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15th Hierarchical City of Torifune

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Military Academy insignia

The 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune is a Hierarchical City that is also known as the Military Academy or Academy City. The entirety of Torifune is dedicated to training and educating Novus Orbis Librarium soldiers, many from the Duodecim. It sits within the Izumo Region.


Torifune was founded by Relius Clover for the purpose to gather up interesting souls that he could observe. [1] This makes the Academy, at most, just over 10 years old, being relatively new to society. [2] There are very strict entrance examinations to get into the Academy since it is used to create the future soldiers of the NOL, and some potential students study for years just to be admitted - many of these students are from noble families. There are other ways of getting in, however, and these include having a recommendation and, in very rare instances, being scouted by the NOL. Some schools exist that focus purely on training students in how to pass these exams to enter the Academy. [3] There is no racial discrimination on who can enter, as both demi-humans and Kaka have been accepted.

The series of tests that are used to exam potential students include: physical tests, stamina tests, academic level, and Ars Magus aptitude. This last one was done with an old Grimoire, however, that broke in 2196. Those who are actually accepted by the Academy must move into it, leaving their homes. There is only one break, which is the only time that students are permitted to return home. There are some exceptions, such as when Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, and Mai Natsume were permitted to attend Jin Kisaragi's medal award ceremony. [4]

Compared to the other Hierarchical Cities, Torifune is one of the smallest, only having a few hundred thousand residents, 80% of which are related to the Academy. Generally speaking, the student council manages most of the day-to-day activities and provide the security. Only the most elite students are able to become members of the council; Elina, the first student council president, is said to have been extremely influential in how the Academy would eventually flourish. [5] Like the other Hierarchical Cities, there is a gear-type elevator that allows access between the various levels, and the Ars Magus used to operate it is more impressive than that other the other Cities.


Torifune is divided into ten different levels, each one being similar to a city in their own regard.

  • The first level is at the top of the city, and holds the NOL branch.
  • The second level is the port of the city, allowing Ars Magus vessels to enter and leave willingly. Unlike the other cities, this is the only entrance and exit.
  • The third level is occupied with security and management of the Academy. Anyone entering or leaving the city needs to come to this department and fill out paperwork. During the singular holiday that the academy has, this area becomes crowded.
  • The fourth level is for the junior-high (中等部) to college-level division (高等部).
  • The fifth level is pre-school (幼等部) to elementary school division (小等部).
  • The sixth level is the business district. This is filled with many different shops.
  • The seventh level is filled with the dormitories for both students and faculty.
  • The eighth level is off limits to students. It is filled with thick seithr, and has a large mansion within its grounds. [6]
  • The ninth level is off limits to students. It has numerous trees and thickets. [7]
  • The tenth level is off limits to students. It has numerous ruins and housed the Aedsqui Grimoire. [8]

There are also two different areas - a desert, and a beach. Where they are in relation to the different levels is unknown.

Faculty and Alumni


  • Torifune Festival - this festival comes around once a year. The main event of this festival is a competition that is different every year. In 2195, the competition was a martial arts tournament, and in 2196, it was a competition of rocks-paper-scissors. The competitions are divided into male and female categories - male winners are crowned Izanagi and female winners are crowned Izanami. Jin Kisaragi won both of these tournaments, and Kajun Faycott won the second one. [9]
  • Sports Festival- this festival is run by the student council and faculty. Students are divided into teams of five, and must use all their abilities to compete against other students to find random items that are selected via cards. These items are designed to be unobtainable, but anyone who manages to find an item can be granted MVP. [10]
  • Survival Training - students are divided into teams of three and are deployed into Torifune's wilderness. There, they must try to survive by taking out a powerful beast. In 2196, this beast was a Mountain Jellyfish and Team Remix Heart, by working together when they were split in two, were able to take first place. [11]


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

15th Hierarchical City ‘Torifune'

One of the Hierarchical Cities in the Izumo Region.

The Hierarchical City itself is the Librarium's Military Academy.[12]

Academy City

A nickname for the 15th Hierarchical City Torifune. The city is small compared to other Hierarchical Cities.[13]

Military Academy

A school founded to train the Praetorian Guard (officers) for the Librarium's military. Its full name is the ‘15th Hierarchical City Novus Orbis Librarium Military Academy.' The entire 15th Hierarchical City ‘Torifune' is called by this name, making it the world's largest academy-city.

The majority of its alumni, such as Jin, Noel, Tsubaki, and Makoto, move on to careers in the Librarium. Carl was also enrolled here, but he quit due to certain reasons.[14]

Student Council

The organization that manages the Librarium Military Academy. Students are selected to serve as members. Jin and Tsubaki served as Student Council presidents while they were attending the academy. [15]


Torifune is named after the Japanese God Ame-no-Torifune, who is alternatively known as Tori-no-Iwakusufune. This God was one of the seventeen Gods born from Izanami and Izanagi's union.



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