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Bloodedge Experience - Part 1

In his youth, Valkenhayn worked alongside Relius Clover, both were agents for the Immortal Breakers, an organization that specialises in the eradication of incredibly powerful beings. He joined the Agency with the pretext of searching for the strongest souls to fight against. The Breakers were hired by the Mitsurugi Agency to find and kill Clavis Alucard, who had been sighted in Shin Kawahama City, Japan. In one of the city's parks, he found Naoto Kurogane and attacked him on sight because he smelt like a vampire. Despite having killed Naoto twice, the boy did not die, and it was only on Relius' insistence that they left to continue their job. Before leaving, Valkenhayn stomped on Naoto's foot, crushing it.[1]

The two Breakers eventually tracked Clavis to Naoto's apartment and begun to fight him. Valkenhayn launched himself at the vampire, but was effortlessly thrown out of the door he entered. With Relius providing backup, Valkenhayn transformed into his wolf form and lunged towards Clavis, digging his teeth deep into his arm. Unfazed, Clavis calmly walked towards a window of the complex and threw the lycanthrope outside before jumping after him to continue the fight. Because of Valkenhayn and Relius, Naoto's apartment was completely destroyed, but Naoto, Raquel Alucard, and Haruka Hayami, who were in the kitchen, were unscathed.[2]

Bloodedge Experience - Part 2

Under the orders of Kiiro Hikagami, Valkenhayn and Relius had been relegated to crushing Spinner Superior's bugs that littered Shin Kawahama. They began to talk about the eradication of the Apostles throughout the city, but were interrupted by Saya Terumi, who attempted to cut down Relius. The girl calmly asked which of them was Valkenhayn, and with the wolf's answer, she attacked him, reasoning that he killed Naoto and began hunting down the bugs she wanted.

The battle with Saya was gruelling. She was far too fast for Valkenhayn in his human form, forcing him to switch to his wolf form. Even then, he could not seem to match her near impossible speed and power; Relius continued to watch. Finally, Saya sheathed her sword as Valkenhayn switched back to a human, and caught her by the throat. Before he could do anything, she activated Soul Eater, forcing the man to his knees. Again, Relius watched, but then Saya herself was unable to fight, the technique she had used to gain her incredible strength and speed had finally caught up to her. Before Valkenhayn could exact his revenge, Naoto arrived, delivering a flying kick straight to the lycanthrope's face. The two men stood close and were about to have a rematch. Valkenhayn shouted at him, telling the boy that he was going to crush his skull. Raquel stopped the fight that was about to ensue, telling everyone present that Spinner Superior had sensed the fight between Valkenhayn and Saya, and was coming.[3]

Spinner kidnapped Saya, and Relius detailed Valkenhayn a plan - destroy the sorcery circle he was using to empower his own sorcery. They continued to destroy the numerous circles to buy Kiiro more time to help kill Spinner, a plan that was successful.[4] Both Valkenhayn and Relius kidnapped the unconscious Saya while everyone was distracted, taking her back to the Agency. There, they were met by a man who called himself Hazama.[5]

Dark War

Phase 0, Phase Shift 1, Phase Shift 2, Phase Shift 3, Phase Shift 4


At some point, Valkenhayn's life was saved by Clavis. The wolf swore his loyalty to the vampire from then on, and served his other daughter, Rachel Alucard as the family's loyal butler. He also became acquainted with Tomonori and Jubei as they worked under Clavis when the Dark War began and destroyed Japan. At some point, he also met Yuuki Terumi. When the Dark War finally began, it was Valkenhayn who delivered the news to Clavis about the United Nations' decision to launch nuclear strikes at Japan in order to kill the Black Beast.[6]

Just as the year 2100AD began, Rachel brought back an injured man to the Alucard Castle. Valkenhayn tended to the man's wounds, managing to bring him back from the brink of death and healing the flesh wounds on his body. When the man awoke, Clavis, Valkenhayn, and Rachel were present, and the butler allowed his master to tell the man about his situation. When the time was appropriate, the butler took his master out of the room, giving the injured man time to rest.[7] A week later, Valkenhayn carried the injured man into the basement of the castle, staying a few steps behind both Rachel and Clavis. The man regained some memories of a girl called Tsubaki Yayoi and his brother, called Ragna the Bloodedge. The man had an outburst of emotion when Clavis told him that those people were destined to meet their same fate, and Valkenhayn attempted to keep the man from furthering injuring himself. At the end of a long corridor within the basement, the group stopped and entered a small room which contained the Sankishin - Susano'o Unit. This injured man, Jin Kisaragi, was gifted the Unit, and became Hakumen.[8]

In the January of 2106, Rachel teleported Tomonori back to the Castle and the beastkin spoke in a derogatory tone towards the elderly vampire. Valkenhayn warned him to remember who he was speaking to and nearly bared his fangs, yet Clavis ordered him to demonstrate patience. He poured his master some tea, withholding his reply to Clavis' observation on how he cannot stop humanity from acting.[9]

Daughter, master, servant

Clavis discovered that Tomonori had taken the Hihiirokane to kill Kazuma Kval and Terumi. Valkenhayn was sent after him, but the wolf was too late - Tomonori lay dead in a puddle of blood with Kazuma standing victorious over his corpse, having merged with Terumi. Valkenhayn hunkered low and rushed towards the student before grabbing his skull; knocking him unconscious, Valkenhayn carried him back to the Castle. Together with Clavis, they locked him in a specially made prison, using sorcery to further imprison Kazuma.[10]

Some time shortly afterwards, Rachel delivered Mitsuyoshi, Celica A. Mercury, and Ragna the Bloodedge to the Castle. Valkenhayn took the beastkin into the inner sanctum for treatment before taking Clavis to meet his guests. He reminded Ragna to watch his tone and language in front of Clavis, and soon afterwards was ordered to prepare the rooms the guests to stay in for the night.[11] When Clavis died a short time afterward, Valkenhayn was left heart-broken, but continued his oath to protect Rachel. In his will, Clavis left a note to Valkenhayn, telling him to allow a woman called Nine to release Kazuma from his chains. Together with Rachel, Valkenhayn hosted Nine, Celica, and Trinity Glassfille as they anxiously awaited the return of Mitsuyoshi and Ragna from a battle with the Black Beast. Only Mitsuyoshi had returned.[12]

