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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit I must admit, to be asked mine name puts me at quite a loss. Tenjō, thou may'st call me. That will suffice, for this name of mine. I ruled the world at one point in time; I was branded as traitor during another. That is the kind of person that I am.
New Unit 名を問われるといささか困る。テンジョウ、と呼んでくれ。それが余を示す『名』だ。一時は世を総べたこともあった。一時は反逆者と呼ばれた。そんな人間だ。
Ascension (SS+) Shall I divine with mine words and actions for thee? Quite fascinating, these matters.
Ascension (SS+) 余に先を示すと言うか。面白きことよ
Ascension (SS++) I shall comply with the guidance of the heavens. That is unmistakably mine destiny.
Ascension (SS++) 導きに従おう。それこそ余の運命
Ascension (SS+++) This is- Oh, mine heart is beating so....
Ascension (SS+++) これは……胸が高鳴るな
Home Screen
Talk Ikaruga. That is the name of mine country. 'Tis no ordeal to rule a country of such a small size, but it was mine beloved land, filled with the people I treasured.
Talk イカルガ。それが余の国の名前だ。国といっても小さな土地でしかなく、治めるといってもそう大それたことでもなかったのだが……余の愛しいものが集まった、大切な国であった。
Likes Something that I like? What is this? Art thou making a tithe to me? Hehe, 'tis but a jest. Ah, well... If there is one thing I so belove, it is the tranquility of mine citizens. Therefore, I wish for thee that same tranquility. If this is such a matter that mine power can solve for thee, be not afraid to speak of it.
Likes 余の好きなものとな。なんだ、献上してくれるのか? ふふ、冗談よ。そうさな……余が愛してやまぬものとなれば、やはり民の平穏だ。だから其方にも平穏でいてほしい。余で力になれることがあればなんなりと言うが良いぞ。
Dislikes 'Tis not a thing to admit while on the fields of battle, but truly, I am not fond of strife. If it is a battle among peers for cultivation- then spar to thine heart's content. However, a battle for the sake of harming others... brings nothing but pain within mine chest.
Dislikes 戦いの場に参加しておきながら、このようなことを言うべきではないだろうが……やはり争いは好かぬ。互いに高め合う争いならば存分にやるがよかろう。だが……傷つけ合うための争いは……胸が痛む。
Hobby I am quite fond of calligraphy. To do calligraphy is to confront one's inner self. A tempestuous heart bears tempestuous writing, while tranquil strokes are born of a tranquil soul. Well? Wilt thou not makest the attempt? I do so desire a compatriot to speak of brushwork with.
Hobby 余は書をたしなむぞ。書は己との対峙だ。荒ぶる心あらば荒ぶる字となり、静かなる心あらば静かなる字が現れる。どうだ、其方もやってみぬか。書を語る仲間がほしいのだ。
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