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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Huh? Where is this? Who are you? Let's see... I'm Linhua. Miss Litchi's assistant, I guess... Say, have you seen Miss Litchi around?
New Unit あれ?ここ、どこ?あんた誰?……えっとね、ボクはリンファ。ライチ先生の助手、なんだけど……あのさ、ライチ先生見なかった?
Ascension (SS+) It feels like I've got power welling up inside me.
Ascension (SS+) なんだかすごく力が湧いてくる気がするよ
Ascension (SS++) Maybe I'm closer to being like Miss Litchi!?
Ascension (SS++) もしかしたらライチ先生にも近づける!?
Ascension (SS+++) This power exists so I can protect people.
Ascension (SS+++) みんなを守るために、この力はあるんだよね
Home Screen
Talk I really look up to Miss Litchi. She's so cool. It's why I'm working so hard...and, her hair is so long and smooth. A long ways away for me....
Talk ライチ先生はボクの憧れの人なんだ。格好いいんだよ。だから頑張って勉強して……あと、髪も真似して伸ばしてみたりしてるんだけど。中々近づかないんだよね……。
Likes What I like? Um...Miss Litchi, maybe? Oh, you didn't mean like that? I mean, isn't it fine?
Likes ボクの好きなもの?うーん……ライチ先生かな。えっ、そういうんじゃない?いいじゃん、好きなんだから。
Dislikes Medicine. You know, it's so bitter.... They say the better the medicine, the worse it tastes, but there's got to be a limit. It's better to just stay healthy.
Dislikes 薬ってさ、結構苦いんだよね……。そりゃ「良薬は口に苦し」とは言うけど、限度があるっていうか。やっぱり健康が一番だよね。
Hobby If you're not feeling well, don't push it and go see a doctor. ...I may be working as a doctor's assistant, but I can't give you a professional examination.
Hobby 体調が悪いときは、無理しないでお医者様にかかること。ボクも一応、お医者様の助手ではあったけど……本格的には診れないからね。
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