When the time came, Valkenhayn took Nine and Mitsuyoshi to the Alucard Castle and allowed them access to the prison that housed Terumi and Kazuma. He watched as Nine undid each sorcery lock and as she used Mind Eater; when the group left the prison, Valkenhayn said a quiet prayer to Clavis, asking if what had happened would be alright.[13]

In the months following Clavis' death, Valkenhayn was recruited by Nine into joining a group of warriors who could defeat the Black Beast. His time was divided between serving Rachel and being in various meetings in the Magister's City of Ishana. This group of warriors also included Trinity, Nine, Hakumen, Terumi, and Mistuyoshi (who had changed his name to Jubei); history would remember them as the Six Heroes. In August, 2107AD, Valkenhayn was present for a meeting on the status of the representatives of various nations which had been attacked by the Black Beast. He showed disdain for humanity arguing when they were in such a precarious situation. The meeting ended when they noticed that Hakumen had slipped out, and after a brief search, found the knight with Celica. Valkenhayn left the group after Seven and Eight reprimanded Nine for bringing the group into the Mage's Guild.

Valkenhayn and Hakumen later met with Rachel in the Alucard Castle; the Castle had recognized Rachel as its mistress and its once derelict gardens were abundant with beautiful roses. They discussed what to do with Terumi as Valkenhayn knew the dangers concerning him being allowed to roam. Although he wished to assassinate the man while he was still under Mind Eater, but Rachel dissuaded him, telling her butler that not only is Terumi immortal, but a vital piece to the war's victory effort.[14]

Another meeting was held in the Mage's Guild, this time concerning an ambush on the Black Beast as it came out of its one year slumber. Nine asked Valkenhayn if they could rely on Rachel's assistance with her teleportation sorcery, but the butler did not answer as his mistress appeared to do so herself. Hakumen and Nine's comments towards his mistress greatly angered Valkenhayn, as only he understood that Rachel could not give them her assistance no matter how much she wished to. The meeting ended when Rachel gave them a hint - the Beast would appear wherever Celica would be.

The Six Heroes and battalions of Ars Magus units, the first of their kind, waited in a desert in Eastern Europe for the Black Beast. Valkenhayn was given command of the largest unit, and when he saw the Beast appear, he said a small prayer to Clavis in the hope that he might find the strength to move his body forward. Transforming into his wolf form, Valkenhayn helped launch an assault but stopped when he saw Seven and Eight summon Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi to the battlefield. The monster launched an attack so powerful that the Beast was forced to retreat, giving humanity the first ever victory against the Beast. The lycanthrope ran at full speed to Nine's side, finding Celica unconscious beside her. He asked the witch what the monster was, learning that it was something that she had created.[15]

A few days after the first victory against the Black Beast, Valkenhayn stood at the site where the battle had ensued. Beside him stood Trinity, Hakumen, and Jubei. The lycanthrope could not comprehend the sheer devastation that was laid out in front of him; he spoke, every word filled with anger about how Take-Mikazuchi's destruction was no better than the Black Beasts – he even began to question the worth of the resistance against the Beast if this was the price to be paid. Turning his attention back to the efforts at hand, Valkenhayn suggested that they return to Ishana so that they could focus on the next course of action. Before they could take their leave, however, the four heroes were quickly surrounded by the OLN.

The group was escorted back to Ishana, where they met with Terumi in the Cathedral. Trinity left and returned with Nine in tow. The Sage revealed that Take-Mikazuchi was actually revived technology from an era known as the Age of Origin and it was used in a war. She inferred that Clavis was a part of this war, but Valkenhayn was unaware and made that clear to her. Nine continued, telling them that the Hihiirokane and a weapon known as the Sealed Weapon Izayoi were also from this era. The knowledge that Take-Mikazuchi was revived unsettled Valkenhayn, but he accepted it. Before Nine could tell them more, the OLN entered the building, lead by Seven and Eight. They arrested Nine and took her to the Committee of Hearing for a trial, leaving the other heroes behind and in the dark about what was about to happen.[16]

This mystery was cut short as more OLN soldiers flooded the cathedral, this time raising firearms at the group and announcing that they were under arrest. Hakumen annihilated the entire battalion in under a minute and dashed forward towards the Ishana hospital where Celica was staying; Valkenhayn attempted to stop him but was unable to, and told the group that he did not have the power to take them all to the Alucard Castle for safety. Trinity suggested instead that they all return to her workshop, which they could use to lay low. Valkenhayn turned into his wolf form and carried her through Ishana with Jubei and Terumi behind them. The group managed to avoid the Mage's Guild and prying eyes, and eventually reached an intersection where they reunited with Hakumen, Celica, and Nirvana. Together, they entered the small, yet hidden, workshop. Valkenhayn expressed his disbelief that Terumi had willingly come with them, but before the group could decide what to do next, the sounds of a large explosion rung throughout the city.

As the group ran towards the source of the explosion, they found Nine locked in battle against Seven and Eight. OLN soldiers and the Ten Sages were also on their way . Unable to allow Nine to continue this fight, Valkenhayn quickly turned into his wolf form and grabbed Nine by her collar before swiftly turning back into a human – he carried her to the rest of the group as they decided to retreat from the pursuing soldiers and Sages. Two shadowy figures appeared before the group, but Jubei made the group aware that they were friendly. The figures guided them to a secluded forest where Nine was able to gather up her energy before teleporting them all away from Ishana and into a different location[17]

Celica and the crystals.

Now miles away from Ishana, Valkenhayn watched as Nine beat Terumi to the ground for one of his casually rude remarks, shaking his head in disapproval of Terumi's behaviour. He listened as the two shadowy figures introduced themselves as Suzukaka and Totokaka of the Kaka, a race created from Jubei's genes. Valkenhayn's chimed in on the conversation, reminiscing on how every country in the beginning of the war was in chaos. Eventually the group was guided by the Kaka to their hidden village. In the evening, Valkenhayn made tea for the heroes as Nine continued her explanation on Logic, the Age of Origin, the Black Beast, and Take-Mikazuchi.[18]

The following day, Valkenhayn and the other heroes followed Hakumen and Trinity to an old train station. After following its tracks, they came to a tunnel and entered it. Deep within the tunnel was a cavern filled with glowing blue crystals. Celica began to glow, leading Hakumen to realize that they were imbued with the Power of Order and could neutralize seithr. A Kaka ran into the cavern, telling them that there was urgent news back in the village.

