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Ah... Well, if I was more powerful... I wouldn't have to live with so much regret.
Lord Stroheim

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XBlaze Lost: Memories (Sechs Additional Scenario DLC only)

Lord Stroheim is a mage who resides in the Magister's City of Ishana. He is ranked highly in its society, and was responsible for putting Sechs in charge of protecting the Legacy Weapon - Sword of Destruction: Kusanagi shortly before Sechs' betrayal.

He is the father of Sechs and Kuon Glamred Stroheim. Stroheim appears exclusively in the Sechs Additional Scenario DLC for XBlaze Lost: Memories.


Stroheim's appearance

Lord Stroheim is an older man with a fair complexion. His eyes are red and he has long slicked-back brown hair with two bangs that fall to his chest. He has strong eyebrows, a goatee, and a moustache the same color as his hair.

Stroheim wears a white suit with accompanying white suit trousers and white shoes; he also wears a large red cravat. Over his suit is a large burgundy jacket that has a large hood and grey interior. Slung over the jacket's shoulders are two black belts with golden buckles on both ends.


Little is shown of Stroheim's personality. After the death of his wife and son due to complications in childbirth, he desperately sought a way to bring at least one of them back. He created an artificial human in his son's image, something that Sechs claimed would lead to a serious punishment if it was ever made public knowledge.[1]

He appears to be proud of his son, loving Sechs unconditionally and being proud of his acceptance into the Ten Sages; he also thinks much of his daughter, Kuon. Stroheim has many regrets, especially with having put Sechs through many hardships. He found Sechs leaving the Stroheim family particularly painful.

Powers and Abilities

Never seen in combat, but gifted in the application of the Arts that permeates Ishana's society. Stroheim is responsible for the creation of Sechs, who was created in the image of Stroheim's own deceased son. He is not proficient enough in these Arts, however, to be accepted into the Ten Sages.


  • Lord Stroheim's first name is never revealed.
  • Stroheim's appearance was only revealed in model sheets for Lost: Memories. In the game, only his shoulder can be seen.


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