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"You know, I've only come this far to search for you." [1]

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Phantom Field


Riddles, having fun


Being alone


XBlaze Lost: Memories

Nobody (ノーバディ) is a mysterious girl who lives inside the Phantom Field. She claims to have no memories. In truth, she is Es, or rather the manifestation of the Embryo inside Es's body after Es purged her memories due to falling into despair from watching Freaks kill Touya Kagari and her other friends.


Nobody is a slender, pale young woman with long white hair and bright blue eyes which she nearly always keeps shut. Her hair has black tips and small lavender accents; she also has a singular ahoge shaped like a heart.

She is barely dressed, wearing a small black shawl that is tied with a small ribbon, and black sleeves. She wears white underwear and white tights with small black diamonds on the feet. Nobody also wears black high heels with golden rims.


Nobody is incredibly hyperactive, always cheerful and ever-curious. She is carefree, not listening to others and being unaware of social norms, such as getting uncomfortably close to others, or the ways of the world; one example being that she believed that people could literally die from boredom. However, beneath her façade of happiness she is lonely, which was why she tried hard to become friends with Myself. After reliving Es's memories, Nobody tries to put on a front of accepting being alone forever but is truly in despair from the loneliness.

Generally speaking, Nobody enjoys riddles and having fun by spending time with others.

Powers & Techniques

As the creator of the Phantom Field, Nobody has unique powers over it. She can traverse it freely without collecting Memory Fragments to pass through the barriers between floors and can sense whenever someone entered it. Being the Embryo, she has the power of Phenomenon Intervention but is too weak to use it beyond turning back time after Es created the World of the Tsukuyomi until Myself used her Origin of the Grimoire to power the Embryo.


Created by Souichiro Unomaru
Created by Souichiro Unomaru

Official Profiles

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry


The sole inhabitant of the Phantom Field, a mysterious world the main protagonist accidentally stumbles upon. Nobody cannot remember anything about her past, and since the concept of time doesn't really exist in the Field she has no idea how long she's been there. Despite being along in such a vast space she's very happy-go-lucky. [2]

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

A mysterious girl who lives in a strange place called the "Phantom Field." Within the "Phantom Field", time loses its meaning, and even she herself cannot say just how long she's been there. She likes thinking over riddles.[1]



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