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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Oh my, oh my? Where might this be? ...Mhm, seems interesting. I am Kajun Faycott. I'll also be collecting data on anything and everything related to you! But first, this matter of life and death!
New Unit あららん?ここは何処ですの?……ふむふむ、中々面白そうですのね。ワタクシはカジュン=ファイコット。あなたのことも、隅々まで取材させていただきますわ!とりあえずは生命線からですの!
Ascension (SS+) This mechanism almost feels like unknown data
Ascension (SS+) この仕組み、まるで知らない情報ですの
Ascension (SS++) It's like my head has cleared up.
Ascension (SS++) 頭が冴えるようですの
Ascension (SS+++) This is... such wonderful power!
Ascension (SS+++) これは……素晴らしい力ですの!
Home Screen
Talk My weapon of choice? This is my own, specially-crafted medicine. Of course, its recipe is a trade secret.
Talk ワタクシの武器ですの?これはワタクシの特製のお薬なんですのよ。もちろん、調合の仕方は企業秘密ですの。
Likes Lace and silk really are the best. ...What am I talking about? Well of course, my under-... Wh-why did you cover my mouth?
Likes やっぱり、レースやシルクに限りますの。……何の話か、ですの?それはもちろん、下もがっ……な、何で口を塞いだんですの?
Dislikes Cleaning? Laundry...? Even if you ask me, I can't help. I may be both beautiful and brilliant, but no matter how sharp I am, there's things I won't be good at. Oh, do you think you could do mine too?
Dislikes 掃除?洗濯 ……?そういうのは、ワタクシに言われても困りますの。いくらワタクシが頭脳明晰、才色兼備だとしても、苦手なものはありますの。そうだ、あなたがやっておいてくださいません?
Hobby There's such good weather today. Days like these call for some good-natured data collection! ..."Just the same as any other day?" I'm sure you're just imagining things.
Hobby 今日はいい天気ですのね。こんな日は、元気に取材あるのみですの!……いつもと変わらない?きっと気のせいですの。
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