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"Commence extermination protocol."

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Embryo Storage New (エンブリオストレージ·ニュ)


XBlaze Code: Embryo
XBlaze Lost: Memories

Es-N (エス·ニュ, エス·ニュー, Esu-Nyū), short for Embryo Storage-New (エンブリオストレージ·ニュ, Enburio Sutorēji: Nyū), is a series of nine characters introduced in XBlaze Code: Embryo. They are Prime Field Interference Manifestations created by Souichiro Unomaru as Es' successors.


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Thin Prime Fields who look more like androids than humans. The Es-N have short white hair and unnaturally pale skin; their eyes are permanently covered by a white mask which has a red visor and tall horns protruding from the sides. Their bodies are covered entirely in a black jumpsuit with white armor parts that covers their front, arms, and thighs. The legs of the Es-N are slender and they don't appear to have feet as their legs end in sharp blades; the visible part of their body other than their face is their hands, which are gray and have sharp black nails.

They are capable of projecting green holographic swords from their backs, resembling wings and the activated form of the Lux Sanctus: Murakumo. Their bodies are made from inorganic materials.


The Es-N units have no personalities of their own, being without free will and obeying orders without question. What little speech they have is completely robotic, consisting entirely of confirmation of orders and analyses of their situations. They have a collective hive-mind, making them act as one with no personality unique to any of them.

Powers & Techniques

The Es-N units are powerful combatants, wielding large swords that are on par with the Legacy Weapons. These swords were made from Mei Amanhokosaka's blood, giving them the ability to manipulate the flow of seithr. This let them forcibly activate the Origin of the Grimoire. Additionally, these units contain combat data on Es, Kuon and Mei, allowing Es-N to accurately predict all of their moves. This combined with their shared memory and data allows them to fight with ruthless efficiency. However, they have difficulty compensating for an opponent that fights outside of their known attack patterns.


Created by Souichiro Unomaru
Created by Souichiro Unomaru

Official Profiles

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry


An artificial being created by Unomaru. A number of them still exist. All of their higher functions run from the cloud, allowing them to share information almost instantaneously between them. Unlike Es, their bodies are made from inorganic materials and are incapable of independent thought. Most of the prototypes were destroyed during the Embryo incident, but Mei managed to salvage one that had not been completed. Mei intended to use it to compensate for the lack of manpower in her department, but upon realizing its power source was a crystal removed from a Union she rethought her plans. Now using a short-lived electrical power source, the unit is mainly used for short periods as a support weapon. [1]


  • The Es-N greatly resemble Nu-13.
  • Despite the majority of them being killed at the end of Code: Embryo, a number of them are stated to still exist in Lost: Memories. One is currently under the command of Mei Amanohokosaka and is working in Sleipnir to capture Unions. The ones used by Unomaru were only prototypes.
  • The Es-N are the most inhuman of all Prime Field Devices, since they are made from inorganic materials and being incapable of their own thought.
  • The hive-mind of the Es-N runs from the cloud.


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