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Early Life

As Zwei, Ringo became legendary even among the Ten Sages. During her time at Ishana, she mentored both Drei and Kuon Glamred Stroheim's mother. Seven years before the Embryo incident, Kuon's mother made curry for Ringo with a recipe she brought back from Japan. Ringo fell in love with it, so much so that she decided to abandon Ishana and travel the world to learn how to make the perfect curry around a year later.

Embryo Incident

Code: Embryo, Lost: Memories

Ringo was first seen working alongside Touya Kagari at Maha Raja. She distracted Touya from working by rambling on about a customer's etiquette based on the state he left his plate in before the manager made her stop. [1]

Two days later, Ringo complained about all the police activity and wondered what was going on. Noticing Touya was being vague with his answers about the danger, she asked him about it but he just said he'd seen disturbing articles on TOi. Ringo had no idea what TOi is and when Touya explained it, she found it suspicious, saying people should seek out information for themselves. Ringo stopped working when she saw Es inside, wondering about her relationship with Touya. Ringo asked Es if she was Touya's girlfriend but Es didn't know what that means. [2]

A few days later, she greeted Touya and Mei Amanohokosaka when they went to Maha Raja, teasing Touya for bringing a different girl with him. Mei said Ringo looked similar to Zwei of the Ten Sages, but there's no way she'd be working at a curry restaurant. Ringo said she had no idea what Mei was talking about. [3]

Several days later, Ringo approached a near-dead Drei in her Zwei attire. Drei initially assumed it was an illusion, but she insisted she is real. Drei wanted to know what Ringo was doing in a place like this and she said it was because the truth exists in places like this. Drei assumed she was talking about the Azure but Ringo insisted she had no interest in it; that being able to know and do everything is boring and life is only interesting if you discover things for yourself. Drei said that she was always so free from the rules of the Ten Sages while Ringo countered that he was too bound by them. Drei said he wished he could have been more like her before dying. Ringo decided to send him off, disintegrating his body with her Azure Requiem spell and praying that his soul would find peace. Ringo then found Avenge in the sewers. She claimed to just be a curry restaurant waitress but Avenge recognized her and asked if she was there to avenge Drei. Ringo said she wanted to thank him and used healing magic on him, but said that healing magic wasn't her speciality so all she could do was patch him up. Avenge wanted to know what she wanted in exchange so Ringo asked him to protect Touya and his friends. Since they were about to attack the Mitsurugi Agency she wanted him to clear out the foot soldiers. Avenge said that Ringo should be able to do that easily but she said she was in hiding and that it was not her fight. Avenge promised to repay his debt. Ringo offered to make him curry if he succeeds but he declined. [4]

One month after the Embryo Incident, Ringo was at the Himezuru residence and tried Hinata Himezuru's curry, praising her skill. Ringo soon interrupted a phone call between Touya and Kuon, saying she would leave now that she'd stolen Hinata's recipe, which relieved Touya. Ringo said she didn't expect to see Touya any time soon and left. [5]


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