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Sorcery (魔法 Mahou), sometimes called True Magic, is an Art and is the rarest among them. Unlike the other Arts which are fuelled with seithr, sorcery uses mana, the energy of nature, as its fuel. It exists outside of Logic and cannot be copied through Vision. [1]


Various ancient runes seen in sorcery circles

Much is unknown about this art, but it is known as the purest form of magic.[2] The spiritual power of nature is taken by a practitioner and used as fuel instead of seithr. [3] Those who are born with the ability to control the flow of life are capable of using Healing Magic, which despite its name, is sorcery itself. Like Nox Nyctores, sorcery causes scars on the soul, making those who wield it deadly and difficult to fight against. True to being closely related to the flow of life, sorcery has been demonstrated as being able to create life as the lycanthrope were created from it - because of this, the species exists outside of Logic.

The Magister's City of Ishana was protected by a magical barrier that prevented the flow of seithr from entering, so the island's inhabitants were free to use sorcery without constraint or fear of running out of fuel, as opposed to if they used magic. Prior to the Dark War, sorcery's usage was low, with Ishanan residents being the main users, but the aftermath of the war dwindled these numbers significantly. Ishana's Great Library held many books on the theory of sorcery.

According to Jubei, the most well trained of sorcerers are able to conjure sorcery with very little casting time.[4] Nine the Phantom was a master of sorcery and could launch a myriad of spells seconds within each other. When writing a sorcery field, ancient runes are used, the same of which are found in usage by the Eye of the Hunter.

Nine attempted to develop the Burning Red Grimoire that would allow humans the ability to outright use sorcery, but never succeeded in her lifetime. With the combination of a Remix Heart and countless souls, this Grimoire can be created. Cypher Albar created an incomplete one and demonstrated the generation of lightning.[5]



  • Gravity Seed
  • Infinite Corridor
  • Infinite Gravity
  • Mind Eater (Opprimo Vinculum)
  • Prototype Absolute Defense : Blade of Reflections
  • Slave Red
  • Teleportation
  • Healing - extremely rare and can only heal visible wounds
  • Levitation - can be amplified with the use of a broom[7]
  • Protection - blocks physical impact within a small field
  • Tracking - allows a user to track another living thing
  • Conveying - emits a generated message that is sent directly to the recipient and displayed in light[8]
  • Light - creates a ball of light that is said to generate a whimsical feel different to natural or artificial light[9]
  • Security - alerts someone to the presence of another entering a location with this spell applied to it
  • Cancelling - cancels an applied sorcery field, such as security
  • Unnamed - generates lightning; creates a large noise
  • Unnamed - generates fire
  • Unnamed - creates a ball of light that rains powerful bullets after a brief duration
  • Unnamed - unleashes several barely visible blades of wind that can rend flesh and sever bones
  • Unnamed - increases one's perception to the levels of a beastkin[10]
  • Unnamed - generates a powerful shock wave from one's hand
  • Unnamed - creates various shadow serpents from one's feet that attacks a target[11]
  • Unnamed - deploys a small field that can be used to track Remnants of Azure[12]
  • Unnamed - creates liquid-like darkness that can envelop and devour humans[13]
  • Unnamed - deploys a field that amplifies one's sorcery[14]
  • Unnamed - puts a target to sleep[15]

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Healing Magic

Magic that can heal the target's illnesses and wounds. Celica specializes in this. There are few humans capable of using true magic, making prodigies such as her even rarer. [16]


  • The English localization translates sorcery (魔法 mahou) and magic (魔術 majutsu) very loosely and often interchangeably. However, in one throwaway line by Rachel in Teach Me, Miss Litchi!, she mentions that sorcery is greater than magic, solidifying the proper terms.


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