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Ikaruga Civil War

Trust You, Collisions, Determination, that which is inherited, Remix Heart

When Tager awoke, he was no longer in Naobi, but within a lab in Sector Seven. Kokonoe was at his side, and he was unable to remember much of his memories. She made up the name "Tager" for him on the spot, and informed him that his new body was a mix of Demon cells and machinery. He attempted to comprehend his appearance in the mirror. At some point later, he personally requested that Kokonoe seal away his all of his memories, so he wouldn't have to remember the massacre of his squad.

Tager's first mission was to find Boundary Interface Prime Field Devices deep inside the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, one of which was the missing Nu-13. Upon his arrival, he caught a glimpse of a green shadow, but he dismissed it and ventured deeper into the lab. Three caskets were present, one each for Mu-12, Nu-13, and Lambda-11, but with only Lambda-11 still present in her casket. He took Lambda away from the facility and quickly returned to Sector Seven, as the Prime Field Device was already deceased and would begin to rot in time. [1] He encountered several Novus Orbis Librarium troops on his way but managed to defeat them, thus starting the legend of the "Red Devil". [2]

In 2196, Kokonoe sent Kajun Faycott to the 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune to find the Burning Red Grimoire, hoping that she could use it to increase Tager's power. The mission was unsuccessful, however, and she used an Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapon to power him instead. [3] Later that year, Kokonoe discovered Hakumen deep within the Boundary. Tager assisted her with her salvage operation. [4]

Variable Heart

A year later, Tager was teleported to the 11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu to protect Kokonoe, Kajun, Taro Sasaga'e, Litchi Faye-Ling, and Shiori Kirihito from a group of Fuzzy. [5] Despite the best efforts of the group to fight off the numerous vampires, they could not hold them off. Thankfully, they crumbled into dust, something that Kokonoe had predicted, and both Tager and Litchi assisted Kokonoe in teleporting Shiori, Taro, and Kajun to Mai's location to defeat Meifang Lapislazuli. Tager was not initially happy, having wished to have joined them in the fight. [6]

Calamity Trigger

Arcade Mode

Originally the captain of a battle unit based on physical strength, he suffered fatal injuries during the Ikaruga Civil War and was forced to leave the frontlines. At that time, the scientist Kokonoe revived him as a cyborg. He is currently assigned as a subordinate under Kokonoe's direct control. He seems to be pursuing Ragna, but his reason is unknown.[7]
Stage IV: Noel Vermillion

Tager: Hm. I can't get a hold of them. I don't think this is just a malfunction. Is there a barrier of some sort? I feel something threatening in Kagutsuchi.

Noel: Excuse me! I believe you are Sir Tager from Sector Seven, correct?

Tager: Yes, I am. Can I help you?

Noel: Currently the 13th Hierarchical City, "Kagutsuchi", is under control of the Library, and they have issued a Level D warning. I'm sure you know of the "Inter-Organization Interference Prevention Act", right?

Tager: Of course, I do. Unfortunately, I can't defer to you right now.

Noel: I-In the worst case scenario, we may have to use military force!

Tager: Sorry, but Sector Seven does not accept any orders from the Library. If you would like to use force to resolve this issue, that is acceptable.

<Tager Victory>

Noel: This is only...going to get you...into more trouble... Ugh...

Tager: A novice with hardly any field experience... Hmph. I was trying to hold back a little, so she should be OK, but this is why I don't like fighting women or children.

Stage VIII: Arakune

Tager: Long time no see... You sure have changed a lot though.

Who             you? You don         my memorie   Ggghrrk...

Tager: Litchi is worried about you. Kokonoe as well, of course.

Litchi  ? Koko     ? Koko     ...Ko  noe Kokonoe  Nokonoe  ARRGGHHH!         again     She might    she might     Aagh  Keeheehee! That's        ...I             ! I know  ou too! Guooooh!

Tager: I was planning to leave you up to Litchi, but... ...I'm afraid I just can't let you roam free. And unfortunately, I only know one way to save a guy like you.

<Tager Victory>


Tager: W-Wait! Damn it! I have to stop him.

Stage IX: Hakumen

Hakumen: You... What do you want?

Tager: Hakumen. Kokonoe has ordered me to retrieve you. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to return you to the Sector. Your existence establishment is still unstable. You should refrain from wondering off.

Hakumen: It is true that people such as yourself returned me to this world from a parallel dimension. However, I have no obligation to abide by your rules.

Tager: I don't think the Sector has any intention of making you abide by them. You're only a small part of their plan. You're no more than a tool. We've spent over a year retrieving you, and we can't afford to waste any more time.

Hakumen: I have my own goals. This is the meaning of my life. I won't let you get in the way.

Tager: I guess that's it for negotiation... You may be incomplete, but you're still one of the Six Heroes. Let's see what you've got. I won't hold back!

Hakumen: Hah...hahahaha! You little devil! Interesting! I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand I shall reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!

<Tager Victory>

Hakumen: I underestimated you. Very well.

Tager: If you understand, then I ask you to go back to the Sector. And tell Kokonoe that I will return soon.

Hakumen: Heh. If I can return...

