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"I am strength, I am power, I am all! My very being is the Sword of God that will destroy all! I am Takehaya Susano'o......THE END HAS COME!"

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August 8[1]



Voice Actors

Kenta Miyake





Hair Color

Black with green streaks


Divine Warrior







Character Titles

Takehaya Susano'o of Mikoto

Character Themes

God of War


BlazBlue: Central Fiction (playable)

Takehaya Susano'o (スサノオ) is the complete existence of Yuuki Terumi and the Susano'o Unit. He is one of the Sankishin, a God of destruction, and brother to the Amaterasu Unit and Tsukuyomi Unit.

He became playable in BlazBlue: Central Fiction.



Despite being the Susano'o Unit itself, Susano'o has a different look while his soul resides within it. The gray sheen of the unit's outer armour is tinted charcoal while the inner plates are much darker. Unlike in its base form, the unit now has a face, with glowing green eyes and a large grin lined with sharp teeth. His hands now have large claws on the end of his nails, and on each shoulder is a pauldron shaped the same as his mask. Susano'o is distinct in that while his soul possesses his body, it grows a large tail, and its hair becomes untamed, longer, and is as deep black as the rest of his body. Throughout his body, large vibrant lines of green are present, extending from his ankles to his the tips of his hair. He stands over 200cm tall.


A tyrant who realizes cruel and outrageous acts. The infuence of the Susano'o Unit coils around Terumi's body, not only changing his speech pattern but also making the urge to destroy irresistable. However, it also seems that his fusion with the Unit is not perfect. [2]

Even though Susano'o and Terumi are one and the same, while in the Susano'o Unit, he behaves radically differently. Susano'o looks down on humanity, but has no wish to conquer it - instead, all the God wishes for is the destruction of everything. There is no laughter, taunting, or witty comment from Susano'o, only a calm rage and undying hatred for everything his sister, Amaterasu, has created. To this end, he is very confident in his abilities and status. He shows no mercy or tolerance for anything or anyone.

The only things Susano'o seems to value are freedom and destruction.

Powers & Techniques

A true God, Susano'o is one of, if not the most powerful entity in the BlazBlue universe. The only character capable of keeping up with him is Ragna, but only by removing the Idea Engine's limiter on his Azure Grimoire, a technique that nearly destroyed his body in the process. He can create amasses of green energy with the movements of his body, even being able to create a giant sword of it, one which can deal significant damage - however, he prefers to fight with his fists over using any weapons, and is much more flexible and coordinated than his size would suggest. His Drive is Divine Warrior, which lets him unlock or power up one of eight special moves when his attacks connect.

One of his greater assets is his incredible knowledge. Susano'o's intellect befits his status as a God. Despite being one, however, he does not demonstrate complete omniscience or omnipotence, but that does not mean that he is not overwhelmingly intelligent nor powerful. His only real weakness is his soul's discomfort of being inside the Unit, which makes the fusion imperfect and leaves him susceptible to Soul Eater and Hihiirokane, although both are very specific weaknesses.

Because of his deep roots in the structure of the world, Susano'o gained strength through the fear and hatred of others towards him, which was central to his plan to becoming stronger than the Black Beast. However, thanks to Ragna and Jin's gamble in which they altered people's perception of Susano'o to one of a hero who slayed the Black Beast, He lost the ability to draw on this strength. [3]


  • Susano'o is the only playable character who does not have an entry in the Library Mode.
  • Susano'o is unlocked through completing BlazBlue: Central Fiction's Story Mode, but can be purchased early for a small price. He is the third character in the series that is unlocked through this method after Mu-12 in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and Kagura Mutsuki in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma


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