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Standby complete. Good morning!
Joint operation battle. Here we go![1]
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Voice Actors

Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese)[2]
Karen Strassman (English)

Character Titles

The Heartless Armed Angel[1] (全身凶器の心なき天使)[3]

Character Themes

Heartful Cry -in Mayonaka Arena-

From Persona 3, a human-type weapon in possession of a heart. Currently, she belongs to the special organization Shadow Operatives. Her Persona is Athena.

With various heavy firearms, she traps the opponent in powerful attacks. Using the high-speed movement provided by Orgia Boost, pummel the opponent freely![4]

Command Lists


Name Command
Smart Combo
Reversal Action
Heavenly Spear A + D
7th Gen Blast Gatling ↓↘→ + A or B (B version is chargeable)
7th Gen Radical Cannon ↓↙← + A or B (chargeable) (midair also)
7th Gen Vulcan Cannon Midair ↓↙← + A or B
Extra Skill (Takes 1 skill gauge)
Megido Fire - Kai ↓↘→ + C (midair also)
Pandora Missile Launcher ↓↙← + C (midair also)
Distortion Skill (Takes 2 skill gauge)
Goddess Shield ↓↘→ + B + C (midair also)
Multi Mounted Machine Gun Orion ↓↙← + B + C (midair also)
A grab.
Distortion Skill · Duo (takes 2 skill gauge)
Goddess Shield P during the main character's Distortion Skill
Astral Heat
Heritage Liberator Palladion ↓↓↓ + B + C (midair also)





  • Aegis & Athena's alternate palette references include the following:
    • Labrys (Persona series)
    • Nu-13
    • Metis & Psyche (Persona series)
    • Vatista (Under Night In-Birth series)
    • Penny Polendina (RWBY series)
    • Elizabeth (Persona series)

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