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"Welcome back! Alright, still got arms and legs? Still conscious? Do you remember your own name? How many fingers am I holding up?"[1]
Kagami Hajou

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Kagami Hajou

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BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Kagami Hajou (破城カガミ) is a member of the Mitsurugi Agency who guides Ciel Sulfur and Rei as they venture through the various Phantom Fields. She is the commander of the Dimensional Boundary Submersible Warship Fugaku. Raabe is based on her personality.

Kagami first debuted in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War as a non-playable character, where she also manages the player shop.


Kagami is a slim, youthful looking woman with pale skin and pink eyes. She has long, wild auburn hair, some of which is covered by her large white hat. Kagami's attire is a red and white uniform that reveals her cleavage. Golden buttons adorn the front of the uniform and over this she wears a white coat. This coat has a popped collar, red lining, red cuffs, golden buttons on said cuffs, and is split into two segments on the back. Her look is completed with black tights and black high heels.


Jovially offbeat despite her circumstances and position. Kagami remains upbeat as she guides the members of the Fugaku across their perilous journeys. She is also a prankster, something once seen when she gave Ciel a pair of cymbals to bash near Rei's head in order to wake them. Her typical antics, however, belies a much deeper intelligence; Kagami is intimately familiar with Phantom Fields and the mechanics of the Boundary, possessing knowledge that equals some of the more intellectual individuals within the series.

In spite of her usual demeanour, there are plenty of times where Kagami can be serious, such as when talking about the world she originated from. Rebuilding it is her ultimate priority and objective, and Kagami will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. As well as this, there are times when she hides information from Rei and Ciel in order to further her own objectives and will often place them in perilous situations with little forewarning. She neglected to mention that diving into Phantom Fields can carry as little as a 10% success rate until they had begun to dive into their fourth Field. When she did eventually reveal this fact, Kagami's attitude was nonchalant.

She is pragmatic and well aware of the dangers that those aboard the Fugaku face. When first appraised of the opposition posed by Babel, Kagami had the Agency not engage, but observe with caution to better learn of their foes first.

Powers and Techniques

Unlike the other members aboard the Fugaku, Kagami is a non-combatant. The majority of her strength comes from her intellect and cunning, which is used to great effect in coordinating the members of the Mitsurugi Agency. Although Raabe is based on her personality and thoughts, there is no indication that Kagami is an Observer.

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  • Although Kagami's last name is Hajou, it is unknown if she is a member of the Hajou family, a branch family of the Amanohokosaka Clan.
  • Both Rachel Alucard and Naoto Kurogane know of Kagami, the latter of which warns Rei to be wary of her.


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