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I’m Suzukaka, yea? ‘N the little one is Totokaka. The skull accessory is a point of charm.

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BlazBlue: Phase Shift 3
BlazBlue: Phase Shift 4

Suzukaka (スズカカ) is a member of the Kaka who lived during the Dark War and fought against the Black Beast. She was nearly always seen with her younger sister, Totokaka.

Suzukaka first appeared in BlazBlue: Phase Shift 3.


Like other Kaka, Suzukaka has bright red eyes and a large toothy smile which is plastered across her face, most of which is hidden with the shadow of her hood. Her bright red hair comes to her lower-back while some of her bangs push out of the front of her hood. Suzukaka has tanned skin; on her thighs and torso are large scars that resemble claw marks.

Unlike other Kaka, however, Suzukaka does not wear their signature jacket. She keeps the hooded appearance of her clan, with two dark cat-like ears on the top of it. She has a small fur collar which has two belts strapped across her breasts to the back of her hood. Starting at her biceps, Suzukaka wears two long sleeves that end in spiked gloves, obscuring her hands like the other Kaka. At her waist is another belt and a rag tied to her hips.


Suzukaka acts without a care in the world; she is confident, optimistic, and does not seem to care much for small details. The dark reality of the Kaka's birth does not bother Suzukaka; she acknowledges that they are bioweapons created from Jubei's cells, but she does not seem to fully understand what exactly a bioweapon or clone actually is. Regardless, she never lets either phrase bring down her optimism, and instead she shows an overwhelming pride in her clan. In social situations, Suzukaka can be seen brightly laughing alongside everyone else, even if she doesn't fully understand why everyone is laughing to begin with. She approaches even the most serious of topics with an infectious optimism.

When speaking, she demonstrates the Kaka's verbal tic which includes sporadically replacing certain words with cat-related onomatopoeia's. Her dialect and speech-pattern has countryside speech, implying that she lacks sophistication and intelligence, but Suzukaka appears to be deceptively smarter than most other Kaka shown in the series.

Suzukaka enjoys her village hot springs. While doing this, she has been known to drink alcohol.

Powers and Abilities

During the Dark War, Suzukaka is the strongest in her village, although she admits her power pales in comparison to Jubei's.[1]


Shuichiro AyatsukiMotherMarceline F. Mercury
Unknown relation
TomonoriJubeiNine the PhantomCelica A. Mercury
KokonoeRagna the Bloodedge
Jin Kisaragi
(Raised, later adopted by the Kisaragis. Becomes Hakumen in different timeline)
(Raised, merged with Noel, Izanami, and Mu. Identifies as Noel)
Kaka Clan
Created from Jubei's genes
(Clone of Saya)
Noel Vermillion/Mu-12
(Clone of Saya, adopted by Edgar and Claire Vermillion. Merged with Saya and Izanami)
(Clone of Saya)
SuzukakaTotokakaChachakakaTorakakaTaokakaKaka Kittens
Cali-Kaka, Feisty-Kaka, Fluffy-Kaka, Spotty-Kaka

Official Profiles

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry


One of the Kakas that appears in Phase Shift 3. Her distinctive trait would be her red hair, and she is like an older sister to Totokaka. She assists Celica in her escape from Eight and Seven.[2]



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