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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Mine name is Homura. And what shall we call thee by? We are but a lonesome weakling. Despite knowing that, what would'st thee require from us?
New Unit 余の名は、ホムラ。そなた、名はなんと申す? 余は……ひとりではとても無力だ。そんな余に、そなたはなにを求める?
Ascension (SS+) So this is Observation? 'Tis a wondrous power.
Ascension (SS+) これが観測か。すごい力だ
Ascension (SS++) Perhaps we have become more reliable?
Ascension (SS++) 少しは頼もしくなっただろうか
Ascension (SS+++) We art the Homura Amanohokosaka that thee have had fixed within thy sight. And now- We advance.
Ascension (SS+++) これぞそなたが見据えた、天ノ矛坂焔である。いざ、参ろうぞ
Home Screen
Talk Mine mother and father had already passed from this world by the time we had begun to know the world around us. All that we had were the retainers at our side. Aside from them, there was no soul in which we could entrust our heart to. Therefore... being in place like this, where the many may talk freely among themselves, is a wondrous thing. 'Tis alike being in the midst of a dream.
Talk 余が物心ついたときには、父も母も亡くなっていた。側には頼れる臣下がいたが……それ以外に心許せる者もいなかった。だから……多くの者と語り合えるここでの時間は、とても不思議で、夢の中の出来事のように思えるのだ。
Likes We are called Homura. Few call us by that name, however... it is a name that mine late mother hadst bequeathed upon us. A name that we cherish- and one that we ask those close to us to call us by. We wish that thee shalt do the same.
Likes 余は名をホムラという。あまりその名で呼ぶものは多くない。だが……亡き母がくれた名前なのだそうだ。大切な名だ……親しき者には呼んでもらいたい。そなたも、そうしてほしい。
Dislikes What do we dislike? U-uhm, well- Repeat this unto no others.... We hold no fondness for aubergine.
Dislikes 余の嫌いなもの? ええと……だ……誰にも言わないでほしい。……なすびが、好きではない。
Hobby A hobby? Hobby... Pardon, we hadst not thought about that before... Perhaps study? We do so enjoy studying. Both reading books, and listening to the advice of mine retainers, such a thing counts as a hobby, no?
Hobby 趣味? 趣味……すまない、考えたこともなかった。……勉学、だろうか。勉学は好きだ。書物を読んだり、臣下の進言を聞いたり……そういうのは、趣味とは言わないのか?
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