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Bloodedge Experience - Part 1

In his youth, Valkenhayn worked alongside Relius Clover, both were agents for the Immortal Breakers, an organization that specialises in the eradication of incredibly powerful beings. He joined the Agency with the pretext of searching for the strongest souls to fight against. The Breakers were hired by the Mitsurugi Agency to find and kill Clavis Alucard, who had been sighted in Shin Kawahama City, Japan. In one of the city's parks, he found Naoto Kurogane and attacked him on sight because he smelt like a vampire. Despite having killed Naoto twice, the boy did not die, and it was only on Relius' insistence that they left to continue their job. Before leaving, Valkenhayn stomped on Naoto's foot, crushing it.[1]

The two Breakers eventually tracked Clavis to Naoto's apartment and begun to fight him. Valkenhayn launched himself at the vampire, but was effortlessly thrown out of the door he entered. With Relius providing backup, Valkenhayn transformed into his wolf form and lunged towards Clavis, digging his teeth deep into his arm. Unfazed, Clavis calmly walked towards a window of the complex and threw the lycanthrope outside before jumping after him to continue the fight. Because of Valkenhayn and Relius, Naoto's apartment was completely destroyed, but Naoto, Raquel Alucard, and Haruka Hayami, who were in the kitchen, were unscathed.[2]

Bloodedge Experience - Part 2

Under the orders of Kiiro Hikagami, Valkenhayn and Relius had been relegated to crushing Spinner Superior's bugs that littered Shin Kawahama. They began to talk about the eradication of the Apostles throughout the city, but were interrupted by Saya Terumi, who attempted to cut down Relius. The girl calmly asked which of them was Valkenhayn, and with the wolf's answer, she attacked him, reasoning that he killed Naoto and began hunting down the bugs she wanted.

The battle with Saya was gruelling. She was far too fast for Valkenhayn in his human form, forcing him to switch to his wolf form. Even then, he could not seem to match her near impossible speed and power; Relius continued to watch. Finally, Saya sheathed her sword as Valkenhayn switched back to a human, and caught her by the throat. Before he could do anything, she activated Soul Eater, forcing the man to his knees. Again, Relius watched, but then Saya herself was unable to fight, the technique she had used to gain her incredible strength and speed had finally caught up to her. Before Valkenhayn could exact his revenge, Naoto arrived, delivering a flying kick straight to the lycanthrope's face. The two men stood close and were about to have a rematch. Valkenhayn shouted at him, telling the boy that he was going to crush his skull. Raquel stopped the fight that was about to ensue, telling everyone present that Spinner Superior had sensed the fight between Valkenhayn and Saya, and was coming.[3]

Spinner kidnapped Saya, and Relius detailed Valkenhayn a plan - destroy the sorcery circle he was using to empower his own sorcery. They continued to destroy the numerous circles to buy Kiiro more time to help kill Spinner, a plan that was successful.[4] Both Valkenhayn and Relius kidnapped the unconscious Saya while everyone was distracted, taking her back to the Agency. There, they were met by a man who called himself Hazama.[5]

Dark War

Phase 0, Phase Shift 1, Phase Shift 2, Phase Shift 3, Phase Shift 4


At some point, Valkenhayn's life was saved by Clavis. The wolf swore his loyalty to the vampire from then on, and served his other daughter, Rachel Alucard as the family's loyal butler. He also became acquainted with Tomonori and Jubei as they worked under Clavis when the Dark War began and destroyed Japan. At some point, he also met Yuuki Terumi. When the Dark War finally began, it was Valkenhayn who delivered the news to Clavis about the United Nations' decision to launch nuclear strikes at Japan in order to kill the Black Beast.[6]

Just as the year 2100AD began, Rachel brought back an injured man to the Alucard Castle. Valkenhayn tended to the man's wounds, managing to bring him back from the brink of death and healing the flesh wounds on his body. When the man awoke, Clavis, Valkenhayn, and Rachel were present, and the butler allowed his master to tell the man about his situation. When the time was appropriate, the butler took his master out of the room, giving the injured man time to rest.[7] A week later, Valkenhayn carried the injured man into the basement of the castle, staying a few steps behind both Rachel and Clavis. The man regained some memories of a girl called Tsubaki Yayoi and his brother, called Ragna the Bloodedge. The man had an outburst of emotion when Clavis told him that those people were destined to meet their same fate, and Valkenhayn attempted to keep the man from furthering injuring himself. At the end of a long corridor within the basement, the group stopped and entered a small room which contained the Sankishin - Susano'o Unit. This injured man, Jin Kisaragi, was gifted the Unit, and became Hakumen.[8]

In the January of 2106, Rachel teleported Tomonori back to the Castle and the beastkin spoke in a derogatory tone towards the elderly vampire. Valkenhayn warned him to remember who he was speaking to and nearly bared his fangs, yet Clavis ordered him to demonstrate patience. He poured his master some tea, withholding his reply to Clavis' observation on how he cannot stop humanity from acting.[9]

