Karenjina Parsett

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"Run back to your mom and dad before you get a scar on that pretty face of yours."[1]
Karenjina Parsett

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Karenjina Parsett



Hair Color

Black with one white streak

Eye Color

Light blue




5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido


Novus Orbis Librarium (Ninth Squadron)


BlazBlue: Spiral Shift – Hero of the Frozen Blade

Corporal Karenjina Patsett ( カレンジーナ=パルセット伍長 Karenji-na Parusetto) is a member of the Novus Orbis Librarium's Ninth Squadron (”The Hound Unit”). She is a Drive user who has blind faith in her captain, Grimwood Huster. Although she is difficult to approach, she's loyal to those she trusts.


Karenjina has a dark complexion contrasted by her bright blue eyes. Her hair is black with a singular white streak, and has dreadlocks tied into a ponytail. Her NOL uniform exposes her lower torso, and has a large pauldron on her left shoulder with an NOL insignia printed on it; it's held in place by a large red rope that ties over her chest. Karenjina also wears wraps around her forearms, and a brown belt underneath her chest. For her lower body, Karenjina wears white baggy trousers and standard NOL boots with a cross printed along the tongue.


To those she's unfamiliar with, Karenjina can come off as cold, aloof, and sarcastic. She does not believe that many can accomplish the tasks that her squadron are often forced to do, and is skeptical of newer members. Despite this, when she warms up to other people, her guard drops and her demeanor becomes kinder. Above all else, her loyalties lie with Grimwood, who she will go above and beyond for.

Her love for her family was strong enough that she willingly sold herself, and losing them pushed her to become a soldier to avenge them.

Powers and Techniques

Karenjina was one of the few Drive users in the world. Her Drive, Seagull, allowed her to sense any nearby being by placing her hands on the floor. After being tortured by the Zeroth Squadron, she became unable to use her Drive.

As a soldier assigned to the more dangerous units in the NOL, Karenjina was presumably apt at Ars Magus and combat.

Official Profiles

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

One of the members of the 9th Squadron. Originally antagonistic towards Jin, after several battles she cast away her reservations. She possesses a Drive that can search out enemies.[1]



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