In the Kaka village, the heroes came to learn that the OLN and Ten Sages were gathering tens of thousands of people within a village in Asia. Nine deduced that they were going to sacrifice these people to summon Take-Mikazuchi. Unable to allow this to happen, the heroes began to devise a plan to stop them. [19] Nine then teleported the heroes, including Celica, Suzu, and a group of Kaka, to the outskirts of the Asian village.

There, Valkenhayn was reunited with Rachel. She took a backseat to watch the events unfold as Valkenhayn was ordered to help lead the evacuation with Trinity. He obeyed and watched as both the Black Beast and Take-Mikazuchi appeared once more to do battle. Valkenhayn was caught in the seithr explosion caused by the two of them struggling against one another as they sunk into the magic circle used to summon the Nox. Valkenhayn then awoke, alongside the heroes, Suzu, and Eight, in Ishana, having been mysteriously teleported there. Over a hilltop, he saw the Beast chewing on Take-Mikazuchi's shoulder. It stopped and looked up at the group. The Beast smiled at them, and disappeared. [20]

After Take-Mikazuchi had crashed into Ishana, the heroes were no longer considered a priority by the Guild and were instead asked to help with recovery efforts, something which they agreed to do. Despite their offer to help, the OLN remained cautious and had guards constantly following the heroes. The following morning, Valkenhayn found Celica working hard to help the citizens who had been caught in the impact. Seeing the exhaustion on her face, he asked her to return home and rest, otherwise he would force her to do so. She ignored him and went to heal a woman a short distance away.


Celica collapsed and Valkenhayn caught her before gently placing her onto a nearby step. He continued to chide her until Jubei found them and asked him not to preach; regardless, they shared the same concern for her and were aware of the stubbornness of the Mercury sisters. Soon afterwards, Nine had arrived. She told them of her suspicions about the Mage's Guild and Duodecim likely looking to merge with the OLN. Seven interrupted her, and in tow was Eight, Three, and Four. Three told them that she was aware of who he is, but when Nine and Eight began to shout endlessly at one another, he decided to take his leave and make Rachel aware of what had been decided in Nine's meeting.[21]

Two days after Take-Mikazuchi had crashed into Ishana, Nine summoned the heroes together and made them aware of a plan she had devised: to use half of Take-Mikazuchi's core to create new weapons, the Nox Nyctores, and use them to finally kill the Beast. However, she needed time that they did not have, so they devised a plan to stall the Beast and grant the Sage the time needed to finally rid the planet of its seithr-ridden nightmare. The armies assembled to deal with the Beast were from around the world, and Valkenhayn was the most important contributor to keeping them all organized. His experience which spanned lifetimes was instrumental in keeping the army camps together. Valkenhayn and the other heroes, bar Nine, were all present at the camp set up near the place where they would stall the Black Beast.

One month after the camp was created, the Black Beast finally made its appearance known, signalling its approach with towers of black seithr rising in the air. Valkenhayn, Hakumen, and Jubei stepped forward to meet it, with Valkenhayn turning into a wolf and rushing forward as the army followed behind. In response, seithr from the Beast surged forward and transformed into an army of monstrous creatures. Creatures went to grab the wolf, but he kicked as he ran past, snapping their necks. The heroes realized that the seithr was going to encircle them instead of fight them. Valkenhayn ran back, ordering the soldiers to retreat but it was too late as the circle was completed and the Black Beast burst through the center to devour them one-by-one. While the soldiers panicked and attempted to flee, the heroes stood their ground to fight the Beast. Hakumen demanded that Valkenhayn and Jubei fall back, but they were adamant they would stay and fight. Their bickering was cut short by Ayame Yayoi, who appeared before them and cut down the monsters with the Sealed Weapon Izayoi. She cut a path through the seithr that surrounded the army, buying them an escape route that also enabled the heroes to retreat.

The Black Beast did not pursue them, seemingly losing interest. Valkenhayn and Jubei met with Hakumen, who told them that Ayame had lost her life to the Izayoi after using it to save them. But they had no time to mourn as a soldier ran towards them, making them aware that the seithr in the camp was swelling as the Black Beast was attempting to ambush them in the night. Valkenhayn ordered the troops to retreat as he ran forward into a forest, telling Hakumen and Jubei that he would signal if it was safe. There, he found the Black Beast waiting for him. [22] Valkenhayn escaped, but they had to hold out for one month and this was just the first day.

Somehow, they managed to stall the Beast for a month, but at a cost: half of the army had died during the month. They returned to Ishana by boat, where they learned that the Nox Nyctores had been completed. Nine approached Valkenhayn in private, asking if he wanted one but he refused, telling her that he had no need for one since he existed outside of Logic and could fight the Beast with his body. Still, Valkenhayn was summoned with the other heroes and Celica where Nine gave them their Nox Nyctores. Valkenhayn explained his position to the group and watched as they received their weapons: to Trinity went the Arma Reboare: Muchourin, to Jubei the Mucro Somnio: Musashi, to Hakumen the Interfectum Malus: Ookami, to Terumi the Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros, and to Celica was returned the Deus Machina: Nirvana. Nine then explained that the weapons were to be sealed after the Dark War as they had too much power for humanity to handle, and that there was severe mental side effects for wielding them.

Ishana rallied together with the remainder of humanity to strike the Black Beast for one final time. Hakumen summoned the other heroes and Celica to Trinity's workshop. There he revealed that they were not going to be able to kill the Beast. Their mission was simply impossible unless they tried something else. To this end, Hakumen proposed that Celica go inside the Beast and meet with Ragna. Together, they could fight against the heart of the Beast, Nu-13, causing the Beast to lose some of its intelligence and succumb to its base desires of wanton massacre. It would be baited to follow after a large army, bringing it closer to the Kaka Village and the cave near it which was filled with crystals of Order. These crystals neutralize seithr, so the Beast will only get so close. Once it was close enough, the Ten Sages and strongest members of the Mage's Guild would work together to teleport the Beast above it. The Black Beast would be drastically weakened and could then be killed. In order to do so, however, both the body and the heart would have to be killed at the same time as they shared a life-link. Jubei offered up a solution to get Celica inside the Beast: using the Hihiirokane to cut through it, and then using Nirvana to retrieve her. The plan was eventually agreed upon.