Daughter, master, servant

Clavis discovered that Tomonori had taken the Hihiirokane to kill Kazuma Kval and Terumi. Valkenhayn was sent after him, but the wolf was too late - Tomonori lay dead in a puddle of blood with Kazuma standing victorious over his corpse, having merged with Terumi. Valkenhayn hunkered low and rushed towards the student before grabbing his skull; knocking him unconscious, Valkenhayn carried him back to the Castle. Together with Clavis, they locked him in a specially made prison, using sorcery to further imprison Kazuma.[10]

Some time shortly afterwards, Rachel delivered Mitsuyoshi, Celica A. Mercury, and Ragna the Bloodedge to the Castle. Valkenhayn took the beastkin into the inner sanctum for treatment before taking Clavis to meet his guests. He reminded Ragna to watch his tone and language in front of Clavis, and soon afterwards was ordered to prepare the rooms the guests to stay in for the night.[11] When Clavis died a short time afterward, Valkenhayn was left heart-broken, but continued his oath to protect Rachel. In his will, Clavis left a note to Valkenhayn, telling him to allow a woman called Nine to release Kazuma from his chains. Together with Rachel, Valkenhayn hosted Nine, Celica, and Trinity Glassfille as they anxiously awaited the return of Mitsuyoshi and Ragna from a battle with the Black Beast. Only Mitsuyoshi had returned.[12]

When the time came, Valkenhayn took Nine and Mitsuyoshi to the Alucard Castle and allowed them access to the prison that housed Terumi and Kazuma. He watched as Nine undid each sorcery lock and as she used Mind Eater; when the group left the prison, Valkenhayn said a quiet prayer to Clavis, asking if what had happened would be alright.[13]

In the months following Clavis' death, Valkenhayn was recruited by Nine into joining a group of warriors who could defeat the Black Beast. His time was divided between serving Rachel and being in various meetings in the Magister's City of Ishana. This group of warriors also included Trinity, Nine, Hakumen, Terumi, and Mistuyoshi (who had changed his name to Jubei); history would remember them as the Six Heroes. In August, 2107AD, Valkenhayn was present for a meeting on the status of the representatives of various nations which had been attacked by the Black Beast. He showed disdain for humanity arguing when they were in such a precarious situation. The meeting ended when they noticed that Hakumen had slipped out, and after a brief search, found the knight with Celica. Valkenhayn left the group after Seven and Eight reprimanded Nine for bringing the group into the Mage's Guild.

Valkenhayn and Hakumen later met with Rachel in the Alucard Castle; the Castle had recognized Rachel as its mistress and its once derelict gardens were abundant with beautiful roses. They discussed what to do with Terumi as Valkenhayn knew the dangers concerning him being allowed to roam. Although he wished to assassinate the man while he was still under Mind Eater, but Rachel dissuaded him, telling her butler that not only is Terumi immortal, but a vital piece to the war's victory effort.[14]

Another meeting was held in the Mage's Guild, this time concerning an ambush on the Black Beast as it came out of its one year slumber. Nine asked Valkenhayn if they could rely on Rachel's assistance with her teleportation sorcery, but the butler did not answer as his mistress appeared to do so herself. Hakumen and Nine's comments towards his mistress greatly angered Valkenhayn, as only he understood that Rachel could not give them her assistance no matter how much she wished to. The meeting ended when Rachel gave them a hint - the Beast would appear wherever Celica would be.

The Six Heroes and battalions of Ars Magus units, the first of their kind, waited in a desert in Eastern Europe for the Black Beast. Valkenhayn was given command of the largest unit, and when he saw the Beast appear, he said a small prayer to Clavis in the hope that he might find the strength to move his body forward. Transforming into his wolf form, Valkenhayn helped launch an assault but stopped when he saw Seven and Eight summon Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi to the battlefield. The monster launched an attack so powerful that the Beast was forced to retreat, giving humanity the first ever victory against the Beast. The lycanthrope ran at full speed to Nine's side, finding Celica unconscious beside her. He asked the witch what the monster was, learning that it was something that she had created.[15]

Variable Heart

Valkenhayn accompanied Rachel when she teleported Mai Natsume, Shiori Kirihito, Kajun Faycott, Bell, and Taro Sasaga'e away from Meifang Lapislazuli and the Wings of Justice. He was particularly angry with Ragna's attitude towards Rachel, and tossed him through one of her teleportation portals to an unknown location.[16]

Continuum Shift

An old-fashioned butler who has served the Alucard family since the previous generation. Not only does he excel as a butler and as a person, but he is also knowledgable in a wide variety of topics. He chases after Rachel, who left her castle after sensing a calamity in Kagustuchi.[17]

