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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Hm? ...Where is this? I'm Taro Sasaga'e. Just call me Taro! Um...I'm not really sure what's going on, but it should be alright if I just follow you around, right?
New Unit ん……ここどこ? 俺はタロ=ササガエ。タロって呼んでね!う~ん……よく分からないけど、君に付いて行けば大丈夫そうだね。
Ascension (SS+) You put your trust in me. Thank you.
Ascension (SS+) 俺のこと、信じてくれてるんだね。ありがとう
Ascension (SS++) Amazing...it feels like power's just welling up in me.
Ascension (SS++) すごいな……力が溢れてくるみたいだよ
Ascension (SS+++) I'll be your shield, everyone's shield. This isn't out of duty, but just me being myself.
Ascension (SS+++) 任務じゃなく、俺が俺として、君やみんなの盾になるよ
Home Screen
Talk You know, I'm actually related to a pretty big shot. But even from a long time ago, that person's always given me the craziest jobs.... Oh, keep this a secret, would you? You can't go around telling others.
Talk これでも、結構偉い人の親戚なんだよね。でも昔からその人に無茶な仕事ばっかりやらされてさぁ……あっ、この話は内緒ね。他の人にしちゃ駄目だよ。
Likes Hey, let's play a card game! When everyone's gathered around like this, it makes you wanna do something fun, doesn't it?
Likes ねえねえ、カードゲームやろうよ!ほら、こうして皆で集まってると、ワイワイ楽しいことしたくならない?
Dislikes During my Military Academy days, I was even on the student council.... (Sigh) Whenever I see paperwork, I just dislike it.... Ugh.
Dislikes 士官学校では生徒会にも入ってたけど……はぁ、書類仕事ってのは、いつ見ても嫌になるなぁ~……うう。
Hobby Using strings is rare? It's actually quite a pain. I mean, when one snaps, you have to spin a whole new one.
Hobby 糸使いは珍しい? 結構苦労もあるんだよ~。切れちゃったら、また新しいのを編み上げなきゃいけないしね。
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