Hihiirokane was kept in Castle Alucard, so Valkenhayn took both Jubei and Hakumen to meet Rachel and seek her permission to take it. She agreed to gift Hihiirokane to Jubei so long as he agreed to accept the role of Terumi's slayer. Jubei accepted and Valkenhayn handed him the sword. Rachel also offered him the chance to take the Eye of Tomonori, an artificial eye based on Tomonori's eyes which had seen Terumi's spirit form. Jubei accepted this offer so both Valkenhayn and Rachel took him to another room where they proceeded to implant the prosthetic eye.[23]

Ten days before the Beast was due to appear near Ishana, Nine held a meeting where all the organizations of the island were present. Valkenhayn was in attendance and Nine explained Hakumen's plan to them, albeit with details tweaked. She did not reveal the involvement of Hihiirokane, Celica, or the Beast's heart as it was not something they would understand, and without understanding it, they were unlikely to throw support behind the plan. Valkenhayn was put in charge of the teleportation of the Beast, being the one to make the order of when to teleport it above the cave of Order crystals.


On December 31st, 2109, the Black Beast finally appeared. As soon as it rose from the ground, Hakumen and Jubei were able to complete the task of getting Celica inside the Black Beast. Soon after, the Beast lost all sense of reason and began attacking mindlessly before being drawn forward to the teleportation circle set up by the Ten Sages. One of the heads lunged forward at Nine. Her attention was drawn completely to the circle, but before it could kill her, Valkenhayn ran forward and caught its gaping maw with both hands. He screamed out to the Sages, telling them it was in the perfect position to teleport. Valkenhayn, still holding the gaping jaw of the Beast, slammed it down hard into the ground, allowing Jubei and Hakumen to cut down on its neck with Musashi and Ookami, decapitating one of its many heads. The Beast and the heroes were then teleported to the area above the cave that neutralizes seithr.

Together, the heroes worked in unison. The Beast was writhing in pain and could no longer regenerate its wounds. Both Jubei and Valkenhayn attacked the Beast straight on, landing as many blows as possible, something that inspired hope in the nearby troops. Hakumen ordered that they decapitate each head one-by-one. Valkenhayn turned into a wolf and ran up the Beast before turning human again. Trinity amplified his power with magic and Valkenhayn punched clean through the Beast's neck, decapitating one of its many heads. Slowly but surely, the heroes managed to decapitate every head until the Beast suddenly stopped moving. Rachel appeared nearby with Celica and Nirvana in tow. The heart of the Beast was dead. The body began to deflate, coming down to the size of a man who was a similar shape to Ragna. Hakumen walked forward and decapitated with one swing of Ookami. The Black Beast was dead, and the Dark War had finally ended.[24] Valkenhayn, Hakumen, Nine, Jubei, Trinity, and Terumi were granted the title Six Heroes because of their incredible bravery and influence in ending the war. Both Valkenhayn and Nine hated the title.[25]

Rachel went to sleep, slumbering for over 50 years once the war had ended. Valkenhayn left for her side and never left. It was only some years later that he discovered that Terumi murdered Nine and Trinity, and that Hakumen dragged Terumi into the Boundary. At some unknown time later, he reconnected with Jubei, they being the last two of the Six Heroes still alive.[26]

Variable Heart

Valkenhayn accompanied Rachel when she teleported Mai Natsume, Shiori Kirihito, Kajun Faycott, Bell, and Taro Sasaga'e away from Meifang Lapislazuli and the Wings of Justice. He was particularly angry with Ragna's attitude towards Rachel, and tossed him through one of her teleportation portals to an unknown location.[27]

Continuum Shift

An old-fashioned butler who has served the Alucard family since the previous generation. Not only does he excel as a butler and as a person, but he is also knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics. He chases after Rachel, who left her castle after sensing a calamity in Kagutsuchi.[28]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Rachel Alucard

Valkenhayn: Ah, you've returned then?

Rachel: Only that I may leave again. I've a hero to retrieve...

Valkenhayn: Ah, so I see... And I had prepared these scones for your return... What shall I do with them now, milady?

Rachel: I am afraid that tea must wait. You will not have the same luxury, however. I may require your more immediate assistance. I trust the years have not dulled your edge?

Valkenhayn: You wound me, madam. A butler must be ever ready for whatever his master might require. If you doubt my skill, however, perhaps a test of it would satisfy you? A brief engagement will likely lay your fears to rest.

Rachel: He he. Perhaps. We shall see if you can keep step with me.

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Rachel: All of this activity has me rather parched. Perhaps I shall have that tea after all. Oh, and do see that a strawberry puree accompanies the scone.

Valkenhayn: As you wish, milady. We have a delightful Earl Grey today as well.

Rachel: Then I shall look forward to it. ...There is no guarantee that our hero will simply do as we desire, which is why I am afraid I shall require your assistance. Surely your words carry weight?

Valkenhayn: I understand, milady. I shall do as you desire, for to serve you is my only purpose.

Stage VIII: Hakumen

Hakumen: It has been some time since last we met, great wolf.

Valkenhayn: Hakumen! Where is Madam Rachel?! Was she not accompanying you?

Hakumen: Ah, yes. She does observe me now, but she does not enslave me, try though she might. My fight is my own, and I seek a future of my design, not hers.

Valkenhayn: Hmph. The power of order functions as intended, then... A will that does not waver... even in the face of fear itself― the Black Beast... Impressive. I should commend you... Instead...

Hakumen: Valkenhayn?

Valkenhayn: Instead, I believe it is time for you to feel the fangs of this wolf. Heh... I imagine you will find it less painful than a lecture from Madam Rachel, however.

Hakumen: So, this is the form of your belief?