Stage X: Nu-13

Tager: What's wrong? What's going on?

Nu-13: Loading...loading...loading...loading... Complete...

Tager: What the hell? What's this pressure? Who is this girl? I know this feeling... I think Ikaruga's... Damn it, I can't remember!

Nu-13: Target recognized. Auto-mode: confirmed.

Tager: Girls these days are so belligerent. Sorry, Kokonoe, I'll be running late.

Nu-13: Scanning: complete. IFF determined. Processing... Subject determined to be hostile. Begin termination.

<Tager Victory>

Tager: What? A time-space warp!?

-Revival the One-


BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Iron Tager Arcade 01.png

Litchi: Oh, Tager. Long time no see. Our departments are close, but I never see you around.

Tager: Yeah. I'd love to sit and chat, but I need to talk to Kokonoe. I think she's gonna kill me if I don't get there soon.

Litchi: ...Is it about that case?

Tager: Yeah. The parallel it the complex space? Anyway, she found some interesting stuff and wanted help with it.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Iron Tager Arcade 02(A).png

Tager: I had to go halfway around the damn world. I always knew she was a bit of a slave driver, but...

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Iron Tager Arcade 02(B).png

Tager: ...she asks me to do state-level tasks like they're some minor errands. Just when we thought this civil war was coming to an end, it seems like peace is still far off.

Litchi: Hahaha, making even Tager complain...that's our professor.

Tager: Huh? Oh...sorry. Forget about what I just said. But anyway, about that case. Is it really true?

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Iron Tager Arcade 03.png

Tager: I've read the reports...I still don't believe it.

Litchi: In the professor's opinion, there's no doubt about it. But for someone to survive for decades... Logically, that's completely impossible.

Tager: Who would have thought he was in a place like that...? of the Six Heroes...

Story Mode

Kokonoe sent Tager to the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, where he set devices across the Hierarchical City designed to interfere with Hakumen for the salvage operation. After Kokonoe attempted to use Phenomenon Intervention to retrieve the Hero, she sent Tager to collect the devices he had set so she wouldn't have to detonate them. Tager also had a secondary objective to approach the Sheol Gate to watch a certain event.

At the cauldron, Tager deflected a fatal blow from Yuuki Terumi to Ragna the Bloodedge by grabbing the Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros. After noticing that the cauldron was set to detonate, and having been reassured by Rachel Alucard that both Ragna and Noel Vermillion would be safe since she would teleport them out herself, Tager evacuated under Kokonoe's orders. [8]

Continuum Shift

A cyber soldier serving Sector Seven. From his appearance, he has gained the nickname "Red Devil." He received an order from his savior, creator, and superior, Kokonoe, to "Secure the Successor of the Azure, Noel Vermillion." Once again, he heads out alone for Kagutsuchi.[9]

Chrono Phantasma

A cyber soldier serving Sector Seven. From his appearance, he has gained the nickname "Red Devil." After completing his task at Kagutsuchi, he accompanied Noel and Makoto back to Sector Seven's headquarters, where he received a message from Kokonoe to go to Ikaruga.[10]

Chrono Phantasma

As Tager took Makoto and Noel back to Sector Seven, he was given a warning from Kokonoe – turn away and head straight to Yabiko. He was not given a reason why, but followed her instructions. Tager relayed this back to Makoto and Noel after sharing his frank opinion on the professor to them. He told Noel about Kagura at this point, being surprised that she knew so little. [11] As they stopped in the 7th Hierarchical City of Kazamotsu, the group was surrounded by NOL soldiers and promptly arrested.[12] When they awoke, they were in a jail cell in Yabiko.

A day after being incarcerated, they were taken to Kagura's office, although Tager was less than impressed at the stench of alcohol in the air. He asked where Kokonoe was, only for her to come out of Kagura's former room, which she had converted into an elevator. Makoto let slip Tager's “frank opinion” on Kokonoe; the Red Devil knew he was doomed. Kokonoe later told him about Azrael being released by the Committee and gave him maintenance – the last they had seen each other was before the events in Kagutsuchi, a month earlier.[13] He took Celica around Yabiko for some time, giving her a short tour before returning back to the NOL branch. There, Kokonoe gave him orders to apprehend both Makoto and Noel, but Tager let them go out of the goodness of his mechanical heart. Kokonoe then ordered him to continue the pursuit.[14]

As part of his pursuit, Tager was in Kazamotsu again, finding Ragna near the lakeside port. The two battled as Ragna wanted information on Noel's location, although Tager was not sure himself. The Red Devil lost, his data on Ragna not matching with what he had just seen. He continued his pursuit after Kokonoe talked to Ragna about Tsubaki appearing in Ikaruga.[15] He also had to look after Celica A. Mercury at this point, giving her tour around Yabiko. He found Tao nearby. [16]

