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Shiori Kirihito/Quotes

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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Shiori Kirihito. That's Shiori's name. She doesn't really have anywhere else to go. Since that's just how things are, Shiori will help you out.
New Unit シオリ=キリヒト、それがシオリの名前です。他に行く場所もないことだし、仕方ないから手伝ってあげますわ。
Ascension (SS+) Shiori's thorns are a little sharper, and her poison a little more deadly...
Ascension (SS+) 棘はより鋭く、毒はより強く……
Ascension (SS++) Shiori's full power...Should she show it to you, she wonders?
Ascension (SS++) シオリの真の力を、あなたが見せてくれるのかしら
Ascension (SS+++) Shiori's exposed everything to you, as of now.
Ascension (SS+++) ここまでシオリを暴いてしまうなんて……
Home Screen
Talk Shiori shouldn't say this in public but, the Kirihito family's occupation is assassination. If there's a person you'd like to get rid of, you can consult with Shiori.
Talk あまり公には言えませんが、キリヒト家は暗殺を生業にしていますの。もし消したい人間がいるなら、シオリにご相談くださいまし。
Likes What kind of thing Shiori likes? Naaaaturally, that'd be Lady Mai! Having said that, Shiori doesn't care even if it's you. If you lay a even a single finger on Lady Mai, you'll get what's coming to you, you understand?
Likes シオリの好きなものは、当~~っ然! マイ様ですわ!! いくらあなたといえど、マイ様に手を出したら許しませんからね。
Dislikes What kind of thing Shiori dislikes? Well, there are things she doesn't care for. You see, there's a special someone that Shiori is passionately in love with, but she's got a truly loathsome rival in love. Oh, she certainly won't allow that, no....!
Dislikes 嫌いなもの……あ、苦手なものならあります。シオリの大好きな人を夢中にさせる、憎き恋仇がいるんです。許せませんわ~……!
Hobby Because of her family, Shiori has at least a little bit of knowledge about medicinal herbs. You can leave a menu that will revitalize you up to her. You know what they say, the dose certainly makes the poison.
Hobby 家柄上、薬草については少々知識がありますわ。滋養強壮のメニューはシオリに任せてください。……薬と毒は紙一重、と言いますものね。
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