Valkenhayn: A promise to those who came before― no. No, that is not true. Whatever Madam Rachel believes, so too must I.

Hakumen: Hnn. Then you will force me to the stage as well, it seems.

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Hakumen: 90 years gone, and still your body has not learned to age. Impressive, Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn: Madam Rachel has allowed me to live a most satisfying life. I shall see to it that your power of order is put to good use in her service.

Hakumen: Ha! What a covetous wolf you are. No matter. My intent has always been to sever Terumi's threads of false fate.

Valkenhayn: Well, with this accomplished, it is high time I located Madam Rachel.

Stage IX: Ragna the Bloodedge

Valkenhayn: What is the meaning of this, cretin? Did you not hear Madam Rachel's warning?

Ragna: What, you're gonna try and tell me I can't give Terumi a pounding too?! Man, every single one of you assholes is full of shit!

Valkenhayn: What a rebellious child... Your life will be short indeed if you fail to heed the warnings of those who have your best interests at heart.

Ragna: Shut it, grandpa! I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch. I could give two shits about what the rabbit thinks I oughta do.

Valkenhayn: ...Fool. You still fail to realize it is that very hate which gives him strength? You leave me no choice. Madam Rachel prefers to conduct your lessons herself, but as she is not available, that duty must fall to me.

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Valkenhayn : I find it nothing short of appalling that my master deigns to speak to you, let alone take an interest in your affairs.

Ragna: Man, I don't have time for this shit! Noel could be―

Valkenhayn: What?! What of her!?

Ragna: The son of a bitch has her.

Hazama: Terumi has the Azure child?! No, this won't do at all. Surely, he intends to... Please, be safe Madam Rachel!

Stage X: Hazama

Valkenhayn: Hrm... What is this odd sensation? Where is Madam Rachel?

Hazama: Oh, my goodness... I wasn't expecting any guests tonight.

Valkenhayn: You fiend... What have you done with Madam Rachel?!

Hazama: Oh, your princess is just taking a short nap, way down deep at the bottom of some twisted little dimension.

Valkenhayn: Impossible. A creature such as you could never hope to best Madam Rachel!

Hazama: Well, I guess normally yeah, I probably couldn't, but... Let's just say I pulled some strings, hm?

Terumi: Still, like they say, "If you want it done right, do it yourself," and I wanted to make sure she was...uh..."done right." Eh heh heh heh... AHAHAHA!

Valkenhayn: Perhaps I cannot intervene in this phenomenon, but I cannot forgive any man who dares speak ill of my master!

Terumi: Oh, did I upset you? Yes, yes I suppose I did! Ahahahahaha! Ah well, I figured we'd get around to this eventually. Sure, what the hell! I'll play with ya! Restriction 666, released! Dimensional interface forcefield deployed. Sure you're ready for this hotness, old man?! Lemme show you the real power of the Azure! Code S.O.L.! BlazBlue, activate!

Valkenhayn: So you have the BlazBlue as well, then...

Terumi: Let's dance, grandpa!



BlazBlue Continuum Shift Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 01.png

Terumi: Hahahaha! Well, not bad for an old fart. Once a hero always a hero, right? Gave me a good warm-up, at least...

Valkenhayn: That shockwave! What the Devil are you up to? Do you mean to revive the Black Beast? Surely even YOU know what a monster it is!

Terumi: Awwwwww, seriously? You're gonna compare this beautiful masterpiece to that FAILURE?

Valkenhayn: A...a failure?!

Terumi: Uh, yeah! Super pain in the ass to keep that Cauldron under control. But, hey... We learned all sorts of shit doing it, so, you know...

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 02.png

Terumi: Wait...seriously? You don't...? Aha! All right, well, the Cauldron is the Grimoire, OK? It eats souls, and shits out a sword. That was our little pet - the Beast.

Valkenhayn: Good god... Then you mean to...

Terumi: Oh, so you finally got it through that senile brain of yours, huh old man?! Well, it's a little too late for that now! Hahahaha!

Valkenhayn: Ugh... Madam...Rachel...

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 03.png

Terumi: Now... Murakumo, activate! This whole world is nothing but lies! LIES!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 04.png

Terumi: Let me show you what I like to call the truth! The truth called "despair!" In the name of Susano'o, I command you! Murakumo, AWAKEN!'

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 05(A).png

Terumi: Behold the sword of the god-slayer, KUSANAGI!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 05(B).png

Terumi: Let all lies fall before your divine blade!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 02.png

Terumi: Gaahahahaha! Finally, I've got the true successor to the Azure! Try and stop me NOW, Master Unit

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 06.png

Terumi: Amaterasu!

Chrono Phantasma

A member of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast during the First War of Ars Magus. The ancestor of wolf beastkin, he currently serves the prestigious vampires of the "Alucard family" as a butler. Now that his enemy Relius Clover has appeared, he feels that confrontation is inevitable and accompanies Rachel to fulfill her wish.[29]

Chrono Phantasma

Amane Nishiki gave a hint to where Rachel was, in the ruins of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido. The butler rushed there, finding Rachel drained of most of her overwhelming power. He transported her back to the Alucard Castle, and then the 6th Hierarchical City of Yabiko, where he met Kagura Mutsuki and Hibiki Kohaku. He listened to the exchange between the group, which also consisted of Noel, Ragna, and Kokonoe, and how they deduced that there was another method of activating Kushinada's Lynchpin – with the Rettenjo.[30]

Valkenhayn was sent by Rachel to interrupt the battle happening for Kushinada's Lynchpin. As he jumped into the fray to battle Relius, he told his former comrade that human strength was through their reliance on one another and that it was not their weakness. This bought time for Bang to jump on top of the Lynchpin but before Valkenhayn could deal the killing blow, Nirvana blocked the attack, allowing Relius, Carl Clover, and Litchi Faye-Ling to escape.[31]

