragna Ruby: Whoa, your weapon transforms too, right!? And, it looks just like Crescent Rose! Hey, what other tricks can it do!? How much does it weigh? What's it made out of!? Can I hold it? Please? Please?
Ragna: Argh, shut up! Just-- stop talking!
Partner with Rachel Ruby: Say, why don't you use an actual weapon? I mean, you're pretty amazing the way you are, but still...
Rachel: There's no need. My grace and dignity more than suffice.
Partner with Es Ruby: Crescent Rose and I are one in the same! A weapon is a part of you! You can't live without it! Is that how you feel about your sword?
Es: A part of me... Something I can't live without... But that would be... Pudding?
Partner with Mai Ruby: This spear is so interesting. What's it made out of? Carbon? Ceramic? Ah... It looks like it can curve the trajectory of a bullet, but what's the force behind that? Ah... Oh, can it transform? What else can it do?
Mai: Umm... Can I have it back now...?
Partner with Yu Ruby: Woohoo! You're so cool, Narukami! You really are a kingpin!
Yu: (...How do so many people know that nickname? Is the Midnight Channel involved somehow...?)
Partner with Aegis Ruby: Now that the fight is over... Hee hee... Hey, Aegis, can we trade weapons for a while!? Just to look at! That's all, really!
Aegis: Dangerous enthusiasm and assistance detected. Retreating immediately!
Partner with Labrys Labrys: Now I get why you're the leader of Team RWBY. Ya got the skills for one thing, but you also seem to really enjoy fightin'. Can you teach me how to do that?
Ruby: When you're fighting, you don't have to worry about personal drama or anything, just the fight! Remember, simple is best! Ahh, that was fun.
Partner with Hyde Hyde: Whether here or in the Hollow Night, I can't avoid fighting. Sorry, Ruby. I'd like your help, but I don't want to subject you to these endless attacks.
Ruby: Nah, it's okay! As a Huntress, it's my duty to help those in need! Besides... It's kind of exciting! Hehe. ♪
Partner with Gordeau Ruby: I haven't met another scythe user in a really long time... Actually, Uncle Qrow might be the only one that I know. Anyway, good work, old man! I've gotta make sure I can keep up.
Gordeau: Good grief... Did you just call me "old man"? Do I really look that old? I've gotta take some time to process this...
Partner with Vatista Ruby: I'm faster than anyone, and I can move all over the place-- That's my Semblance! What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?
Vatista: Semblances... Auras... The phenomena achieved are immense versus their minor cost. Your people are possibly a risk factor. It seems that there are many variables we are yet unaware of.
Partner with Yuzuriha Yuzuriha: Hear your foes from afar and you shall see them when they are near! Now, feel the sting of my beloved blade Ayame, and-- Okay, maybe I'm overdoing this a little.
Ruby: Wow... So these are the secrets of the far east... I have to tell everyone as soon as I get back! Samurai really do exist!
Partner with Weiss Ruby: Heh! Nobody can stand against us! C'mon, Weiss! Let's go find our next match!
Weiss: I swear, that girl... She's always getting carried away. Sometimes I feel like she'd drive me crazy if I were anyone else.
Partner with Blake Blake: I'm a member of Team RWBY. I can't afford to disappoint. For my teammates' sake and my own.
Ruby: Aw, c'mon, Blake! You've gotta be happier than that! Enjoy the moment!
Partner with Yang Ruby: Hah! When my big sis and I team up, we're invincible! Hey, think we should team up with Weiss and Blake next time?
Yang: That's a great idea! C'mon, let's go find them!




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  • Ruby's alternate palette references include the following:
    • Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear series)
    • Es
    • Yu Narukami (Persona series)
    • Mika (Under Night In-Birth series)
    • Jaune Arc (RWBY series)
    • Summer Rose (RWBY series)

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