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A Possibility refers to a world which runs parallel to others. Phenomenon Intervention is used to discreetly change one minor possibility into another. This article will be referring to major possibilities, such as parallel worlds and characters.

Major events cause divergence between possibilities, leading to different worlds.


As each possible world runs parallel to each other, there are instances where certain terms are used, but mean different things. What Grimoire means in the BlazBlue possibility and the XBlaze possibility is different. It is not known what triggers the existence of majorly different possible worlds. The XBlaze possibility likely diverged from the BlazBlue possibility after the occurrence of the Wadatsumi Incident, as Nine the Phantom was unable to find evidence of it occurring in her world.

Both the Boundary and the Phantom Field exist between possibilities, making travel between these parallel worlds possible through the use of certain powers. This was true for Naoto Kurogane as he was taken from his own possibility and flung to many different ones by Raquel Alucard before arriving in the BlazBlue one.[1] During the events of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, by preventing Ragna the Bloodedge from killing Hazama, Naoto was able to save all possibilities, including his own. With his mission complete, he returned to his own world.[2]

There is little information available on possibilities and what they exactly they entail. There also exists different possibilities of people - such is the case with Mai Natsume and Another Dark Mai, which is a possibility of Mai which includes a Calamity Factor within her existence.


  • The BlazBlue possibility. The main possibility and the setting for the C-Series.
  • The XBlaze possibility. This is a possibility of the BlazBlue one and the setting of the XBlaze series.
  • The Bloodedge Experience possibility. This is a possibility of the BlazBlue one and the setting of the Bloodedge Experience series.


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