Six Heroes

In February, 2200AD, Rachel ordered Valkenhayn to find Platinum the Trinity and take her back to the Castle, something he succeeded in doing. Ordered again by Rachel, only this time to both find Hakumen and convince him to return to the Alucard Castle, Valkenhayn set out on his mission. He found the hero in the 7th Hierarchical City of Kazamotsu, but remained unable to convince him. The butler was lost for words as Hakumen coldly told him that he would find and kill Phantom, believing her to have the potential to be a bigger threat to the world than Terumi. Rachel teleported to her butler, asking him to return in order to deal with Platinum, who had awoken and was causing the kind of ruckus that the Castle had not seen in eons. As he returned, he watched Rachel battle against Platinum to remind her of her place, and Trinity finally came to the surface. The three of them sat down to tea to discuss a way to deal with Terumi.[32]

Later on, Valkenhayn and Rachel teleported Jubei, Hakumen, and a resurrected Celica to the Alucard Castle. He was happy to see the young mage again, and helped the other heroes formulate a plan on how to kill Terumi – by forcing his spirit form to materialize in the real world.[33] When Rachel and Celica returned, Valkenhayn watched as Trinity materialized Terumi's body in the real world. He was present when Celica told them all that Phantom was indeed Nine. At some point, he battled against Relius, but lost.[34]

Central Fiction

Arcade Mode

Act 1: Phantom of Labyrinth

Stage 3: Carl Clover

Kagutsuchi Port AM 10:30
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-5

Valkenhayn: Hmm, not here, either... I hope you're alright, Milady. Hm?

Carl: Is something the matter?

Valkenhayn: Is that... Nirvana!? What are you doing here? And why are you working with this child?

Carl: This child... that's not very nice. Besides, whatever Nirvana does really shouldn't concern you, old man.

Valkenhayn: Don't take this the wrong way, child... but you must get rid of Nirvana at once. That's no ordinary doll...

Carl: It's a Nox Nyctores crafted during the Dark War, right? I know about it.

Valkenhayn: Nox Nyctores corrupts the wielders' mentality and erodes their life. It's not something a child should be carrying. Now please...

Carl: I thank you for your concern, but again... none of your business. Nirvana belongs to me, and if you try to take her... ...You are my enemy!

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Carl: Kuh... you're strong!

Valkenhayn: That's not a toy for children... now please--

Carl: Nirvana, retreat!

Valkenhayn: Gone... Forgive me, child... but I don't have time to chase you right now. I must find Madam Rachel posthaste...

Stage 6: Ragna the Bloodedge

Rest Time -Orient Town-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-19

Valkenhayn: You're... the Grim Reaper.

Ragna: You too!? What is it with everyone calling me the Grim Reaper!? I have a name, you know... So... what do you want with me...?

Valkenhayn: Madam Rachel was chasing the Grim Reaper... Have you seen her?

Ragna: Rachel? Don't know her.

Valkenhayn: You best not be lying... If you value your health.

Ragna: I told you, I've got no idea! I can't remember a damn thing, but does anyone care? No. Keep annoying me, old man and you're the one who'll end up in the hospital.

Valkenhayn: What a stuck-up little punk... I don't like your attitude. It's high time you were taught a lesson!

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Valkenhayn: I may have aged, but I will not be bested by the likes of a little punk like you.

Ragna: The hell's wrong with you, old man!? Tch... I can't back down like this!

Valkenhayn: A valiant effort, but I'm afraid I cannot waste any more time with you. Pardon me.

Ragna: H-Hey...! I'm gonna give it to you, next time!

Stage 7: Rachel Alucard

Hanging Gardens -After-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTUCHI- AREA No-2

Valkenhayn: Madam Rachel!

Rachel: ...Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn: Please, return to the manor at once. If you continue to intervene in events like this... your strength will not last.

Rachel: I am well aware of that... but I cannot leave this sutation be. Lest the world will end.

Valkenhayn: There is no need for you to sacrifice yourself for these people... Surely you must feel your body weakening.

Rachel: It's too late to turn around. Understand this, Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn: I cannot. Forgive me for disobeying your command, but I cannot simply watch you walk down the path of carnage! I have promised Master Clavis that I would protect you... No matter what. Even if it means I must stop you myself!

<Valkenhayn Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 01.png

Valkenhayn: Forgive me, Madam Rachel... But I... I cannot bear the thought of you destroying yourself... As I stand idly by. Hm!? Wha...!? Madam Rachel!? Disappeared...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 02.png

Valkenhayn: A-Am I seeing things...? Madam Rachel. Master Clavis... Ahh... to think the day would come, when I would witness such a sight again...

Nine: Is this your desire?

Valkenhayn: !? This voice... why are you here!?

Stage 8: Nine the Phantom

Phantom Field

Nine: It's been a while, Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn: That voice... this sensation... It IS you, Nine.

Nine: What you saw was an illusion... stemming from your own desires.

Valkenhayn: My own desires...? Then even Madam Rachel was...?

Nine: Yes, all fabricated from your own thoughts. You really haven't changed at all, have you...?

Valkenhayn: Hmph. I've changed more than you.

Nine: Still... not enough. I will find out if you are worthy of exacting your own will. Now. Show me everything you have!

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Valkenhayn: You seem quite as ease... No need to even try against an old man?

Nine: Of course, I'm not here to kill you.

Valkenhayn: I've not time to waste on your banter.

Nine: You sure about that? You don't want to make your vision a reality?

Valkenhayn: What...?

Nine: Because if you do, there IS one way... and I will share it with you.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 00(A).png

Nine: Before the Day of Reckoning, the Imperator... No... Izanami must be defeated. By your hands.

Valkenhayn Act 1 END

Act 2: Nightmare Memory

Stage 3: Naoto Kurogane

Blockaded District
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.14

Valkenhayn: If I didn't know better, I would think this was a dream. To think that I would see you here, Naoto Kurogane.

Naoto: You took the words right out of my mouth, old man. What are you doing here, Valkenhayn?

Valkenhayn: As much as I would love to hear your story, I'm short on time... Ansewr me. Do you know where I can find Madam Rachel?

Naoto: Rachel? Oh, right... The girl who looks just like Raquel? Still hard to believe you call your Rachel, "Madam," though. Hard to believe not too long ago, you said you were gonna kill Clavis and Raquel. My, how times have changed.

Valkenhayn: Silence! Do you know the answer of not? I will tear you apart again if I have to...

Naoto: I take back what I said. You haven't changed a bit.

