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Standby complete. Good morning!
Joint operation battle. Here we go![1]
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Voice Actors

Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese)[2]
Karen Strassman (English)

Character Titles

The Heartless Armed Angel[1] (全身凶器の心なき天使)[3]

Character Themes

Heartful Cry -in Mayonaka Arena-

From Persona 3, a human-type weapon in possession of a heart. Currently, she belongs to the special organization Shadow Operatives. Her Persona is Athena.

With various heavy firearms, she traps the opponent in powerful attacks. Using the high-speed movement provided by Orgia Boost, pummel the opponent freely![4]

Command Lists


Name Command
Smart Combo
Reversal Action
Heavenly Spear A + D
7th Gen Blast Gatling ↓↘→ + A or B (B version is chargeable)
7th Gen Radical Cannon ↓↙← + A or B (chargeable) (midair also)
7th Gen Vulcan Cannon Midair ↓↙← + A or B
Extra Skill (Takes 1 skill gauge)
Megido Fire - Kai ↓↘→ + C (midair also)
Pandora Missile Launcher ↓↙← + C (midair also)
Distortion Skill (Takes 2 skill gauge)
Goddess Shield ↓↘→ + B + C (midair also)
Multi Mounted Machine Gun Orion ↓↙← + B + C (midair also)
A grab.
Distortion Skill · Duo (takes 2 skill gauge)
Goddess Shield P during the main character's Distortion Skill
Astral Heat
Heritage Liberator Palladion ↓↓↓ + B + C (midair also)




Situation Line Voice
Yu Narukami
Mitsuru Kirijo
Akihiko Sanada
Ragna the Bloodedge
Intro Aegis: I'll have you watch my blind spot.
Ragna: You better not shoot me with that thing.
Outro Aegis: I accept all comers, shadow or not.
Ragna: You've gotta be kidding, we don't need anymore trouble.
Iron Tager
Nine the Phantom
Ruby Rose

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Partner with Yu Yu: We've been through a lot of tough battles together. There's no way we'd lose a fight like that.
Aegis: Narukami-san. When I am with you, a feeling of nostalgia washes over me... It reminds me of someone.
Partner with Mitsuru Aegis: I am no longer alone. And I'm sure the other Shadow Operatives feel the same way.
Mitsuru: The time you've spent and the trust you've built with us will not betray you. You have no need to fear.
Partner with Akihiko Akihiko: Your body will never betray you. Your body was telling me that you've got the potential to become much stronger.
Aegis: So the body speaks? Impressive, Sanada-san. I could not hear it.
Partner with Labrys Aegis: Our partnership knows no rivals. I feel like we're the unbeatable, Sis!
Labrys: Lemme learn ya somethin', Aegis. Times like these, ya wanna be a little more expressive. Just watch. Ya use your entire body and go "YEAH! WE WIN!" Capisce?
Partner with Ragna Aegis: I've seen your fighting firsthand now, Ragna-san. Your skills and unpleasant appearance are worthy of your bounty.
Ragna: Heh, you think...? Hey! What do you mean, "unpleasant appearance"!?
Partner with Tager Aegis: High speed navigational sequence active. Closing in on a waypoint. It seems the two of use are perfectly synchronized
Tager: But that's no excuse to let our guard down. The first to lose in combat is usually the first to lose their life. You would do well to remember that.
Partner with Nine Nine: A Persona, heavy artillery, a flight unit, and humanlike intelligence... My daughter would love you.
Aegis: Is your daughter still a young girl? I am a protector of children's dreams!
Partner with Hyde Hyde: My overflowing... My arm won't stop aching. Hey! Run while you can! I'm not sure I can hold this back much longer...!
Aegis: Judging from your symptoms, it seems that you have either myalgia or neuralgia. I recommend that you visit a medical facility before your symptoms get worse.
Partner with Vatista Vatista: This being, though possessing the body of a machine, is equipped with a humanlike thought program. Necessity of investigation with my own program confirmed. Requesting spirit/software analysis.
Aegis: As a current member of the Shadow Operatives, I'm afraid I have to refuse due to potential obstruction of my mission.
Partner with Ruby Ruby: Now that the fight is over... Hee hee... Hey, Aegis, can we trade weapons for a while!? Just to look at! That's all, really!
Aegis: Dangerous enthusiasm and persistence detected. Retreating immediately!


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