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An Onlooker[1] (傍観者 Bōkansha) is a powerful entity capable of watching the events that unfold in the world, yet are cursed to never be allowed to intervene. Rachel Alucard is the most famous of the Onlookers.


The title is seemingly passed from one being to another, and rarely do two Onlookers exist at the same time. An Onlooker is blessed with the ability to remember events and circumstances that transcend Phenomenon Intervention. Rachel could remember over 725 timelines worth of information, with each one being around 100 years long.[2][3] It appears that Onlookers are granted immense power, especially with sorcery. Onlookers also emit a powerful presence[4], and have the ability to Observe; all known Onlookers are also Observers, and all have a degree of power with phenomenon intervention.

Should an Onlooker intervene with the world, then most of their overwhelming power is stripped from them. Furthermore, the more that they continue to intervene in the world, the more power is stripped from them until they eventually vanish from existence. This was said to cause Clavis Alucard a great deal of emotional pain as he longed to help change the world for the better.[5] The world always needs an Onlooker, and the world seemingly chooses who they are.[6]

Whenever referencing the act of an Onlooker violating their role by participating in the events of the world, theatrical analogies are used. At times Onlookers are referred to as "the audience" who watch the "actors". When they intervene in the world, they are sometimes said to take a "step on the stage".[7]



  • In the English localization, Onlooker was merged with Observer in most instances, taking on the latter's name. There are some instances where this is not the case and Onlooker is used instead.

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