Kokonoe prepared Tager for the Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge, a spectacle used to lure both Azrael and Tsubaki. As he was preparing to unleash an Eclipse Field, Kokonoe teleported Azrael to his location, allowing the Red Devil to slug his nemesis as hard as he could. The Mad Dog was then teleported to a dimensional prison; Tager asked about the status of Bullet, who had been Azrael's original opponent in the tournament, but she told him that she was alright.[17] Under Kokonoe's orders, Tager assisted Ragna in a battle against Terumi, but he escaped, so the Red Devil was then ordered to carry Celica to her lab.[18] In the battle against Izanami, Tager aligned himself next to the Monolith so that when Kushinada's Lynchpin could be teleported, it would be at his position – this allowed them to accurately target it and seal off seithr from the world.[19] Kokonoe later sent Tager on a mission to find Ragna the Bloodedge, although she was not hopeful, thinking he may have died.[20]

Sector Seven

Tager and Makoto were sent on a mission by Kokonoe to record seithr levels in Yabiko, so they posed as a father and daughter working on a school project. This led Makoto to ask if Tager had any family, but he told her that he could not recall since his memories had been sealed away. This tender moment between the two was interrupted as Makoto had a call telling them that Relius' female assistant had been spotted in Ikaruga.[21] They discovered this assistant was Litchi and they tracked her to downtown Yabiko. Tager battled her on Kokonoe's orders but stopped when ordered.[22]

Before they could return to the NOL branch, they were found by Azrael, who promised Tager that he would help fit him into a coffin. An already bad situation turned worse as Nu-13 descended into the battlefield; Tager immediately called Kokonoe and she teleported Kagura to their position to fight Azrael while Tager would prepare to emergency teleport them all out of the area. This was successful, but when they arrived back in the NOL branch, Tager powered down, his power source having been drained from the effort.[23]

Central Fiction

Originally the captain of a battle unit based on physical strength, he suffered fatal injuries during the Ikaruga Civil War and was resurrected as a cyborg by the scientist Kokonoe. After this, he was assigned as Kokonoe's subordinate, and now pursues the "Grim Reaper" who possesses the "Azure Grimoire." Of the soldiers of his squad, his subordinate Bullet alone escaped the annihilation.[24]

Tager, along with Kokonoe and Makoto, was led by Hibiki to a meeting with Kagura, where Kagura explained the events of the last few months. [25] Tager, like everyone else, had been absorbed into the Embryo floating above Ibukido. His memories had been altered so that he believed the date was 12/31/2199, and that Bullet had always been a part of Sector Seven.

Inside the Embryo, he was deployed with Bullet to Kagutsuchi to find the Azure Grimoire. Litchi found him and asked him if he was hunting for Arakune, which he wasn't, and the two parted ways on friendly terms, believing that they had not seen each other for years due to their altered memories. [26] Later he found found Litchi battling Noel in Roningai, after which they both escaped from the lieutenant. [27] Tager eventually happened upon Ragna at the Monorail and fought him to buy time for the NOL soldiers and Kagura to arrive. [28]

Tager was later transported to Ikaruga by Nine the Phantom and told to kill Izanami to claim his piece of the Azure. He contacted Kokonoe and was told to rendezvous at Yabiko, and if possible, to secure Noel. [29] He discovered Arakune in Kazamotsu, but retreated after being attacked, as the monster's power had substantially increased since the last time they had fought. [30] Afterwards, Tager stumbled upon Hakumen and was ordered to bring him in by Kokonoe. Although he struggled to, he relented after Hakumen mocked him as a puppet rather than a devil [31]

He would soon make it to Yabiko, where he discussed and compared his distorted memories to those of Kagura, Kokonoe, and Hibiki. [32] Tager was eventually contacted by Bullet in Yabiko, where he told her to not pursue Arakune. However, she ignored him, which caused memories of her to return to the Red Devil. [33] Mai and Noel arrived thanks to Kagura. Tager and Mai had not spoken for some time and both found enjoyment in their reunion. [34]

In Akitsu, Tager found Litchi near its cauldron and discovered that Arakune was not Roy, but a vessel he had created. He then told the doctor to stop and consider all of the people who would mourn her if she failed to bring Roy back. [35] He was later ordered to return to Yabiko and detain Ragna. [36] He did not manage to complete this objective, and instead calculated several teleportation coordinates for Kokonoe to use so multiple people could travel to Japan.

A meeting with his former subordinate

Bullet called out for Tager to meet her in the Colosseum, where she confronted him with her original memories of him as her mercenary squad's captain. Tager revealed to her that his memories of that life had been sealed away, and that he no longer considered himself that man. They fought as one last request from his former subordinate, ending with his defeat, and he was able to see Bullet take her own path in life, without the past to weigh her down. [37]

The following morning, he was sent to Nine's workshop as part of the strike squadron, where he monitored the control systems. [38] He later evacuated and journeyed to Celica A. Mercury's Church‎ where he set up a teleporter to be activated the following morning. [39] He witnessed Celica's death before teleporting everyone out of the area. [40] Tager later helped Lambda-11 with organising the coordinates for everyone's arrival in the frozen space-time of the Embryo. [41]

During Doomsday, Tager evaporated into seithr after his data was backed up by Es. [42]

In the new world created by Ragna, Tager was seen in Yabiko on a mission with Bullet, who had returned to Sector Seven. He was on the phone to Kokonoe. [43]


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