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"Hearn! Wow, it's been a while. I want to meet him quickly. Where is he? What's he doing now? Something fun, probably? Destroying a ton of stuff again? That's fine, destroying things is my specialty"[1]

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BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Oliver (オリヴァ) is a Prime Field Device and member of Babel who works under Hearn. He is close with Semia. Oliver first appeared in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War as one of its antagonists.


Oliver has the appearance of a slim, androgynous teenage boy with bright blue eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair that comes past his ears. He wears a black body suit that shows his shoulders and stops at his thighs. Orange and yellow highlights run along the side of the suit and a small metal piece covers his crotch. Over the suit is a large metal piece with two blue seithr regulators on either side. Fastened to these regulators is a yellow cape with a black pattern and hemming along its length. Two red ribbons are attached to either side of the regulators.

On top of his head is a large hat with Babel's insignia. Oliver's look is finished with two large metallic anklets and shoes that are both in brass color.


Oliver speaks in short sentences and usually asks a barrage of questions one after another; because of this, it's not uncommon that he will accidentally repeat himself. He has a relaxed attitude, not caring much about the dangerous circumstances he finds himself in, and seems to find destruction fun.

Of all the members of Babel, it appears that Oliver is closest with Semia. Hearn remarked that she might be the only person he would listen to.[2] Like Semia, he does not seem to have fond views of Prime Fields who are allied with humans.

Powers and Abilities

As a Prime Field Device, Oliver is immune to the effects of the Boundary and is resistant to seithr. He claims that destroying things is his speciality.


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