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Naoto: I give up! I give up! Calm down, man... Or should that be "old man" now...? Heh... Where's the fire? You that worried about this Madam Rachel of your? What's her deal, anyway?

Valkenhayn: It doesn't concern you. Now, answer my question. Naoto.

Naoto:: Haven't seen her since I got to this town. But if I run into her, I'll tell her you're looking. Though, when you find her, maybe it'll do you good to hear her side of the story , too. Don't just attack first and ask questions later. Old man.

Valkenhayn: Stay out of my business, wretch.

Stage 6: Rachel Alucard

Snow Town
The 9th hierarchical city -AKITSU-KOU- Block.13

Valkenhayn: Madam Rachel! You must forgive my insolence, but... May I ask if you are indeed the real Madam Rachel?

Rachel: Judging from the question, I presume you've let the Embryo get the better of you... Not to mention your memory is a little hazy.

Valkenhayn: My... memory?

Rachel: Of course. Do you not remember anything of the Embryo or the Master Unit?

Valkenhayn: ...I see that you are the one, true Madam Rachel Alucard. Hence, I must beg of you, MAdam Rachel... Please return to the castle. Anymore intervention and the effects if will have on you cannot be reversed!

Rachel: ...I cannot return to the castle yet. If I do not act now, I will be denying the very reason I chose to believe. Should you dare stop me, I will not hesitate to forcibly remove even you, Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn: Must you really force this decision upon me...?

Rachel: It looks like the decision has already been made from where I'm standing.

Valkenhayn: That, you are correct, Madam... Forgive what I am about to do, but I cannot bear the sight of you hurting yourself.

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Valkenhayn: Madam Rachel...!

Rachel: I'm fine... Quite alright.

Valkenhayn: ...I have already lost one master. He was not afraid to hoist his ideals, but... It is unfortunate he was unable to see it through.

Rachel: I'm glad you were by my father's side all this time... I think you've supported him much more that I ever have.

Valkenhayn: By no means, Milday. I could not even see his wishes through to the end. And I am much too old to bear that anguish once more. I cannot bring you back to the manor against your will. If there is anything this humble old servant can do for you, you need but call.

Rachel: ...Thank you. I'm grateful to have you by my side. I'm sure Father felt the same way.

Stage 7: Azrael

Lakeside Port
The 7th hierarchical city -KAZAMOTSU- Block.08

Azrael: I've been waiting for you... One of the Six Heroes, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing!

Valkenhayn: Azrael... I've no time to waste with you. Stand aside.

Azrael: You're gonna have to make me. There's only one way through, old man!

Valkenhayn: How troublesome... It is much too late to turn back now. I must find Izanami on my master's behalf.

Azrael: I don't gie a damn about WHy you're here... Let's FIGHT! Now, show me how the blood of heroes spills!

Valkenhayn: Your murderous intent disgusts me... But it also serves as a reminder... A reminder of when you would break even the immortals. I once fought a man known as the Apparition... Hmph, the fear I felt then eclipses this one-hundred fold!

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Azrael: Yes... This is it! Oh, this is much more fun than before! BUt it is still not enough to stop me... I still stand, Valkenhayn!

Valkenhayn: Not enough...? Your fortitude is most impressive. But I can't waste any more time on you... Wh-What's this vibration? could it be... the Master Unit?

Stage 8: Izanami

Sight of Gods
Central Core

Valkenhayn: Izanami... Though it may be my master's order, to think I must cross swords with a child.

Izanami: I welcome and congratulate you, for making it this far. As one of the chosen, you may defeat me and recreate the world as you wish.

Valkenhayn: Using the Azure you have in your possession...? Unfortunately, I have no interest in it. Once I pry it from your cold, dead hands, I shall deliver it to Madam RAchel, personally. Or, would you prefer to hand it over?

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Izanami: Well done. I bestow the Azure upon you, as your reward. Now wish for it. Your world!

Valkenhayn: ...I have no such need. This will be delivered to Milady posthaste.

Izanami: Are you sure of that? You really wish for nothing? No past you want to rewrite?

Valkenhayn: ...!?

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 03(A).png

Izanami: You've no reason to fear. Take this in your hand, and imagine it. No matter how trivial, your wish deserves to be realized.

Valkenhayn: (...My... wish? My desire... If I were only able to turn back time, then... If there was only some way Master Clavis could still be with us...)

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 03(B).png

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 03(C).png

Valkenhayn: The Azure... shattered? Impossible...

Rachel: Naturally... That Azure doesn't have the strength to make dreams come true.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 04.png

Valkenhayn: Madam Rachel...! Please, forgive me.

Rachel: Never you mind. The Azure won from Izanami shan't suffice, anyway. No matter what world the holder wishes upon it... its effects will not be permanent. History will just repeat itself. Our situation is dire.

Valkenhayn: Regardless. I shall do all in my power to serve you, Milady. You need but ask.

Rachel: Very well... Then let us be on our way. We don't have much time. Before she brings this world to the brink of destruction... We must turn the tide.

BlazBlue Central Fiction General Arcade.png

Valkenhayn Act 2 END

Act 3: The Replacement Blue

Stage 3: Hazama

Blockaded District
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.14

Valkenhayn: (All of this to see Madam Rachel's will through. But is this really the answer...? At this rate, Madam Rachel will surely...)

Hazama: Oh my... What a coincidence. If it isn't the Alucards' faithful little pup.

Valkenhayn: You... Hazama. What have you done with Terumi!?

Hazama: Ahh, yes, well... There's been a slight change in planes. But are you sure you have time to be wasting with me? Isn't your master in quite the little pickle right now...?

Valkenhayn: That is none of your concern. In fact, I will make sure you are as far away as possible from it. The conditions are favorable, if Terumi is not present... I shall destroy your vessel right now.

Hazama: A-tut-tut-tut... This will not do.

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Valkenhayn: Yes, I was afraid of this... I give up. You win. I'll give you information, so please let me go this one time.

Hazama: Nonsense. I don't care what information you have, it will not stop me from eviscerating you!

Valkenhayn: Even if it has to do with the existence of Rachel?

Hazama: What...?