Chrono Phantasma

A member of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast during the First War of Ars Magus. The ancestor of wolf beastkin, he currently serves the prestigious vampires of the "Alucard family" as a butler. Now that his enemy Relius Clover has appeared, he feels that confrontation is inevitable and accompanies Rachel to fulfill her wish.[18]

Chrono Phantasma

Amane Nishiki gave a hint to where Rachel was, in the ruins of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido. The butler rushed there, finding Rachel drained of most of her overwhelming power. He transported her back to the Alucard Castle, and then the 6th Hierarchical City of Yabiko, where he met Kagura Mutsuki and Hibiki Kohaku. He listened to the exchange between the group, which also consisted of Noel, Ragna, and Kokonoe, and how they deduced that there was another method of activating Kushinada's Lynchpin – with the Rettenjo.[19]

Valkenhayn was sent by Rachel to interrupt the battle happening for Kushinada's Lynchpin. As he jumped into the fray to battle Relius, he told his former comrade that human strength was through their reliance on one another and that it was not their weakness. This bought time for Bang to jump on top of the Lynchpin but before Valkenhayn could deal the killing blow, Nirvana blocked the attack, allowing Relius, Carl Clover, and Litchi Faye-Ling to escape.[20]

Six Heroes

In February, 2200AD, Rachel ordered Valkenhayn to find Platinum the Trinity and take her back to the Castle, something he succeeded in doing. Ordered again by Rachel, only this time to both find Hakumen and convince him to return to the Alucard Castle, Valkenhayn set out on his mission. He found the hero in the 7th Hierarchical City of Kazamotsu, but remained unable to convince him. The butler was lost for words as Hakumen coldly told him that he would find and kill Phantom, believing her to have the potential to be a bigger threat to the world than Terumi. Rachel teleported to her butler, asking him to return in order to deal with Platinum, who had awoken and was causing the kind of ruckus that the Castle had not seen in eons. As he returned, he watched Rachel battle against Platinum to remind her of her place, and Trinity finally came to the surface. The three of them sat down to tea to discuss a way to deal with Terumi.[21]

Later on, Valkenhayn and Rachel teleported Jubei, Hakumen, and a resurrected Celica to the Alucard Castle. He was happy to see the young mage again, and helped the other heroes formulate a plan on how to kill Terumi – by forcing his spirit form to materialize in the real world.[22] When Rachel and Celica returned, Valkenhayn watched as Trinity materialized Terumi's body in the real world. He was present when Celica told them all that Phantom was indeed Nine. At some point, he battled against Relius, but lost.[23]

Central Fiction

An old-fashioned butler who has served the Alucard family since the previous generation. Not only does he excel as a butler and as a person, but he is also knowledgable in a wide variety of topics. He chases after Rachel, who left her castle after sensing a calamity in Kagustuchi.[24]

Like the rest of the cast, Valkenhayn was absorbed into the Embryo, had his memories altered, and believed that the date was 12/31/2199. He found Rachel in her room and entered together with Nago and Gii. Rachel's memories were unaffected, and although he could not remember why, he told her to rest as she was rapidly losing her power. He also had an uncomfortable feeling about the world he was in. [25] Later, he was sent to Ikaruga by Nine, and was told to kill Izanami in order to secure his piece of the Azure. He found Rachel and begged her to return to the castle lest she disappear from the world. She rejected the idea and asked that he instead spy on the other chosen, returning to her at intervals to report who they were and what they were doing. He complied, [26] but he returned to his mistress's side when he saw her battling Naoto Kurogane. Just when he was about to attack the young man, he was teleported away. [27]

Ragna leaves the rest to Valkenhayn

Sometime later, Valkenhayn had lost Rachel and was searching for her. During his search, he came across Hakumen and realised that the knight had not lost his memories. Hakumen observed that Valkenhayn could not stop Rachel's headstrong attitude. [28] Valkenhayn eventually found Rachel and met Ragna. When the Grim Reaper called Rachel weak, he asked him to hold his tongue, but did not prevent him from leaving. [29]

Valkenhayn came to the idea that killing Amane Nishiki, the current Onlooker of the world, might restore power to back to Rachel, its former Onlooker. He found him atop the Altar and they fought, but as a being outside Logic, the lycanthrope could not kill him. Amane asked Valkenhayn whether his loyalty was to the promise he had made Clavis years ago to protect Rachel, or to Rachel herself. Valkenhayn answered the latter, and Amane told him Ragna's plan to save the world and create a new possibility where Rachel could still live. [30]

Outside the Embryo, Valkenhayn took Rachel away from Ragna after watching them share an embrace, and together, he and his mistress returned to seithr. [31]

In the new world created by Ragna, Valkenhayn was seen preparing tea for Rachel for when she would return to the Alucard Castle. [32]


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