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This page represents a to-do list for the wiki.


A catch-all section for to do list items.

  • Quality checking for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.
  • Add {{Gameplay Stub}} and {{Quotes Stub}} to gameplay & quotes pages that are incomplete
  • include images for lists of characters on pages (e.g. living in/belonging to [organization] sections)?

Missing Content

Not in any particular order.

  • Continuum Shift information
    • Story info for character biographies
    • Includes Heart to Heart and That which is inherited
  • Pages for gameplay and gameplay modes? (Unlimited Mars, Highlander Assault, BlazBlue Quiz, Legion Mode, Unlimited Characters, Drives, etc.)
  • Page or pages for gag reels? e.g. The Legendary Blue Silvervine, Brotherly Paradise
  • Phase Shift 4 information (notably, the characters Two, Three, Four and any important story points)
  • CT - CF interviews that were recorded but left unused in the files? They'd need to be translated.
  • Network pages - add info about (ranked) titles or P$ point system?
  • Missing media (books & CDs)
  • Merchandise backlog (roughly 2012 - 2016)
  • XBlaze Lost: Memories DLC info
  • Make pages and add synposes for redlinked short stories:
  • Incomplete arcade transcriptions on characters' Biography pages
  • General and misc XBlaze information. Maha Raja, Drive-Union, Restricted Ward, etc.
    • Lost: Memories biography information for all characters.
  • Gameplay backlog
  • Remainder of Phase Shift 3 information on character biographies
  • Finish large incomplete pages. Specifically Dark War, Sector Seven, Novus Orbis Librarium.
  • Images added to biographies to spruce up the pages and divide the large walls of text.
  • Images added to the Alter Memory episode pages
  • Known information about BBTAG 2.0 to be added to BBTAG page (modes, development, new system mechanics, etc.) - can ref CPEX page maybe?

Incomplete Character Pages

Overview Pages

Gameplay Pages

Main article: Help: Manual of Style/Character Pages/Gameplay
  • Missing commands/command lists
  • Missing palette sections (Yuzuriha, Teddie & BBTAG 2.0 characters; various from pre-CF)
  • Missing frame screenshots or sprites for moves (for all characters, all games)

Help:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Gameplay

Quotes Pages

Main article: Help:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Quotes
  • Missing quotes
  • Missing audio files

Help:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Quotes

Files in the Wrong Characters' Galleries

Main article: Help:Manual_of_Style/Character_Pages/Gallery

Help:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Gallery