Valkenhayn: The "other" Observer... if you can eliminate it, the world will not be able to let go of its current one. ...Of course, I don't mean to force this upon you, either. Now, if you'll excuse me!

Hazama: ...The other Observer...?

Stage 6: Ragna the Bloodedge

Kagutsuchi Port AM 10:30
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-5

Valkenhayn: I've found you, Ragna the Bloodedge.

Ragna: Huh!? What do you want with me, old man? If this is about the Rabbit, we've settled our differences...

Valkenhayn: ...This has nothing to do with Madam RAchel. I come here on my own accord to discuss vital matters with you.

Ragna: With me? Well, that's a little unexpected. So... What's up?

Valkenhayn: First, take arms. I will gauge your strength. We talk after.

Ragna: Wha...!? Th-This doesn't really seem like a discussion!

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Ragna: Tch. I've let my guard down... Well? Do I pass?

Valkenhayn: As much as I loathe it, I have no choice but to entrust you with this information... Ragna the Bloodedge. There will come a time wen I can serve my master no more... When it comes, I hope that you will save her in my stead.

Ragna: Wh... What the hell's this about? You're creepin' me out. Besides, that was my plan all along! I mean, she's helped me out quite a bit.

Valkenhayn: I see. That puts my mind at ease... young lad.

Stage 7: Relius Clover

Orient Town
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-19

Valkenhayn: Relius Clover!?

Relius: Valkenhayn... We seem to meet in the most odd places.

Valkenhayn: What are you doing here!? Relius... What are you hiding up your sleeve...? I doubt you still seek the destruction of this world. Your goal has always been to create, has it not...?

Relius: You're right. But to create, I must first destroy. The old must part to make way for the new.

Valkenhayn: And you are suggesting that that... is this world?

Relius: It would seem that the years hae been kind to your wit. Improved, even.

Valkenhayn: Silence! Whatever you're plotting, I doubt it would be beneficial to those in this world. I shall crush you here, once and for all.

Relius: Oh? Are we going to finally settle our match? Very well... I've got some time on my hands. Let us fight!

<Valkenhayn Victory>

Relius: Mmm... That is all the time I have for you.

Valkenhayn: Why you...! You shall not excape.

Relius: If you wish to follow me, then follow to your heart's content. I will go about my business.

Valkenhayn: ...!? This presence... I loathe to leave Relius Clover unmarked, but I cannot ignore it.

Stage 8: Amane Nishiki

The 8th hierarchical city -WADATSUMI- Block.09

Amane: Mmm... That is some intense murderous intent. And those eyes... like a wolf hunting for prey.

Valkenhayn: Mister Amane Nishiki... I hold no personal grudge against you, but... I cannot accept your existence in this world.

Amane: That is the choice you've made...? What a difficult disposition. I see your argument, but I too am a man. I will not simply stand here and take your beating.

Valkenhayn: I thought as much. Which is why I too, will not be holding back!

Amane: I like your spirit, old man... Raise the curtains and let the show begin! I shall witness your dance of loyalty and pride from a VIP seat!

<Valkenhayn Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 05.png

Amane: G'eah...! Heh, you're not bad.

Valkenhayn: This world does not need multiple Observers. As long as you exist in this world, Madam Rachel's position will be threatened.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Opening Story Mode 02.png

Amane: That is why I must eliminate her successor... To secure her position as it is. But you know.. Whether you kill me or spare me...

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger True End Story Mode 07.png

Amane: It won't change the fact that she intervened in the events of this world. I find it hard to believe the world's going to let Rachel Alucard live.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Rachel Alucard Story Mode 03.png

Valkenhayn: That may be the case... ...And what I am doing is only a short-term solution. Nevertheless...

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Rachel Alucard Story Mode 05.png

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 05.png

Valkenhayn: If there is even a slight chance that I may extend the life of Madam Rachel... ...Then I will risk everything... ...On that possibility!

Amane: Whew... Now that's some determination you've got there, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing... One of the Six Heroes.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 06.png

Valkenhayn: --En garde!

Valkenhayn Act 3 END

Story Mode

An old-fashioned butler who has served the Alucard family since the previous generation. Not only does he excel as a butler and as a person, but he is also knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics. He chases after Rachel, who left her castle after sensing a calamity in Kagutsuchi.[35]

Like the rest of the cast, Valkenhayn was absorbed into the Embryo, had his memories altered, and believed that the date was 12/31/2199. He found Rachel in her room and entered together with Nago and Gii. Rachel's memories were unaffected, and although he could not remember why, he told her to rest as she was rapidly losing her power. He also had an uncomfortable feeling about the world he was in. [36] Later, he was sent to Ikaruga by Nine, and was told to kill Izanami in order to secure his piece of the Azure. He found Rachel and begged her to return to the castle lest she disappear from the world. She rejected the idea and asked that he instead spy on the other chosen, returning to her at intervals to report who they were and what they were doing. He complied, [37] but he returned to his mistress's side when he saw her battling Naoto Kurogane. Just when he was about to attack the young man, he was teleported away. [38]

Ragna leaves the rest to Valkenhayn

Sometime later, Valkenhayn had lost Rachel and was searching for her. During his search, he came across Hakumen and realised that the knight had not lost his memories. Hakumen observed that Valkenhayn could not stop Rachel's headstrong attitude. [39] Valkenhayn eventually found Rachel and met Ragna. When the Grim Reaper called Rachel weak, he asked him to hold his tongue, but did not prevent him from leaving. [40]

Valkenhayn came to the idea that killing Amane Nishiki, the current Onlooker of the world, might restore power to back to Rachel, its former Onlooker. He found him atop the Altar and they fought, but as a being outside Logic, the lycanthrope could not kill him. Amane asked Valkenhayn whether his loyalty was to the promise he had made Clavis years ago to protect Rachel, or to Rachel herself. Valkenhayn answered the latter, and Amane told him Ragna's plan to save the world and create a new possibility where Rachel could still live. [41]

Outside the Embryo, Valkenhayn took Rachel away from Ragna after watching them share an embrace, and together, he and his mistress returned to seithr. [42]

In the new world created by Ragna, Valkenhayn was seen preparing tea for Rachel for when she would return to the Alucard Castle. [43]


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